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Kijini in Libraryland
Kijini in: Adventures in Libraryland
Come one come all to the greatest library themed amusement park in Byako! Libraryland~ Home of Doctor Pamphlet and the Storytelling Sasquatch!
A festive land of wonder and literary imagination that brings stories to life in the most silly fun way imaginable! From its epic roller coaster ‘Book Ende’ to the wonders of Hardcover mountain…..No book loving child could possibly enter without enjoying themselves!
Walking up to the front gate wearing a giant trench coat and hat was a definitely almost certainly elderly person with a beard and everything who was certainly a senior citizen!
“One ticket please.” Kijini said, doing his best impression of old and rickety. “The sign said a special discount for kids disguised as adults.” He added, just to be sure he didn’t have to pay full price for admission.
The man at the ticket counter who happened to be wearing a giant book suit with a
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Calm down Dalany~
“….And after that, I found an elevator at the other side of the room and dragged Hieser back home.” Raliho finished, sharing the events of his most recent adventure.
By the time Raliho and Hieser returned home, it was already dark and the two of them decided to turn in. (Despite the fact that Hieser slept for most of the day and slept for the whole trip back home)
Then of course there was breakfast because its important for a growing boy to eat.
Then his favorite morning cartoons because…Umm…Alright, because telling everyone that he managed to unleash an evil villain made him feel very foolish.
But he did get around to telling someone about it. Eventually…Late in the afternoon after one of his siblings noticed he was being unusually modest about his adventures recently and prodded him for the truth.
Thus we rejoin Raliho sitting at a big round maple wood table. Upon a big fluffy cushion that kept him a few feet off of the ground. The adventurous
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Is there no way to understand the pain of falling ill until you experience it yourself the first time?
The feeling of terrible aching all over that makes you reluctant and creaky to move about.
Fever and chills and sweat and dehydration and water intoxication all mixed together in a stew pot of misery that in some impossible manner works in tandem to wear one away chunk by chunk until your nothing but misery.
Runny nose and stuffy nose both at the same time. Painfully working in tandem to leave you chapped, red and miserable looking...
A throat half closed and scratchy so your unable to breath, leaving you coughing half of the time and constantly in a state of gagging...
A sinus headache. A scratching pain behind the eyes. A dull pounding in the frontal lobe. A terrible sore ache in the upper neck all bundled together in a fuzzy fog that makes it difficult and painful to form tangent thoughts and images.
It all seems so simple and relaxing when you hear about it, falling ill. Not until
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Eat lunch Hieser!
When we last left our adventurers they were plunging to their death in a watery grave of doom and despair so naturally our tale shall move on to the after li- What? They somehow survived? Where are they then?
When Raliho opened the lid of the box and looked around, the first thing he noticed was the walls. Surrounding them on all sides were massive stone walls with scribbles carved into them. The ceiling was incredibly high and much to Raliho's delight, he reminded him of those ancient temples that adventurers journey through all the time~
The second thing Raliho noticed was that he could actually see everything despite the lack of windows thanks to the orange glowy vines that were squeezed into the scribbly carvings and hanging from the ceiling. It really made the place look awesome and it compelled Raliho to take a closer look at this amazing place!
Raising one leg over, Raliho was about to step out of the box when suddenly the whole thing began to tilt and bob downward! Quickly,
:icongreenfrostfire:greenfrostfire 2 2
Kanue Tomkin and the card shark
Grinning as another person walked away, leaving behind a few coins for his effort, she began reshuffling  her cards, having made enough to have a feast of a dinner tonight! The person who has our attention did not stand out all that much on an island port like this. Her skin was a darkish tan with to the careful observer, weird tatoos that were hard to make out unless they were standing close enough to see their scribblyness and her light blue shoulder length hair as bound up in a ponytail under a fine looking tricornered hat that hung over twin hoop earings that dangled from her lobes that matched the marvelous pendant that hung around her neck. She wore a pair of fine leather boots and a dress that didn't quite reach her knees and above that a simple vest.
She was debating whether she should settle for a good stew and a feather filled bed for the night or get an expensive meal of much nummyness and settle for simpler lodging when she saw the approach of someone who was staring a
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Don't drown Hieser!
When we last left Hieser and Raliho, the sibling pair had reached a mighty river which was so impassable that the adventure loving Raliho had enlisted Hieser to help him pass this impasse that would not let him pass on to his adventure at pastel pasture~
Hieser had carried her own 'bag' which was really a bright red steamer trunk sized phone booth and set it down on its side upon the water. Thus revealing its wonder as legs bent out from the box and stood on the water, skeetering the pair across the river.
So things must be going very well for them.
"Wake up~" Raliho said, sounding a bit annoyed. They were just starting across the river when Hieser having used up her daily amount of energetic hyperness agreeing to go along for the adventure.
