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allllllright folks!
time to start the auditions for the big round robin!

we will be looking for 216 participants in this tournament!…
what is a round robin?
it is where you will enter a circle with a set number of people and have to battle them one at a time
at the end the person with the most wins...wins!
and in the event of a tie, well how the battle had turned out against those two when they  battled it out decides the tie

wait so this is an oc tournament?
this is a round robin oc tournament of epic proportions!
this means you draw your character in a battle against another persons character and judges will decide the winning entry
still confused?
look at other tournaments like survivor or endzone for an example of good tournies at work
or the byako prelim tournament currently underway…

as for what byako is like look here…
have a question just go there and ask>

list of locations:…

Andre was sitting at his desk poring over a mess of papers when his cousin Raul walked in, eating an ice cream sandwich.
“Hey, cuz.” The younger man said, taking another bite of ice cream and cookies.
“Raul,” Andre began, fishing out a paper covered in columns of small type, “just look at this, will you?” Raul looked at the paper in Andre’s oversized hand. Most of the columns were full of numbers and abbreviations, the  exact sort of thing that was practically guaranteed to be absolutely unintelligible to Raul.
“Uh…” Raul looked blankly at his older and much taller cousin, “What does that mean?”
Andre sighed, laying the paper down on the desk and pointing at a few strategic locations on the sheet as though they held significant meaning.
“It means that the Dueling Arena isn’t making enough to cover the expense of running it. Look here, the cost of heating alone. And hamster bedding by the ton! And here, the price of chickfeed and steak! Those monsters in the basements eat more than you do!”
“Well…” Raul squinted at the paper, making an honest effort to make sense of at least one thing on it. “But we have enough to cover years of operating at a loss, don’t we?” He was just parroting something Andre had said before, and his older cousin knew it.
“That’s beside the point!” Andre declared. “We have a business reputation to uphold!”
“Oh.” Raul took another bite of ice cream sandwich, then held it out for Andre to see. “Would you like me to get you one? There’s more in the freezer.”
Andre sighed again and shook his head. “I think this place was just too… low-profile for too long. People don’t think of the Dueling Arena when they’re looking for something to do. They head for a bar or a battlefield instead.”
“We do have that tournament.” Raul observed, finishing off his dessert.
“Yes, but word hasn’t got around enough for that.”
“Maybe if we did something to draw attention in the city?”
Andre looked at Raul. “What?”
“Draw attention. Like go to the bars, or-”
“Raul, you’re brilliant! We’ll sponsor an event! Something the whole community can watch!”
Raul looked puzzled. “Something the whole… I hope you’re not talking about streaking through the marketplace or-”
Andre waved a hand dismissively, getting up to pace around his office for a moment. Suddenly he stopped and snapped his fingers. “Like a battle contest!” he declared happily. “People like friendly fights where nobody gets hurt! It’ll be a tournament where everyone can see it! And we’ll sponsor it!”
“A bout?” Raul seemed unconvinced.
“Sure! A bout!” Andre grinned bigger than ever and pulled his cell phone out of his pocket. Flipping it open, he started dialing.
Raul went to get himself another ice cream sandwich.
BillBob runs up onto a makeshift stage and taps the microphone on the podium. The red-headed boy stands on tiptoe to adjust it for a height between that of Andre and Raul, pausing first to employ a mock-monotone deeper than his usual speaking voice.
“Testing. Check-check. Check. Testing. Tess...ting.”
“That’s enough, BillBob.” Christie declares from off to one side. “Now get back there and help BillBob with the spotlight.”
“Yes, Ma’am!” BillBob salutes and runs off the stage.
Christie, dressed in black as usual, on this occasion also sports a headset and a clipboard in one hand. After pausing long enough for her twin helpers to get the spotlight pointed at the podium, Christie cues them to turn it on and motions for Andre and Raul to take their places. The spotlight comes on and the two owners of the Dueling Arena walk up and stand behind the podium. Raul can’t  resist also tapping the microphone like BillBob had done. Andre puts one massive hand up to block Raul from repeating the gesture, and then leans down a bit to speak into the  microphone.
“Welcome, everyone. Thank you for coming.”
“Thanks.” Raul adds in, pulling Andre’s hand down so he can speak into the microphone as well. “As you may know, we are here today because we are sponsoring a contest!” Andre continues.
“And we’re gonna announce it!” Raul declares.
“Yes!” Andre agrees, slapping his shorter cousin on the back and grinning.
The spotlight wavers a moment while the two BillBobs snicker at the way Raul almost loses his footing, and Christie glares at them and hisses for them to be quiet.
“Ahem,” Andre prefaces the actual announcement, “we would like to officially announce that we will be sponsoring a Tournament! It will be held throughout the city, where everyone can go to look at the frienly bouts and enjoy seeing it!”
“If you enjoy that sort of thing.” Raul mutters under his breath, not realizing that the comment is picked up by the microphone.
Christie motions to Andre to wrap it up so they can get Raul off the stage and away from the microphone.
“But before the tournament begins, there will be a preliminary tournament to get things started and entertain you folks while the combatants get warmed up for their battles!”
Raul chimes in with: “Tell all your friends!”
And Andre continues: “Yes, spread the word! Anyway, next we will have a word from our Mayor--if she would oblige us with a comment or two--and then our referee will announce the particulars… and then if we are fortunate, you may get  a glimpse of the grand prize that will be awarded to the winner of the tournament!”
Before Raul can add anything more, Andre puts a hand on his shoulder and almost pulls him off the stage, waving at the audience with his free hand.

