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What's rockin' everyone? This is StardustLemon back at it again with the collabs!
It's been a while since we had the last one, and I'm pretty sure y'all are in some winter spirit to draw something related to it, right?


It's already winter! Even if christmas is already over, snow is still falling.
Unless it's summer where you are... just get some cold ones and get in the mood!

The idea is to draw the characters doing common winter activities or showing off those winter outfits.
You can draw them building a snowman, drinking hot chocolate, throwing snowballs, etc.
Grab your pencils, mouse or tablets and get ready!

All the drawings then will be put together in one big picture.


:bulletblue: To participate you have to be a member or watcher of GreenHill-Zone. New people are welcome!
:bulletblue: Use your own art style! We do not allow tracing pictures or using bases.
:bulletblue: Please submit your drawing in a resolution higher than 800x800.
:bulletblue: Do not give your entry a background, leave it transparent. If you're having problems deleting it submit it anyways and leave it to us, we'll let it pass if it's just a white background.
:bulletblue: Traditional artists are allowed to join, but if you use a camera instead of a scanner please don't get anything else in the picture other than the drawing, try to make it clear enough and remove the background.

:bulletblue: And the last one. When submitting your entry to the group, please use the "Group Events" folder! This is optional, as you can also leave your finished entry in the comments.


Like in the previous collab, you WON'T BE CHOOSING the character because that would most likely start fights for a specific one. Here's the list with the most known characters from the series.

Unlike last time, though, you will now be getting 5 characters rolled with a number generator, from which you can only pick one.
After finishing the entry of the character you got, if you want to draw another character you can then choose anyone you want from the list or you can also pick someone who wasn't included, just ask.

1. Sonic the Hedgehog - SausageSquidu - Finished! ★
2. Miles Tails Prower - DragonBlader728 -
Finished! ★
3. Knuckles the Echidna - Sikyurame -
Finished! ★
4. Amy Rose - AquaSR -
Finished! ★
5. Shadow the Hedgehog - BlazingFire909 -
Finished! ★
6. Rouge the Bat - StaricoHoshi -
Finished! ★
7. Dr. Eggman - ArcticHibiscus -
Finished! ★
8. E-123 Omega - ✗
9. Silver the Hedgehog - SilhouetteRobotnik -
Finished! ★
10. Blaze the Cat - darkwingdumbass -
Finished! ★
11. Espio the Chameleon - ✗
12. Charmy Bee - Mary-Bella - ✗
13. Vector the Crocodile - ✗
14. Cream the Rabbit - shadythedark -
Finished! ★
15. Chao (Any alignment. You can draw a max of 4 in one picture) - ✗
16. Mighty the Armadillo - Noeggets -
Finished! ★
17. Ray the Flying Squirrel - BlueHedgehog1997 -
Finished! ★
18. Metal Sonic - TylerBucket -
Finished! ★
19. Big the Cat - ✗
20. Infinite the Jackal - supersonkuXDZ2 -
Finished! ★
21. Chaos - SilhouetteRobotnik -
Finished! ★
22. Tikal the Echidna - Soneamlover -
Finished! ★
23. Avatar / Gadget - ✗
24. Fang the Sniper / Nack the Weasel - GSVProductions -
Finished! ★
25. Bean the Dynamite - Toad900 -
Finished! ★
26. Bark the Polar Bear - ✗
27. Sticks the Badger - Dorito-Queen-Celeste -
Finished! ★
28. Marine the Raccoon - FishberryOfficial -
Finished! ★
29. Zavok - ✗
30. Tails Doll - ✗
31. Emerl - ✗
32. Chip / Light Gaia - ✗
33. Shade the Echidna - ✗
34. Tangle the Lemur - ✗
35. Whisper the Wolf - Alyrian-1 -
Finished! ★
36. Sally Acorn - Moon-Phantom -
Finished! ★
37. Bunnie Rabbot - DarkCatTheKhajjit -
Finished! ★
38. Antoine D'Coolette - ✗
39. Rotor Walrus - ✗
40. Mephiles the Dark - ✗
41. Cosmo the Seedrian - DigiAsiaGirl -
Finished! ★
42. Jet the Hawk - ✗
43. Wave the Swallow - Zalosta -
Finished! ★
44. Storm the Albatross - ✗
45. Manic the Hedgehog - ✗
46. Sonia the Hedgehog - FishberryOfficial -
Finished! ★
47. Maria Robotnik (Human version only.) - DigiAsiaGirl -
Finished! ★
48. Honey the Cat - DarkCatTheKhajjit -
Finished! ★
49. Jewel the Beetle - Noeggets -
Finished! ★
50. Doctor Starline - Noviceartist89 - ✗


