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HLV: Jinta Hibiki by GreenFrogSina HLV: Jinta Hibiki by GreenFrogSina
my third OC for :iconhiddenlanternvillage:

well look what we got here-

Jinta will be wearing this outfit from the last mission of arc 15 onwards

Ninja Registration Number: #182169
Full Name: Hibiki, Jinta
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 18, born on 21st September
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Blood type: B

collecting things (espically jewelry)
Jinta has the habit to point with his little finger.
When bored, does Jinta rub his eyes and then start to yawn as well, if something keeps on boring him.
During times of silence, such as walking or when he is taking a bath, does Jinta whistle small melodies to himself. Sometimes he even does that during conversations, but then he does so, to cover up whatever the other person said as he doesn't want to hear it for one reason or another.
He has the bad habit to burp loud after eating or drinking to fast.
Jinta almost always smiles, it is rare to see him with anything other then that, when there isn't a fight going on that is.
jewelry, stones and crystals, basically everything shiny, bats, collecting things, tea, wind chimes
insects, vehicles, uncombed hair, being alone, being ignored, getting left behind, light flashes
Hibiki, Yoite; Takashi, Hideaki; Shodai, Seidou
Life Goals:
- recieve his third stone (orange or purple prefered)
- to have the biggest jewelry collection in the whole village
- own something from every clan
- move out as quick as possible


Jinta is a coin with two sides. He fakes good behaviour infront of most people, but deep down, is he devious and only acts nice, as he hopes to gain something later on. This makes him dishonest towards most people, as he is not afraid to lie.
Jinta doesn't fear to bluntly approach people and talk to them. He acts like a cheerful person infront of others, pretending like there is nothing to worry in the world and that he can take care of everything no matter what it is.
Even though, does he still come off as extraordinary. And once someone got to know him better, they will get to realize he is being artificial and there seems to be more behind this facade of cheerful niceness.

He is very proud of who he is, not of his heritage in particular, but of his own skills and of being a Hibiki.
He deeply cares for things and people that are precious to him and will not let anyone take them from him. Once his eyes are set on something he wants, he will act extremely possessive and will later not let anyone get near his precious belongings, in fear of getting it taken from him. Which also makes him extremely greedy, not only in regards of artifical things, but also towards people.
Even though does Jinta have a problem in trusting people, as he believes everyone is only interested in ones own selfish desires and so he figured he shouldn't care about others either. If everyone was selfish, it seemed useless to be selfless as no one would appreciate it as they should, making him cynical.
Envy is something he feels really easily, espically towards his younger brother. This only plays into the hands of his thievish behaviour, he doesn't only like to steal shiny things, but also feels like interfering with other peoples relationships. He believes he does so, as he wants to have friends of his own, but in reality, he simply can't stand it when other people are happy without him being included.
Jinta is a person that is extremely curious about things and even small things tend to catch his attention. In order to satisfy his curiousity he will work extremely hard and become even daring, as he does not fear a challenge. The opposite is the case, Jinta highly appreciates a good challenge.

Deep down, does Jinta still hope to get proofen wrong about his views on society and the world. But he tries to shatter all these attempts, in fear of getting betrayed down the line.


