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picogen weblogo 2

By greenhybrid
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Played a bit with the gimp. I think a simple picogen render is far more sophisticated as a logo than vector graphics work (at least when the vector graphics come outta my hands :P)
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it indeed looks so ;) But that actually is a nice effect, making things kind of... leasure... :)

Though, that "logo" is too big and too detailed for smaller things. It could be a temporaty logo but it should definitely change lateron...
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I though it would be nice down to widths of 200 pixels or so :)
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yeah, probably :) but the details would be pretty much too low then. A nice vector-graphic of a mountain in sunset (or similarish), should work just fine......... I guess :)
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interestingly, i exactly did some vector graphics ([link];p=7503#preview), unfortunately, i cannot find it right now (at wurx atm). should post here on dA laters.
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can't see it ("The requested post does not exist.") - even if I clear out those unusable parts, due to the smiley...
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My gf just said the font looks like it's written by a kid, and I really appreciate her opinion as she's not into programming and other geek stuff :D

Therefore, I will probably use another font.

Julia: I :heart: you!
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