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picogen 0.3: Heightmap Editor



Stepping forward fast :)

I think it won't last to long anymore until at least this tool can be released as a standalone application :D

* This is an editor for the creation of procedural heightmaps (*)
* It is mostly animated with a minimum number of pop-ups and flickers
* The big center is the main window, with the graph
* On the lower left, you see either the whole heightmap, or the contribution of the currently selected node (the "sub-heightmap")
* On the lower right, you see the same, but in 3d, so you get a better feeling of the 3d-look, or how it will be in a real, full blown terrain rendition
* The interface is made up of Qt4 and OpenGL
* Further, for you programmers: I use parts of boost (spirit for the compiler; shared-pointers; regular expressions), soon I'll use OpenMP (I already tried OpenMP in tinscape: [link] )

Find more information at:
* [link]
* [link] , [link]

(*) I know, "procedural heightmap" is paradox, maybe "procedural terrain" is more appropriate, tho it's not limited to terrain, but will also be useful to create water-ripples etc.
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very nice :)
though, still those HUGE icons ^^