This wouldn't usually be a problem. She afterall slept the whole way to the river. And it was her bag doing all the work anyway butů
"Hieser~ Were going towards some rapids!" Raliho pressed, shaking the stubbornly deep sleeper. He was really ner
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Wake up Hieser~
Yawning, Hieser tiredly opened her eyes which she rubbed, wondering who was making that racket. "Im asleep~ Go away." She mumbled mumbly. Right now the only thing on her to do list was nap with some time put aside for sleep which took priority over resting, dozing, snoozing, slumber and bed time which she would be getting around to later. The last thing she was to go along with those familiar demands.
"Hieser~ Hieser~ Hieser~" Raliho called up at her, exasperated that she was ignoring her and his great plans for an adventure. "I need to borrow you for a biiit~ Its for an adventure~" He said in a nagging tone. "Come on~ You can sleep on the way there~" He insisted as he looked up at her from her perch in the tree branch that she was laying along.
Raliho was about to climb up the tree to shake Hieser to consciousness when she suddenly rolled over! Now this might not be a big deal in most cases but with Hieser napping in a tree it was inevitable that she would fall.
"Ack! " Raliho cried o
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Hieser's floaty dreamy adventure~
Once upon a time in a distant blue sky there were piles upon piles of big fluffy and damp clouds there bobbed in and out of it a fanceh baloon made of water and dangling from this baloon of wwater was a big red box with four skinny widdle legs and fastened to the box was a snoozing bunny rabbit in a yellow hoodie who at the moment was snoozing tiredly without a worry or a care.
This bunnies name was called Hieser and this bunny was one prone to napping happy and free. Suddenly a little door on the size of the box opened up and out popped Bud the hairy guardian lion of much hairyness holding a plate of sammiches.
The bunnies guardian gave her a few pokes on the cheek. "Hieser~ Hieser~ Wake up and eat~"
He kept at this for several minutes until a dozing Hieser reluctantly opened her eyes and with a bit more prompting opened her mouth to have it stuffed full of sandwich which she slowly chewed.
After a couple minutes, Bud prodded Hieser awake again so that she would nom another bite of sa
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Danish's enviorment exam
It was a fine quaint and peaceful day at Bakery Ninja University. The quiet sort of day where one would imagine everyone is just sitting back, enjoying the weather and perhaps smelling flowers or making out shapes in the clouds…
On the north eastern side of the university grounds an impressive looking tower had been formed from ice in the middle of an empty swimming pool. An impressive nay, majestic structure that bespoke of careful planning and a rational serene mind…
A screaming Crumpet shouted as she ran up a flight of stairs and dived through a door frame as two others quickly slammed the door shut and pressed up against it as a heavy thud smacked right into it.
They were Crumpet, Danish and Rivalo. Three bakery ninja students of the university who judging by their appearance at the moment, were not enjoying the peacefulness of the day.
Panting for breath as she stood there half crouched, Crumpet let out a s
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Ruddolimar - Ba Ba Ba Banana
-M-UK date 1-23- XMII-
I, captain Ruddolimar crashed on this strange planet. Through investigation I have found that this place is called 'Byako' and is inhabited by giant monstrosities, the scale on this planet is scientifically impossible and flies in the face of all known space physics!
However,  I crashed the experimental spacecraft on this planet and somehow have become separated from it. On top of that I have been infected by the test subject and expect to fully transform into one myself if I cannot find it soon.
Fortunately enough, I was able to befriend a tribe of natives. They have a crude and primitive but I was easily able to win them to my side.
Usomin, there is something I want to talk to you about if I make it back to Mini-Whales.
Ruddolimar then closed the journal which he had fashioned from a strange scrap of paper he found on the ground that was shiny on one side.
Turning, Ruddolimar saw the dozen strong Usomin tribe who had previously swore to serve him
:icongreenfrostfire:greenfrostfire 1 46
Raliho heads home
Scampering up the streets of Byako at the moment along an unmemorable area, young Raliho the mighty (in his own mind) was playing with his fun new wizarding puppet with much enthusiasm as he played out merry adventures in his mind.
From being a great adventurer with a team of wizard companions and slaying a mighty dragon to battling an evil wizard to sailing the seas and coming across an island full of buried treasure guarded fiercely by wizards.
The young lad was so greatly enjoying himself that it took him a whole block before he realized he had passed his destination!
Hurrying back, Raliho stopped before a small building.
It looked very simple and boring from the outside with no windows and sat crowded between two much larger buildings. Over the door was a sign in brass nailed in numbers. '5624' and under that 'Muses Hat Mansion.' With no further explanation.