GHZ Sonic Winter Collab by StardustLemon:
Thank you all for participating!
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Ch.15 Kazoku Forever After: Our First MeetingNarrator: Alexis, It's in the middle of the night, and I feel hungry. So, I start heading to the kitchen aboard Mr. Shad's ship for a midnight snack. I slowly open my cabin's door, and quietly tip toe through the hall. As I make my way through the hall, I hear the crack of a door. Then, I get off my toes and I start running. I just hope Mommy, Daddy, Mr. Shad, and Aunt Sally don't hear the sound of my footsteps. After all, I'm supposed to be asleep right now. As I run down the hall, I see a red figure flying really fast towards me..and we collide by knocking into one another. We both fall to the ground with a loud thud. As I rise off the floor rubbing my head, I see a red echidna with super spiky bangs rubbing his head as well. I shout, "Hey! Why don't you watch..?"But I stop. For some reason, I begin to smile, which his purple eyes flicker like a lavender candle at me. I can't be angry at him. He's just..way too handsome for words. Did I mention he's my age?And I continue my statement, blushing and in a much softer tone this time, "..Where you're going?"He moans, "Uggh..I'm really sorry..I didn't mean to bump into you like that..guess I put my appetite above everything else, huh?"I giggle and extend my hand, pulling him up, introducing myself, "Alexis."And then, he takes my hand and pulls me up introducing himself, "Kneecapeon." "It's nice to meet you, Kneecapeon," I say. "I could say the same to you, Alexis," he responds, "Guess I'm not the only kid on this ship, huh?" he jokes. "Guess you're not," I giggle, "Hey, isn't Mr. Shad's ship so cool?" "'ll do," he replies, "I prefer being near the Master Emerald. "Oh come on! It's like something out of a science fiction movie! Don't you see?" I point out, in a disappointed tone. "Well, I guess when you put it that way, I think it does," he realizes. "I'm hungry. Do you want to go get a late night snack?" I suggest. "Hey! I was going for that too! Sure! I'll join you!" Kneecapeon agrees with me, with much excitement. "Okay, let's go then!" I try to keep my voice to a whisper, even though I can't stop smiling.We continue together quietly down the stairs and into that high-tech kitchen. Once there, Kneecapeon goes to the cabinet, desperately searching for a snack. "Hey, you won't tell anyone that I went into Mr. Shad's cabinet, right?" Kneecaps asks. "I won't if you don't tell anyone that I was with you here at midnight," I answer him. "Deal, done," he agrees, "Now let's have some chocolate chip cookies and milk." "Ooh I like that! okay!" I give in.He takes out two glasses, fills them with milk, and then fills a plate full of cookies. Lastly, he sets all of it on the table, pulls up a chair, and sits next to me. "So, you mentioned the Master Emerald. Are you from Mystic Ruins?" I ask. "Yeah, I'm the Guardian Prince of that country," he states, "And where are you from?" Wow, a prince! I'm meeting a prince! Now's my chance! I think to myself excitedly. "Cool! I'm from Mobius, and I'm the Princess of Knothole," I say. "Well, I guess we're both royalty!" He exclaims. " Yeah, that's right!" I agree. "So, how'd you get here?" he asks me. "Well, my parents and Mr. Shad were playing a game of hide and go seek with me. I closed my eyes, and when I opened them, somehow I was here," I recall. " story's a little different," Kneecapeon responds, surprised, "And I don't think I really want to share it." "Come on! Tell me! I dare you!" I urged him. "Alright, you got me at dare," he answers, "I was also playing a game with my bro Knux, my cousin Remington, my cousin's girlfriend Ms. Tikal, and Ms. Rouge to help Ms. Tikal find something important to her that she lost. Then we all got caged, got put in a dark room, Mr. Shad broke us all out, I ended up beating up some guy, and then we rode out on flying scooters into this ship." He beat up a guy?! Whoaa! He must be tough! I thought to myself. "Wow! That's so cool! You beat up a guy?" I said amazed. "Yep, you could say I punched his lights right out," he clarified. Oh my! What muscles! I thought again to myself."Wow! You know, I'm starting to think that there's something that the grown-ups aren't telling us. Do you feel that way at times?" I asked him."Yeah, I actually do a lot..did you feel nervous when you saw Mr. Shad?" He responded."Infact, I did..did you get nervous when you saw Ms. Rouge?" I ask him."Yeah, I did. But I mean, it looks like everything's okay so far, right?" He assures me."Yeah, so far at least. I just don't like it when people keep secrets from me. It just makes me feel uneasy," I share, worried, starting to hold his hand."Well, I won't keep any secrets from you," he promises, holding my hand tighter." And why would you say that?" I ask, curiously.He sweats and begins blushing until he finally says, "Because I..I trust you!""That's so sweet..I trust you too!" I replied, then embraced him. He embraces me tighter."*YAWN* I'm getting tired. I think I'm going to turn in for the night. Good night, Kneecapeon. I'll see you later," I depart. "You know, same to you, Alexis," he departs.I walk quietly back to my room and he does the same. Once I reach my room, I shut the door, lie down in bed, and clutch onto one of the dollies I found here, thinking to myself, What if this is more than trust?
Mature Art

Mature Content

Icy Filppin Off by ZeroR102
Sonic Fridge Magnets by ShuraMune-Sonic
Group Events
GHZ Sonic Winter Collab by StardustLemon


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Welcome to GreenHill-Zone!

We are a group dedicated to the Sonic franchise.
Feel free to join! Requests are accepted automatically.

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:bulletblue: Be friendly with the members, and of course, this includes the staff. We don't want any problem in here.

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:bulletblue: You can advertise contests, raffles and commissions in the comments. HOWEVER, if you advertise something that is not mentioned here, your comment will be hidden and flagged as spam.

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:bulletblue: You're welcome to submit all the art you want, skill doesn't matter. However, please don't submit sketches that you can hardly see.

:bulletblue: Stick to your own art. Traced bases and pictures, recolors and screenshots are not allowed. Submissions like these will be declined with no comment. (Exceptions for screenshots are stamps and dividers.)

:bulletblue: Photography is not allowed unless you made the thing you're showing, which means no pictures from official merchandise.

:bulletblue: Mature artwork is accepted in the right folder as long as it has a filter on. It's not necessary if it's not that extreme, though. However, please DO NOT submit fetish art, incest nor pedophilia.

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:bulletblue: Breaking any of the rules frequently will result in a permanent block from the group. Please behave.

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:bulletblue: Don't pressure us to accept or decline your submissions. It's rare for them to expire here, but if they ever do, feel free to re-submit them again.





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