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The new Greenish Fury (Updated SFM model)

By GreenishFury
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This is the new Greenish Fury model after his first update in a lot of time, I will now explain below what it's new.

Updates / Fixes:

- Now he has two piercings on each ear instead of two on only one, this was already an error when the model was created.
- The piercings have been redesigned and now are bigger as well.
- Added new glasses, now he has a new pair of modern glasses attached to his body group.
- Improved cutie marks, now they have more resolution and it's more difficult to see pixels on them.
- Fixed the cutie mark on his right flank, the controller was reversed on the old model and that was an error when he was created.
- Added a new tribal tattoo on his left ear.

All of this updates are trying to make Greenish more like me in real life, because as you know he is my Ponysona. Also don't ask to get this model, because I will make him private or only to very close friends.
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Aaaaawwwwwwww, me esta entrando diabetes, MEEEEEEDIIIIIC I´M DEAD by DIABETES, /)
GreenishFury's avatar
¡Muchas gracias por el comentario! :)
juanjobelic's avatar
No hay de que amigo mio :)
Mimy92Sonadow's avatar
Oooy pero qué cosita! X333 haahaha se le ve monísimo, como mola el tattoo de la orejita! X3

y esa mariposita del Life is Strange, ke hace por ahí? XDDDDDDD
GreenishFury's avatar
Si que estás atenta a los detalles XD, es el único modelo de mariposa que tengo descargado por el momento. Muchas gracias por el comentario y por pasarte Mimy, se te quiere mucho (^3^)
DialLiyon's avatar
Se le ve muy feliz. Más que antes si se puede. :-)
Espera... sí que se puede. :-) :-) :-)
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Si que es feliz (^3^)
AnOrangePegasus's avatar
Están muy chulas las nuevas gafas, y ahora falta probar como sabe ese tatuaje, nom nom :3
GreenishFury's avatar
Ya veremos XD, muchas gracias precioso :3
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Es muy muy bonito, y le queda muy bien ese tatuaje en la oreja, es para comerselo ^w^
GreenishFury's avatar
Muchas gracias lindo :3
pinkiedash1255's avatar
He looks even cutier than before! ^~^
Love the glasses btw
GreenishFury's avatar
Thank you very much (^3^)
pinkiedash1255's avatar
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