Jinta's birth was less then planned.
Before his mother became pregnant, she had been dating a young Hibiki man, who she had madly fallen in love with, but one day, did he break up with her for a different woman. Sad and confused, did Jinta's mother end up getting comforted by her ex-boyfriends brother. Before she knew it, did she end up on a one night stand with this man.
Just a few days later, did her ex-boyfriend return to her, telling her how wrong he had been at breaking up with her and that he wanted to be with her for the rest of his life.
Being somewhat weak at heart, the young woman took him back.
But soon after was it revealed that she was pregnant. Knowing what she had done, the young woman predicted that she was pregnant from her boyfriends brother, but after seeing that he was overjoyed about this fact, did she not tell him about what happened, fearing he would leave her once again if she told him.
Several months later, Jinta was born, followed by a rather normal childhood.
His mother however, tried to cover up what she was thinking and it worked somewhat, until her husband confronted her at some point. Saying that their 'son' looked alot like his brother. Jinta's mother then told her husband what she had been holding in for so long.
First not wanting to believe her words and that his son was not his real son by blood, did he deny it for quiet some time. But somehow her words still affected her and he couldn't help but wonder if this child was really his.
Jinta noticed this change after a while and figured that he was disappointing his parents in some way, to that he tried to impress them in any way necessary, from bringing home good grades, to preforming pranks. But all his efforts didn't seem to help.
As he turned 12, did his mother turn pregnant.
Jinta, first overfilled with joy, soon realized that his father treated the two differently. It seemed like his father tried to avoid him and instead went to spoil his younger sibling. This caused Jinta to grow bitter towards his younger sibling. He started to try and see what differenced the two of them, trying out alot of different things to try and gain back his fathers attention, but nothing seemed to work as planned.
Frustrated, did Jinta confront his mother to ask her what was wrong. First denying things, she soon gave in and told Jinta that she feared he was not actually his fathers son, but another mans.
Unsure at first, did Jinta not believe her words, but soon ended up feeling like her mother was right about what she said. Jinta didn't look alot like his father, espically his haircolor differenced him greatly from the rest of his 'direct' family.
Believing to know the truth now and finally understanding why his father treated and handled him as he did, did he come to the conlucion that it's a waste of time to try and impress this man and instead he is set to find out who his 'true' father is and actually impress this person some day. But this tasks seems alot harder then expected, as no matter how many times he confronts his mother, she would never tell him who this other man was, only saying that it would be better for him not to know.

To keep himself busy and not fall into laziness or some kind of depression, did he start to work for a guy that made fireworks during the three years of there not being any missions to attend to.

Additional Information:
- He has a blue stone, which represents peacefulness and going with the flow, which was given to him at birth and a yellow stone, which stands for charisma. He hopes to achieve a orange or purple stone in the future.
- Everyone in Jintas direct family (brother, father and mother) have blonde hair
- His younger brother is named Eichi, he is 12 years younger then Jinta
- He has dark rings under his eyes, it seem like no matter how much he sleeps, he can't get rid of them
- right handed
- His favorite food is Dorayaki

Kabukimono Specialist:

Hibiki Clan Medicine (Growth) Hibiki have been making medicine since before they were Hibiki.
     − Unlocks x 1 of all Medical Supplies, as well as x 1 of each Hibiki Clan Exclusive Medicine.

Parasitic Palm (C−Rank Ninjutsu) Life is short, capitalize on that at someone else's expense.
     − Chakra Cost (50Absorbs −50 Ken from an enemy, and restores +50 Ken to you in return.

Anesthetic Touch (C−Rank Ninjutsu) Numbs an opponent's upper body causing their hands to fail. 
     − Chakra Cost (50) But will inflict Severely Sealed on an enemy for a few turns (−1.0 Kuji−In)

Copycat Education (Growth) Why do the work when you can cheat? Skip failure, profit on success.  
     − Counts as permanent Passive Boost to Chishiki, increasing one's own Intelligence by +0.5.

Ranged Leeching (Growth) Why approach disgruntled peasants when you can collect tax from afar?
     − The Parasitic Palm is no longer adjacent only, and can be used up to 20 Meters (Range of 2) 

Anesthetic Theft (C−Rank Ninjutsu) Numbs an opponent lower body causing their legs to fail them. 
     − Chakra Cost (50) No Damage, but will inflict Severely Crippled on an enemy (−1.0 Sokudo)

Transfer Palm (C−Rank Jutsu) Better to feel nothing than something annoying. Feeling is annoying.
     − Chakra Cost (25) Transfers any negative statuses your suffering and gives them to an enemy.

Passive Anesthesia (Growth) Everyone has vices, but it's hard to take advantage of them in battle.  
     − Passively numb your feelings to grant immunity to most lesser Status Effects while in battles.
     − Allows you to use Transfer Palm on Allies to absorb their Negative Status Effects into you.

Parasitic Leech (Growth) Like the Leech, it's much easier to survive at someone else's expense.
     − Every time an opponent is defeated, you are instantly granted +50 Ken and +50 Chakra.

Shinigami (GrowthAll debts must be paid. And let's be frank, most of them owe us their lives.
     − Improves your Parasitic Palm, double the chakra cost, but also doubling the leeching effect.
     − Chakra Cost (100Absorbs −100 Ken from a foe, and restores +100 Ken to you in return.
     − Also Applies to The Sharing. The victim's lifespan deceases, and the recipient's increases.

