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Update your watches, people,

greenhybrid is now phresnel :jedi:

Some time ago I decided to choose aa new display name, as I didn't like "greenhybrid" anymore. While I had a great time under that name, it leads to confusion about what it means or whether I am a car.

Here on deviantart was the last place where I used that nickname, but now I want to slowly transit over to the new account.

I won't re-upload all of the old media (if any), so maybe please keep your old watches :D

If you want to have a look at my new account and not miss what I upload in future, you can find me at phresnel (phresnel, like the physicist, but with a computer'ish "ph").

There's not much to see yet, only




Yes, those are photoghraphs. Shot with a cheap cam.

Anyways, over time this greenhybrid-thing will die.
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I don't know, maybe it's my german biasedness, but I think… is definitely hate art, as it categorises an ethnic group of people as being bad. And it reminds me of WW1 and WW2 propaganda, and in case of dizaynx, of anti jewish nazi propaganda in particular:…

I do not understand, by means of any FAQ, posting such imagery is allowed and tolerated here, and if you look at the report-log, you will see that I wasn't the only one who thinks so. I am happy that his postings are not very popular (at the moment of writing, he only had 182 views).

If you are interested, here is the autogenerated reply by staff:


"Your Prohibited Content Violation Report on zombies was reviewed by a member of the staff and action was taken, marking the report as Invalid.

Additionally, the following comment was provided:

A staff member has reviewed this report and has found that this deviation does not meet the current standards in use for defining "Hate Art".

Please review our FAQ entry on the subject of "Hate Art" so that you can be more familiar with the official definition.

Please click here for more information.

This message was generated automatically.

-- deviantART Staff"


And now, he just declared himself as not being any better:

"Go to hell, i wish oneday your children also be killed with napalm bombs and you all cry sitting on your relatives blood on the streets."

What he frowns upon he now wishes some of us.
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still checking all your deviations and messages. must, organize, online-life, better. all my apologies :P

-- 860 Deviations / 202 Messages
++ 504 Deviations / 208 Messages
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Long time no update, long time not checking deviations and messages, sorry!

In front of me, there are 1012 deviations and 198 messages to be checked. That'll be some mission, I'd say.

For everyone interested in picogen, I've released version 0.2 at . The packages come together with some example scenes. But, please be aware that I am rewriting most of picogen (or better: I code a lot + I re-use a lot of the existing code; it will also come with a friendlier user interface and *integrated* rendering windows), so the next version will not necessarily be compatible to 0.2.

Anyways, feel free to use picogen 0.2, as I hereby guarantee to assist you dragging all your 0.2 scenes to 0.3.

But for this moment, I am off to check all deviations and messages :D

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(update+edit see below)

I have added a new download for picogen. Those are my first attempts to bring a minimalistic GUI to picogen; it is a bit low-level and more or less a syntax highlighter with just some templates in it, plus it supports only mkheightmap (i.e. making heightmaps) at the moment.

It is a very soon version, and for GNU/Linux only.

It is not really release ready (a "Save Heightmap"/"Save Code" point in the menu is also missing), but if you want to have a look at it, and mabye support this project: , for documentation, see , a forum is at , and the homepage is at .

edit: Hmm, looks like thumbnail are only available to subscribers ...

So, more info on that program:…

edit: (removed obsolete system requirements)

update: new version runs on freshly installed (x86, but should also work on 64bit with compatible libs, but gonna test that) debian etch (4.0), linux mint elyssa (5), ubuntu hardy heron (8.04), gnewsense deltah (2.1)
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lyc has written in his journal about the rise of 3d-fractals Apophysis. I encourage you to visit that very journal.

--after you've read that entry--

I guess, the Apophysis fractals are of another kinds than the ones below, but, even if not obvious, they are fractals, too.…………
My gf has currently a phase of approximately 1.000.000 class tests a day. For sure I am helping her, but that also means I cannot code much. My gladius ray tracer ( suffers from that... But on the other hand, it looks like I gonna rewrite everything (5000k lines for trash) for reasons of...

A) robustness
B) better multi-processor/thread-support and maybe some network caps
C) outsourcing of static-scene compiler (because of point B)
D) I like virgin project coding.

While helping my gf I've tried out several other Linux distros (for some reason I did not like my SuSE anymore), let me take a look in the case...

DSL (for fun)
puppy (for fun)
Fedora Core
Mandriva One/Free (because of the cool 2.5d desktop, which might be cool for huge renderings)
Debian Sarge

I liked the last one at most since it looked so hyper reliable and super professional to me, a system for desktops, supercomputers and more and so forth ;) In fact a matter of taste I think. But Sarge did not like my Fritz!/AVM-USB-Stick, kernel-panic form time to time. So decided to install Debian Etch, which then did not like ndiswrapper ("FATAL Error: Module ndiswrapper not found"), but after some tweaking and so, now everything is fine and stable (even if I am running "Etch Testing").

I might upload a picture from desktop.