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Fennec Fox

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!!!Full View Please!!!!

Photo by: :iconart-photo:
Photo: [link]

Vector project for my intro to applications class.

I put about 16+ hours of work into it @_@

Adobe Illustrator CS3
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I WAS about to say that this was inspired by the fennec fox disguised as an elephant in Zootopia, BUT that would be an anachronism.
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hey can i use that in my blog?(&) beautiful.
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Sorry for the late reply! As long as you link it back here or to my website ( it should be fine :D!!
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um...isnt there an effect in photoshop that lets you get this same effect in like 2 seconds?
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Probably but if you don't believe I did this on illustrator for a class I can try finding the files and send this you you. I would never lie about my artwork.
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oh no, i didnt mean it like that. i dont doubt the authenticity, but i was stating that the same outcome, or a similar one could be done in like 20 seconds on photoshop. i like experimenting with effect
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well even if there is a photoshop effect, having a vector is still different- so the outcome wouldn't be the same at all

to the fox, it looks like a hell of work, well done
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I thought it was a photo too. Good work.
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Amazing! I watched a japanese movie today that reminded me of you. Its called 子ぎつねヘレン the baby fox called helen. It was cute and sad. Just reminded me of you though because they say きつね a lot lol
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Waaaah, you did a great job with this! *___*<3
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thank you @_@ 18 hours of my life.
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Very well done, Kit.
I'm impressed.
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thank you joe! <3 <3
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Wow Kit!! It looks incredible! I can totally tell that you put a lot of work into it! Hehe! Fantastic job! :heart:
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i love it. great photo
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lol it's not a photo it's a drawing, but thank you
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shitt, i didnt notice

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