A small doll-like form walked in and set a stool before the podium and stod back. Shortly followed by a young girl who looked very similar to the doll except for a lock of red hair. She skipped up to the podium humming and climbed onto the stool and took a second to adjust the microphone.
"Peoples of byako! I the mayor of byako have a very important message!"
She holds up a handheld screen
"kani from the happy depression series by kent/atelier is confirmed to appear in the hyper crunch relatives brawler game!"
A round of applause could be heard from the crowd
"And I read the adventures of area shiny all by myself!"
More applause
"Now for the fun shiny important announcement!
Hello there citizens of Byako!" The little girl waved happily "This tournament will take place across the city with the sponsorship of the city and the clans! anyone killing people dead will be banned and arrested by the nice city watch peoples or the scary policemen depending on who gets there first!
the prize donated from the plushie palace hotel is a grimier wishing plushie that can grant any wish!"
alot of oooohs and aaaahs in the crowd
"our judges will keep an eye out for any dirty business and our mister anouncer friend  jasae irwin plushie will be our referee!
all our competitors should be getting there invitations soon so keep an eye out everyone!"
tanya stepped down and alot of the nice friendly people clapped happily

In darker parts of the city watching this event unfold there were those with differing opinions...
Sitting in her base Lutia Fury. Leader of the Jarian clan of weapon sealers read the report Record her ghostly secretary sent her. "There will be many dangerous weapons in this tournament. Send some of our people to confiscate them to have them locked away so they cannot get out of hand."
Record bowed her appearance hard to distinguish. "Yes lady Lutia."
The leader of the Jarians looked at information gathered on the coming contestants.
"This will not be an easy mission."
She stared wide-eyed at the notice that had just been handed to her by one of the worker bunnies of the Bunny Pirates. The shapeling tore her penetrating gaze from the paper toward the worker who was standing on the desk, sitting back on its hind legs.
"This... Could be amazing for the pirates! Think of the possibilities if I could get into the finals of such a thing - we'd become so well-known and have people of Byako itching to join up with us!"
The bunny twitched its nose and flopped one ear.
"I knooooow!" the shapeling squealed, leaping up from her chair and startling the bunny so it fell backwards.
The girl paid no mind as she slammed the paper down in excitement and stalked over to a large cabinet. She opened it, her eyes falling upon a dusty brown box decorated with gold etchings...
Sitting at his desk, Afos N. Sem turned his eyeless sockets towards the suddenly blaring television. The applause made him feel quite at home but all this talk of a tournament worried him somewhat. After all that hubbub with the police a while back, Afos still felt a bit self-conscious appearing in public. He turned slightly in his chair to stamp a few library cards for the Tenth Sea Library, home of the Tenth Sea Clan. But there was sure to be new information to gather in such a tournament, and Afos still needed to pay those Jarians back for that attempt by their leader on his mind. He paused for a moment to admire the beautiful door that he had stolen a perfect replica of from them. Perfect! Especially after he had replaced that creepy eye-in-moon Jarian clan symbol with the sword-jutting-from-an-open-book-with-wavy lettering symbol of the Tenth Sea Clan.
"Allen! Fetch me a set of summoning stones! We're going to compete!"
Lucy, the current leader of diner slunk threw the crowd. She received a letter for Jett to come to this event, but he was gone leaving her with all the duties of leader. She sighed, not knowing how everyone would react to her leadership, did anyone else know besides her and the organization? Or was the entire city in on the deal. Lucy knew that if no one did know, they would know soon enough. She glided up stage and stepped up to the mic with the notice in her hand.
"Fair people of Byako, I am Lucy of the diner clan, i will do my best to help keep this event under control and keep all deaths at an all time minimum." a glint of fire showed in her eyes " for every death i will personally work with the police and avenge the lives lost" She said in a raised voice
There was a stream of applause, some were authentic, some were just being nice, she could of swore she heard a few 'boos' but it didn't matter, people now knew she was their in there city. ready to do what was right.
