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Update your watches, people,

greenhybrid is now phresnel :jedi:

Some time ago I decided to choose aa new display name, as I didn't like "greenhybrid" anymore. While I had a great time under that name, it leads to confusion about what it means or whether I am a car.

Here on deviantart was the last place where I used that nickname, but now I want to slowly transit over to the new account.

I won't re-upload all of the old media (if any), so maybe please keep your old watches :D

If you want to have a look at my new account and not miss what I upload in future, you can find me at phresnel (phresnel, like the physicist, but with a computer'ish "ph").

There's not much to see yet, only




Yes, those are photoghraphs. Shot with a cheap cam.

Anyways, over time this greenhybrid-thing will die.
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