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Uhm, picogen fractals

By greenhybrid
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I realized I can make fractals with picogen as a side product ...

(see [link] , [link] , [link])

to try it yourself, type:

picogen mkheightmap -Lhs "([2 Layers base((*(sin y)(sin x))) persistence(0.75) layercount(10)] (+x([2 Noise frequency(20)]xy)) y)" -p -n
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very interesting :) I like the pattern.
Did you already try to use something like that as heightmap?
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not that one, but i think it would give a pattern like [link] (but without the discontinuities)

Still there's the freak in me that wants to code a Mandelbrot in mkheightmap (though that's pretty hard if you have just 1 function with two parameters that can only recurse to itself :P)
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I think, it's not THAT hard....
you take the standard mandelbrot, but the INSIDE points (so, do NOT save values, which escape), make the absolute (sqrt(x²+y²;)) and take the results as height :)
Though, the bad thing is, that you'll need DAMN high resolution to give it a go^^

For recursion to a SINGLE function... hum....


well, that *might* give rather odd results ^^ dunno, try it :)

nice glitch images :D The one you're refering to, most likely, looks ABSOLUTELY different ;) Your map is much rounder :)

Hum, do you think, you could do a mapping a to b?
[link] - those could give pretty interesint height maps :)
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Fanks :)

For one reason it _will_ be hard: I can not test whether the current recursion is the first one (i.e. x and y are actual screen coordinates) or not, so I'd have to glu together multiple numbers within a single one, and define special cases like "if x is negative, then the fractional partit gives us the current recursion depth" and so ...
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IC... OR...
You recode it :D
That'll be a hassle, ONCE, but afterwards, it'll ALWAYS work, without new hassle :) ^^
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i think I'll write a new parser for that more plausible language i thought of recently (with the syntax like that: f (x,y) -> sin(x)*sin(y))

i've glimpsed over [link] and see that ISL is (w.r.t. syntax) basically the same as HS :D
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cool :D
May we also get a picogen-HS-preview-app? :) (and later a merge ^^)
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mkheightmap-wx is already a preview-app :)

I am currently evaluating several free Widget-Toolkits (classes and objects that enable you to write a windowed application), my decision will probably wxWidgets, together with wxFormBuilder, as it offers a Scintilla-Binding (with scintilla being a component for writing programming-editors), not really fun to me, but then I cannnot expect ppl to use picogen from the command-line :P
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that's a fractal?
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it's in the "Layers" function, which wraps the same base function multiple times at different scales over itself (so basically a Pelin Noise function, but with arbitrary base-functions) :)
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