Lantern Sage:

Festival Art of Presentation (Equipment): You are now able to equip the Robe of the Tōrō Sennin.
     − Unlock one Festival Tool affinity, Hanabi (Fireworks).
     − Armour Level (20Reduces the damage of all attacks by 20, and grants the "Lucky" Status.

Festival Art of Flames (D−Rank Jutsu): Release an explosive variant of your Festival Tools!
     − Chakra cost (20) Inflicts approximately −40 Damage on a single, exploded target in battle!
          − Chōchin: A floating, homing lantern that explodes like a mine. Delay 1 turn, but +1 Radius.
          − Hanabi: Shoot a firework from your sleeve! This is a quick draw technique. Accuracy +0.5!
          − Tako: Launch wired kites, which slice through and hit other foes. +4 Line based Range!

Festival Art of Distraction (Action): Summon and release any of the three basic tools from a sleeve.
     − Chakra cost (25An Effect is maintained for 3 turns, but inflicts no damage on the enemy. 
          − Chōchin: A floating lantern that provides light as it bobs around. Effect: Accuracy +0.5.
          − Hanabi: Throw a handful of tiny firecrackers that whistle and pop! Effect: Accuracy −0.5.
          − Tako: Fly a kite, which tangles and trips enemies with the wire. Effect: Dodging −0.5.

Festival Art of Tradition (Growth): Typically Sennin lack skill in physical combat, so they compensate.
     − Unlocks a Shakujō, which permanently increases your casting ability depending on your affinity.
          − Chōchin Sennin: Receive a permanent passive bonus to their Genjutsu by +0.5.
          − Hanabi Sennin: Receive a permanent passive bonus to their Ninjutsu by +0.5.
          − Tako Sennin: Receive a permanent passive bonus to their Fūinjutsu by +0.5.

Festival Art of Education (Growth): As you grow and learn, you will gain additional Festival Tools.
     − Unlock one more Festival Tool affinity, and earn the title of Matsuri (Celebration) Sennin.

Festival Art of Explosions (C−Rank Jutsu): Release an explosive variant of your Festival Tools!
     − Chakra cost (40) Inflicts approximately −80 Damage on a single, exploded target in battle!
          − Chōchin: Release a gigantic Lantern that explodes, causing Area 60 damage! +2 Range!
          − Hanabi: Hop atop a large firework to close the gap! −80 Damage and Moves Adjacent!
          − Tako: Surf away on a large kite, while launching small ones! 80 Dmg +2 Flee Distance!

Festival Art of Dancing (Action): To walk is one thing, to run is another, to dance is beyond the others.
     − Chakra cost (25 each Turn) Applies a movement bonus to your character while maintained.
          − Chōchin Sennin: Use floating lanterns as stepping stones to grant Environment Immunity.
          − Hanabi Sennin: Jump on a rocket to increase your movement Range by +1 for the turn!
          − Tako Sennin: Paper Kite wings grant you the movement bonus of Flight until you're struck!

Festival Art of Mastery (Growth): There is no need for an affinity when you have mastered all three.
     − Unlock all Festival Tool affinities, and earn the title of Tōrō (Stone Standing Lantern) Sennin.
     − Furthermore, Generic Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Fūinjutsu all have their Range increased by +1.

Festival Art of Destruction (B−Rank Jutsu): Release an explosive variant of your Festival Tools!
     − Chakra cost (60) Inflicts approximately −120 Damage on a single, exploded target in battle!
          − Chōchin: Release a gigantic Lantern that explodes, causing −90 Area damage! +2 Radius!
          − Hanabi: Shoot a gigantic, Dragon shaped Firework!  −120 Damage and Inflicts Burning!
          − Tako: Launch a gigantic kite that lifts and drops a foe +3 values away! −120 Wind Dmg!

Festival Art of Light and Fire (A−Rank Jutsu): Release a colossal barrage of over one hundred Tools at once!
     − Chakra cost (80) Inflicts approximately −160 Damage on a single, exploded target in battle!
          − Chōchin: Create a minefield of floating, homing Lanterns! +Minefield Range, 40 x 10 Clusters!
          − Hanabi: Release a massive barrage of raining fireworks! +1 Turn Delay, inflicts +200 Damage!
          − Tako: Launch bladed kites without wires in a whirlwind! +Straight Path Blast/ Chakra Damage!

Jinta (c) me
sheet: not by me
Naruto (c) Masashi Kishimoto
Programms that I used: PaintToolSai
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