In a place hidden from the city and from most living beings Desta sat perusing over dusty tomes and costly ledgers, a screen to life with the announcement playing softly. "So a tournament... a bout... there will be plenty of money to be made..."
Desta began calculations and finished very quickly, "Aria, set a Hunter mission, Rank 8, Tourney. Search for information on the tourney as needed."
Aki sighed as she glared at the invitation and pamphlet that explained the tournament that was being hosted. A pale hand reached up to her forehead as she tried to massage away the creases that were beginning to form there. The invitation did not specify if there was violence or other acts of anger to be happening in the tournament. If there were, she surely could not be a sponsor. It would very clearly read "Hippocrates of the Skies" in all the Byako papers if she were to agree to something like that.
Unfolding the pamphlet in her hands she read through the first few regulations on the inside cover. It was clearly stated that it should be only an artistic battle, one of artistic skills, not physical. Well, that seemed alright. However, before she agreed to any battle of any kind, she would be well informed of all the rules and guidelines.
There would be a referee. That was good. Oh, wait... She'd only heard ... odd, things about the Jasea Plushie fellow. She would have to consider that. Aki raised her hand and called one of her associates over to her desk. The ash blond girl with faery rainbow wings stepped forward and wrote down the referee's name. She nodded to the Clan leader and set off briskly out of the office.On to the next order of business...
It wasn't long till Leader Aki had searched through both invitation and pamphlet and had had background runs on anything she'd turned up as unclear. So far, only the Plushie fellow had turned up reports of random, yet regular sightings through Byako. However, though, he'd done not much harm. That was her deciding factor in allowing the entire event to continue through the sponsoring process.
It was soon late, and the only light in the Winged Clan Leader office was that of the moon shining through, it's face taking up the entire circular bay window. Aki leaned back in her chair and pushed it away from the desk. She drifted up off of the ground and over to the raised window and set herself lightly on the cushioned seat. Aki lent back against the semi-circular side and gazed out at the silver moon, a small smile on her lips.
It felt good to be back in the businesses of Byako again.
From inside the top office of Grey tower, Vitriol looked down at the city, deep in thought at the news he had just sent out.  His thought however was shattered by the terrible ripping sound of Leeshay's portal tearing a hole in time and space.
"An interesting turn of events isn't it?" said the Lich quietly, breathlessly.  "It'd be nice to see how it would turn out...."

"WOULD?" questioned the sharp toothed Homunculus glancing over his shoulder.  "What makes you think things will go wrong?" he said turning around to face his creator.

"Well, those lowly clans must obviously know by now, and they obviously won't let things run as fate deems it..." he smiled, as best his dried mummified skin would let him.  "This is where we must step in."

The grey skinned Vitriol scoffed in response, "Let me guess you want me to make sure everything gets ground to a halting stop?"  he sounded short and iritated.

"No, I think we should make sure things play out in full this time.  I'll see to it that a few zombies just happen to be prowling the area around the locations of interest, and you...."

"...send our best agents to keep an eye out for enemy forces?"


"And what if some one dies?"

"Obviously you'll have the police on speed dial and can pass it off to the "appropriate" parties, while I see to it that their bodies are 'properly' laid to rest..."

"You never could keep your nose out.... fine, you go get you precious dead ready, I'll handle my end."  Vitriol shuddered as he picked up the phone, the noise of his "Father's" portals was something he would never get used to...
Loud static could be heard coming from Kanareshii building, along with several frustrated yells.



The monochromatic image flickered in and out of focus, eventually deciding to be stubborn and stick with the blurry fuzz. Ventarbre growled and fiddled with the old tv's rabbit ears.

"Hey, what's up?"

"This old piece of junk is acting up again." The boy didn't even bother to look up. There was no mistaking that cheerful, honest voice.

"No, no, that's not how you do it." Cadwallander stepped over to one side of the picture box and gave it a nice swift thwack. A couple of flickers later, the picture came into focus and stayed that way. "There we go!"

