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To write a compiler.

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Snippet from my new quatsch-framework.
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You got plenty of indentation :)

That is C++, right? "SymbolOperand ();" inside a class definition... that must be a macro?

Nice background!
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Yes. Tons of indendation. Lots of inner (and innerer) classes. But boost.spirit requires lots of functions of functors, and the most sane way was, I think, to pack it like a hierarchy, and not put all those micro classes into global namespace :S

SymbolOperand(): This was just to make the default constructor of the class "SymbolOperand" private nd to prevent auto-generation by the compiler. Actually, the previous compiler used tons of macrotude: [link]=picogen&view=markup , look for FUNCTIONAL_HEIGHTSLANG_IMPLEMENT_BINOP. The new compiler uses no single #define macro, but some template magic instead.
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Looks quite intresting also some fragments I kind understand
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Hehe thanks. It wouldn't be a pity to not understand some lines of code without seeing the other 1500 or so lines!
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hehehe, cool name for a language :D

sorry if that's not a technical comment, but as you probably know i'm mostly clueless about a lot of the programming language stuff you do ;)
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The thing I previously called "Height-Slang" (where I boorowed the *look* of the syntax of LISP, but it has nothing to do with LISP) is "Jux" now :P

Quatsch is supposed to be the whole framework (with more languages later) :D

And of course all your comments are highly welcome. Look, when I look at your awesome fractal ray traces and stuff (when will you post more, dude?) I cannot say anything qualified.
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i have a fractal project now, music related and apparently commercial (but still part-time), so hopefully there's stuff to see before too long... you're fully correct that i have been sooooo dormant :S

hope to catch you on gtalk sometime in 2009, even tbp is poking his head again every now and then! ;P
greenhybrid's avatar
Yay, your fractals are always welcome in my house! Glad to see you can make some money with it :)

From time to time I look at gmail, but you two appear never. nevarrr. But then I also don't check to often. Hope to catch you, too, dude :D
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i tend to hide (appear "offline") a lot these days cuz i have too many contacts online at once; just drop me a little spam email in the morning, i'll drop one back and hey presto... i think we should have at least a little hours-overlap outside 12am, but it doesn't help that we're on opposite sides of the earth and have normal working days :/
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