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A canyon landscape with snow.



This one is based on a sooner submission, slightly modified and stuffed with the shader of the previous submission "An alpine landscape".

Please allow me to paste the rest of the text from the previous deviation:

This one will be part of an example set packed in the next release of picogen-wx (I have it ready to be uploaded on my harddisk, both for windows and gnu/linux, but it'd be better with examples, I thought :))

Pure Render Time: 8 minutes
Preparation time (building quadtree etc.): way tooo long (an hour? dunno remember exactly)

For the curious regarding picogen, please visit my gallery and [link] or the new wikipedia page at [link] .

Thanks for watching!
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Sounds like this program of yours is coming along nicely, even starting to live up to some Terragen renders 8-)