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{New News}

As some of you have noticed, the note me button has been taken away. Since this has happened, it's ok to leave me a message on my front page when you use my stock. You still need to let me know that you used it though. So for the time being, It does not matter how you message me when you use my stock, just make sure you tell me. You can note me, leave a comment on the original picture or comment on the front page.

I am from here on out giving blanket permission for deviantART prints

And last thing,
I am from here on out asking that you do not use my stock with nudes, even if their "private areas" are covered. And also, if it's a mannequin with a breast or something else, I still consider that nudity and my stock can't be used with it. If you have a picture of an animal with breasts or other private areas of the body that are made to look like human private body parts, that's still nudity. So basically, if they are not wearing clothes of some kind and are merely "hiding" there body behind something, don't use my stock with it. Also, if it looks like a humans private body part, then don't use my stock with it. I am even willing to help you find similar stock images to mine for you to use instead of my stock. For examples of images that are considered ok for use and images that are not ok to use with my stock see this journal here: greeneyezz-stock.deviantart.co…



:bulletblue:Send me a message either in a note, on the original picture or on the front page with a link to the image you used my stock in.

:bulletblue:You must credit me in some way with either a link of my avatar or name back to my site and if you want post a link to the original picture you used.
FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?

:bulletred:DO NOT USE MY STOCK IN IMAGES CONTAINING MATURE CONTENT OF ANY KIND. This includes nudes, seductive themed pictures, graphic violence or blood and anything else that requires a mature content tag. I would also ask that you don't use my stock in demonic images or other offensive images.

:bulletred:Stock is for use on deviantART only. If you wish to use outside dA please ask for permission.

:bulletred: My stock may be used in deviantART prints.

:bulletblue: Concerning prints: please ask first via note.

(If you do not follow The rule concerning what types of art you
are allowed to use my stock in I do reserve the right to ask you to remove it.)
••• I grant all deviants permission to use my stock provided that
they follow my personal rules as well the deviantART policies found in the deviantART FAQ. •••

One final note, if you don't tell me you used my stock or do not credit me, know that I am in the habit of hunting people down and I do not like it when people don't follow my rules. So if you don't follow my rules, you can be sure I will find you and you'll hear from me.

{Features--what's in the watch box}

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Rowena - Doubtful by Eirian-stock diamonds dark by clandestine-stock OLD PHOTO.06 Arab Nationals 9 by Nyaorestock
texture 20 by Insan-Stock DSCN1107 by shrdlu45 Santa Barbara Stock 33 by Nyaorestock
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thank you so much for the feature!