Ventarbre stared at the screen and shook his head in disbelief. How did he manage to do it? It was as if the man had some sort of magical touch when it came to electronics. And yet that very fact was ironic, if you knew him well enough... The boy settled back comfortably on the couch, once again distracted by the hypnotic device.

"What's on?"

"Byako broadcast. Something about a tournament."

"A tournament?" The man's eyes lit up at the very mention of it. "Wow! A real live tournament? Battles and all? Where do we get tickets?"

"I think it's free..." He turned to stare at Cadwallander. The guy was in his twenties and he STILL acted like a kid!

"Hey, why don't you come with us? It'll be fun!"

"Nah... The view's better on tv. AND it's safer." Not to mention that he had some other business to take care of, such as keeping an eye on the building.

"Oh." He shrugged. "Alright then. I'm gonna go tell the others." With that, he disappeared up the staircase.

"Tournament, huh?" the boy mumbled to himself. "It's been ages since we've had one of those..."

  the pleasure of participating! ^_^ *dodges rotten fruit*
in the story the prize is a plush star that grants any wish
as for actual prize for winning....
at this time we do not have one though we will definitely something before this is through...
but this tournament isnt about the rpize its about the experience!
EDIT: we are now also including $30 for the grand winner!

now the rules and requirements:

firstly this is an original character tournament so OC's only
we want you to enter with original characters of your own not some big name that your a fan of (unless you actually created said big named character then join in! ^_~ )

secondly character guidelines

alright byako is not a specific type tournament meaning we set no limit on a character entering so long as they are oc
so be it giant robot, magical midget, average joe you can enter
you can use summons, familiars, big fancy superpowers, big weapons creative weapons
and best of all creative thinking
let your imagination flow with your entrant
However the judges must maintain a certain level of control so we will review each case individually before allowing it in.

you may only use one person in the tournament except in instances where there two people stuck together (say a brain and a giant robot or a girl and a sentient arm or five personalities in one body for example)
or when there 2-4 people who are pretty powerless without eachother (like climbers from the super smash brothers game series or some other fancy example of two or more people working in tandem)

we are open to any art style in this tournament and also allow people to team up to produce an entry (say a writer and an artist or a colorist and a line artist)

one of the big requirements in this tourney to enter is a NO KILLING  policy
that means in your entries your character cannot kill anyone
main, terribly brutalize and traumatize sure but no killing
(thank goodness for fancy medics ^_^; )

to audition:
you must create an audition of your character recieving an invitation and a pizza to this tourney from a plushie version of themselves
and you must also elaborate as to what the topping is

you will also be asked to have a refrence sheet on hand of your character

the auditions end january 28th  and the tournament will begin febuary second so good luck everyone!

(some things will be edited and altered over time to better elaborate for competitors over the coming weeks)


We will do what we can to have the characters featured in our intro drawn to life but at this time we are still looking for an available artist to do so

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Is this a OC Tournament?
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the byako round robin? yah ^^
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Oh cool! ^^
It sounds like its going to be big, how do I enter? But firstly, whats it about?
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its a round robin tournament set in a city of insanity
however the first brr is drawing to a close and is at its semi finals ^^;
and the brr2 is entering the second half

were working on a byako league if your intrested
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your looking at the old one the new ones on this name XD

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So, when you say all art forms, do you mean writers as well?
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oh yush in fact two writers have already auditioned its right here though

:iconbyakosavior: auditons end march 1st
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Ok sweet. Would you take my OC from Nevara for the Competition? Then I'd be more than happy to make an audition piece!
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sure you just need a visual refrence so your oponent knows how to draw er
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aw...too late TT3TT
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well the people who did not make the cut still have a chance, i will have a mini tournament between them and the winner has a chance of getting in
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oh. LOL >> <<
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i have an empty spot this very second
first one to send an audition is in
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oh...well...i cant get mine in on time, i know that much. someone's gonna beat me to it. TT3TT maybe i can get it up by Sunday? School sucks TT3TT

but ill try anyway!
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oh and if that was not enough auditions will close regardless by the second ^_^;
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im sorry, that sentence confuses me ^^;
greenfrostfire's avatar
sorry ^_^;
i am incerdibly desprate for a last audition and at this point i would accept almost anything if it means filling the last slot but if i cannot get it filled by tonight i will have no choice but to go on with the tournament without filling it
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huh...when is it? i'm in a tournament right now and things seem kinda slow...
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wanna enter a tourney?
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