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:star: CONTEST! :star:</u>
The Picture That Doesn't Make Sense</b>

Hello everyone! Yep I'm gonna hold a contest just for the fun of it!

The theme?
The Picture That Doesn't Make Sense

The picture can be surreal, fantasy, comical, emotional, or whatever! It just has to not make much sense

Before I start the contest, I was wondering if a few people could donate prizes and/or would like to be a judge (anyone can be a judge weather or not you enter).

I'm going to run this similar to Lisajen-stock's contest in that there will be three categories, beginner, intermediate, and advanced, that way the people who are new at an art style don't have to be up against people who are expert at the same art style.
All art mediums will be included in the same categories of either beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
There will be prize(s) for each 1st place winner of each three categories. Acknowledgments will be given to the second and third place winner of every category (provided enough people enter) or prize(s) will also be given to third and second place winners (provided there are enough entries for that and enough donated prizes.

To be a judge, donate a prize, or enter just send me a note!

The contest has not officially started since I don't know about prizes and stuff yet but if you want to start making/submitting your entries go ahead

:bulletblue: CONTEST RULES :bulletblue:

1. The picture must not really make sense.
2. Use at least one resource of mine.
3. Follow all the terms of use of the stock artist's resources you use (including my rules for using my stock)

The things that don't matter regarding your entry...
:bulletgreen: It does not matter how big/small or noticeable/barely noticeable the resource of mine you use is.
:bulletgreen: It does not matter which resource of mine you choose to use. It can be a texture, tutorial, or stock image.
:bulletgreen: It doesn't matter which gallery you submit to (digital, traditional, deviantART related, etc.) except the literature and resource galleries and no desktop screen shots.
:bulletgreen: It does not matter if you've already made a picture that doesn't make much sense and uses one of my resources, you can enter it.

Entries will be judged in their categories according to artistic skill appropriate of each category and how well it fits the theme.

That's all for now!

My Art account: :icongreeneyezz:



:bulletblue:Note me with your finished picture (I want to see your art! ^_^) but not on front page please.

:bulletblue:You must credit me in some way with either a link of my avatar or name back to my site and if you want post a link to the original picture you used.
(How to create a link using my avatar: Just type  : iconGreenEyezz-stock : Without the spaces between the colon marks and to create a link using my name type : devGreenEyezz-stock : without the spaces between the colon marks)

:bulletblue: Feel free to use my stock for prints.

:bulletred:DO NOT USE MY STOCK IN IMAGES CONTAINING MATURE CONTENT OF ANY KIND. This includes nudes, seductive themed pictures, graphic violence or blood and anything else that requires a mature content tag.

:bulletred:Stock is for use on deviantART only. If you wish to use outside dA please ask for permission.

:bulletred: If you wish to use my stock to make your own stock you must contact me first and get approval and agree to certain terms which will be discussed when you contact me.

(If you do not follow The rule concerning what types of art you
are allowed to use my stock in I do reserve the right to ask you to remove it.)
••• I grant all deviants permission to use my stock provided that
they follow my personal rules as well the deviantART policies found in the deviantART FAQ. •••

One final note, if you don't tell me you used my stock or do not credit me, know that I am in the habit of hunting people down and I do not like it when people don't follow my rules. So if you don't follow my rules, you can be sure I will find you and you'll hear from me.


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ChrisDayo's avatar
Ooooh i like this contest idea...Muahahahahaa i can do a funky photomanip

I shall surely be doing this :D
WHen we send you the link of the deviation we do, do you want us to tell you then what raning we'll be in?
GreenEyezz-stock's avatar
Great! Tell all your friends about the contest too!
When you send me your entry also tell me if you want it to be placed in the beginner, intermediate, or advanced category :)
I'm so glad to hear you will be entering! It is going to open for entry next week (but you will have a month or more to send me the entry)
ChrisDayo's avatar
I shall surely spread the word.
I love contests on DA
they bring out my creative side.

I can't wait to make sumthing now :clap:
GreenEyezz-stock's avatar
Here's a news article about the contest that I just submitted: [link]
ChrisDayo's avatar
Ahaaa I shall go look at it asap. :D
little-stock's avatar
Put a link to your contest in my journal, that's what I wanted to say ;)
GreenEyezz-stock's avatar
oh thank you so much!!! :love:
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