Unpreturbed, Raliho opened up his back and fished through it until he found a little chain and followed it until he found a l
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A ralihonessy day with Raliho
The City of Byako. A bustling place of immeasurable size and much busynessness. Among those individuals walking along the streets was a young boy with long floppy ears who was scampering along, waving a wooden sword in the air as he went.
His name was Raliho Magiccuddlybunnysworth and he was a young lad with a love of adventure in all of its forms and an imagination just as vast. He didn't have a lot of his own experiences yet but he possessed a mighty spirit of courage and determination~
But at the moment, the young Raliho was not on a grand adventure. Well, unless you asked him anyway. Instead, Raliho was on his way home from music classes. His fanceh trumpet sitting safely in his bag for later.
Someone with some familiarity towards Raliho might be surprised that the wee child with a head only for adventure would even play an instrument, much less take lessons in its use. However Raliho's parents were very devoted to the wee bunneh siblings and thus made sure they had the mightiest o
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The legend of Moony the Moon Cactus
Once upon a time amist the cold and frozen peaks of a mighty mountain range there was a young child.
This child lived at the foot of a mighty mountain in a constant grip by the winteryness of ice and snow.
One day the childs father arrived with a present. A exotic plant from a far away land. A moon cactus.
It was a curious thing with flat green sides and a bright red ball on top and covered in spikes.
The child was enamoured by the pretty plant and wattered it each and every day, taking care of it and nursing it in that winter weather and keeping it near the stove so it would stay warm.
Over time this marvelous plant grew and grew from love and attention until it was nearly as large as herself.
These fine days of plant care and attentiveness would not remain forever however for troubleness was coming.
For there was much panicing for there was an avalanche coming down the mountain towards their fine villiage!
Hurriedly the people left their homes and made their way for safty and the chi
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A day at bakery ninja school
In the vast expansive ever changing city of Byako with its teeming mariad of random clashing locations and cultures, in a quaint little schoolery town of much learning of sillyness, within the bakery ninja school of the bakery ninja college students in the bakery ninja dorm rooms of love and justice sat two individuals.
They were sitting on a pair of ninja couches opposite of one another and bent over a ninja table of the ninja public room of their ninja dorm. (both of which were of course fully dressed as ninjas)  They had a dozen books on bakery ninja history opened up and were ninja tackling the one of the most vile and evil of opponents that a bakery ninja student must face along their road to the future…
One of them, a reddish orange feline was hanging upside down off the head of the couch by his legs as he flipped through a large heavy battered tome in a gloom.
"I hate the ninja academic parts~ Why couldn't I just go through the ninja practical studies an
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A happy family picture
It was a rather fun cheerful day. Snow and his plushie platoon had only left Byako a few weeks ago and were presently going through a period of peacefulness, having gotten comfortable with their new headquarters as they searched for another prospective land to claim for their own.
Their fortress was a fancy piece of work with wall to wall plush and the best thing an evil overlord with an army of plushies could ask for!
In one of the many rooms of this plush palace of plushieness our story begins... A story about two silly bunny rabbits and a fun adventure~
The room was a quaint little playroom with comfortable matting on the floor for sitting, walls covered in perdy pictures drawn by an awfully talented artist and toys of all shapes and sizes that were apparently meant for the two occupants.
One of them was a black bunny with a mess of red hair on his head. He had orange eyes, horns coming out of his head and donned a silly looking bandana and a blue robe which was so big and baggy tha
:icongreenfrostfire:greenfrostfire 1 0
Story of Dling Chapter 1
Once upon a time in a vast mountain range in a quiet little city (pfffft) named Byako there lived a young man named Dling Aling. He was about six feet tall, covered in white fur and happened to be a bear. His parents immigrated to Byako when their entire mountain one day was pulled from their home world and found itself amidst a wide range of fellow mountain peeks in the center of a much wilder place.
For the longest time their lives continued without any change. The weather was not that dissimilar to their home and the community of albino bears had kept to themselves even before the mountain was pulled here.
After a time however a traveler happened upon the mountain. He had an appearance that none of the mountaineers had seen the like of before and he claimed himself to be a tinker. Peddling wares of strange magic and technology the likes of which they had never seen before.
He spoke of the mountains naming them the northern mountains (more for their climate than their location) and s
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Gah! so much adorableness and awesome shinyness! X3
i simply must see this movie when it comes out! XD It sounds like an awesome sauce sequel to the first film! X3

though  admittedly its one on an ever growing list of films i need to pick up XD but squeeee~! so much cuteness!

Regarding a movie I did see though, Hobbit was awesome! it was easily my favorite of the tolkien based movies and possibly even my favorite fantasy movie ever X3
hmm...i wonder if i could get a sleigh  pulled by bunnies....Nah, Yaliay would go on strike ^^;
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