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Meditation 2

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More images, from my harddisk (already some weeks old), sorry for being lazy so much :S

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When I see this great piece of work, I remember that:

I tried some circle stuff:
Using polar coordinates, directly mapped (without backconverting to the form a+bi) to the x y and z coordinates :)

the imaginary part goes to infinity rather often, but the real part is nice


an other formula, resulting in more complex shapes:


try them out :) They're nice.

I'm not yet sure how they look, if you map them back to the rectangular form... (r*e^(phi*i)->(a+bi))
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btw, if you want to tryout picogen (if only mkheightmap), if given a super short howto to Sha-X-doW at [link] :)
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I'm trying out linux right now...
Dled Pictogen...
How can I open the binary? Doesn't want to neither work via single nor double click...
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Hm, no clicky at the moment, you have to work on the cmd-box/shell.

I have uploaded an Windows-Installer at [link] , which takes care of enabling you to type "picogen" in whichever directory you are.

Under Linux, open a terminal, and type
# cd <directory-of-picogen>

or create a symbolic link to picogen into /usr/bin (see above link).

On which GNU/Linux-Distro are you?
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Linux Mint :)
Do you know it?
Something like an Ubuntu edit.
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Ah yes. Haven't tried it, but Ubuntu-based is Debian-based, and Debian is what I run on my box :)

Mint looks nice, probably due to the green colors :D

I am preparing a minimal GUI for picogen, with just some text-editing and a preview function, and maybe with a predefined-text-blocks-functionality. Not Teh Gui To Bind Them All, but it makes life easier than shell-hacking (especially because you can put the function-code onto muliple lines). (I plan to use a stylish, open-gl based custom GUI-framework for the 'real' gui)
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if you're on linux right now, i have something (but you have to have a symbolic-link to picogen in /usr/bin, see [link] , maybe replace "su" with "sudo"):


you can copy+paste all the programs from [link] into the editor box :)
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hmm, i tried out with "picogen mkheightmap -p -Lhs "(sqrt (- 1 (^ (* x (^ -1 y)) 2)))" -n -i", and the -i says the min-value is 0, the max-value is one, but the result is all black.

for which value of x, y does it look good?
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It seems that I have lost the actual formulas :S
Those I wrote here seemed to be wrong...

I have to find them again - especially the second one.

(The first one was like half-sphere-bumps...)
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ah, okay, problem was the term -1^y, i guess ...
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i'll try with mkheightmap :D right nooow
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