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The Broadcasting Tower by GreenEggsAndHam1998 The Broadcasting Tower :icongreeneggsandham1998:GreenEggsAndHam1998 3 0 From the Peak by GreenEggsAndHam1998 From the Peak :icongreeneggsandham1998:GreenEggsAndHam1998 1 0 Sunset on the Mountain v2 by GreenEggsAndHam1998 Sunset on the Mountain v2 :icongreeneggsandham1998:GreenEggsAndHam1998 1 0 Sunset on the Mountain by GreenEggsAndHam1998 Sunset on the Mountain :icongreeneggsandham1998:GreenEggsAndHam1998 1 0 Looking Down by GreenEggsAndHam1998 Looking Down :icongreeneggsandham1998:GreenEggsAndHam1998 2 0 View of the City by GreenEggsAndHam1998 View of the City :icongreeneggsandham1998:GreenEggsAndHam1998 3 0 Balanced by GreenEggsAndHam1998 Balanced :icongreeneggsandham1998:GreenEggsAndHam1998 0 0 Dolerite Formations by GreenEggsAndHam1998 Dolerite Formations :icongreeneggsandham1998:GreenEggsAndHam1998 3 0 View of Mt Wellington by GreenEggsAndHam1998 View of Mt Wellington :icongreeneggsandham1998:GreenEggsAndHam1998 0 0 Top of O'Grady Falls, Close Up by GreenEggsAndHam1998 Top of O'Grady Falls, Close Up :icongreeneggsandham1998:GreenEggsAndHam1998 1 0 O'Grady Falls, Mt Wellington by GreenEggsAndHam1998 O'Grady Falls, Mt Wellington :icongreeneggsandham1998:GreenEggsAndHam1998 0 0 'Superb fairywren' or Blue Wren by GreenEggsAndHam1998 'Superb fairywren' or Blue Wren :icongreeneggsandham1998:GreenEggsAndHam1998 0 0 Apple Blossoms by GreenEggsAndHam1998 Apple Blossoms :icongreeneggsandham1998:GreenEggsAndHam1998 4 0 Richmond, Stone Archway by GreenEggsAndHam1998 Richmond, Stone Archway :icongreeneggsandham1998:GreenEggsAndHam1998 0 0 Hastings Caves Trip by GreenEggsAndHam1998 Hastings Caves Trip :icongreeneggsandham1998:GreenEggsAndHam1998 3 0


Children Messes (Doctor Strange x Reader)
 Ok so I'm going to start with a little note here: this fanfic is mostly based upon around Infinity War, however, all decisions on whether this is after, before or in an alternative timeline of it is up to are also able to use ANY adaption of the characters you like...if you like the cartoons, comics, movies, can use them if you want. In this fanfic AU, all characters have met one another and'll find out what happens. AND THERE WILL BE SPOILERS FOR INFINITY WAR AS I WILL BE MAKING REFERENCES AND SOME ELEMENTS FROM IT SO BEWARE!!!
 Ex: for my personal use, I am basing this on the MCU...but again, I'm letting this slide as any you would like to choose...
 Also, there will be other references, etc. upon which other Marvel characters (*cough* X-Men) will be shown...but again, all adaptions are welcome to use. This was just something I wrote around Infinity War's time being and just wanted it to be something fun and funny to do.
:iconskystar54:SkyStar54 17 2
Neville LongbottomxReader: Death
It never ceased to amaze Neville how immediately the heat and clamor of a battle could be swallowed up in icy silence. It never startled him how suddenly that cold void could be filled again. This time, this sound did. Only a minute or so before, you and he had been racing together to get a better angle to attack the giants sieging the castle. Now...
Now you were splayed across your brother’s chest, wailing at such a pitch that the hairs on the back of Neville’s neck stood at attention.
“Fred—Fred. N-No, Fred. No! How? Why?” you sobbed as Neville looked on, feeling numb and helpless. His feet remained rooted to the floor among the rubble and other bodies that had fallen there. As badly as he wanted to comfort you, it was thought were suddenly a million kilometers away. Struggle as he might, he could not reach you.
“Fred! Wake up! Please wake up!”
Neville ought to have cried, too. A sob stuck heatedly in his lungs. Fred had
:icontehstraw:TehStraw 1 0
Oliver WoodxReader: Happiness
A summer never felt shorter than the one that led to your sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This was the year you had been dreading for several before—not because of the difficulty of your N.E.W.Ts looming ahead, but because your sixth year would be your first in  quite some time alone. When you settled into your favorite chair by the Gryffindor common room’s fire after the Welcoming Feast, it was not, as it had been the last two years, to collapse into Oliver’s lap for a somewhat intimate hello. You sighed as you sank into the worn cushion underneath you, and cast a tired look out the dark window.
“Where on earth did you get that rock?”
You turned a tiny smile on the wide grin that belonged to your best friend, Alicia Spinnet. Various duties had kept the two of you apart much of the day, but now she had the opportunity to fix her eyes directly upon your left hand. Your fingers wiggled in a teasing hello.
:icontehstraw:TehStraw 2 0
Sirius BlackxReader: Sorrow
Never before had the Burrow felt as oppressively silent than the evening Remus Lupin at last worked up the nerve to attend to a long-procrastinated errand. A new moon lent an almost suffocating darkness to the scene. The house itself was almost entirely black, save for a single square of warm candlelight coming from the kitchen on the first floor. No one in the floors above spoke or stirred. Steeling himself, Remus knocked on the door.
It opened at once. Molly Weasley looked more tired than Remus had ever seen her. Had he not known better, he might have suspected her of struggling with lycanthropy herself, so deep were the bags underneath her eyes. For her sake, he did not remark on them. Sleep was a luxury none of the Order could afford, especially during those past few weeks.
The two exchanged the usual testing greeting, then he stepped inside. An empty kitchen awaited him. There was no sign that it was in use at present, save for a candle and a copy of the latest Daily Prophet
:icontehstraw:TehStraw 1 0
Broken Puppet by AskBubbleLee
Mature content
Broken Puppet :iconaskbubblelee:AskBubbleLee 64 4
So long my Hero by x-Lilou-chan-x So long my Hero :iconx-lilou-chan-x:x-Lilou-chan-x 198 11
Villainous x Reader - Black Hat's Challenges (46)
Black Hat is a demon who gets bored easily. He's usually seen reading the local newspaper or play indoor golf but those mundane activities doesn't entertain him much.
So what other "fun" things can he do? Oh, right! Tormenting his employees. 
"Welcome, cardiac spectators. I've put a macabre challenge on this pathetic and unfortunate entity."
"Uhm, boss... Who-?"
"Who will have to capture the witch that resides in this forest."
Out of boredom, Black Hat gives each of his employees a challenge, starting with Flug. Like he mentioned before, his scientist must find a witch in a forest near Hatsville. If he fails... Well... Then he's done for.
"Mr. Black Hat is a born ventriloquist.", you thought. "Poor HatBot-ler though." You look at Flug, watching him as his nervosity takes over him. "And poor Flug."
"This is ridiculous! As i
:iconpikablaze:PikaBlaze 22 7
I did it again.. I screwed everything up again.. by MegS-ILS I did it again.. I screwed everything up again.. :iconmegs-ils:MegS-ILS 310 22 Ladybugs Unite by MegS-ILS Ladybugs Unite :iconmegs-ils:MegS-ILS 324 66 RIP Stan Lee by MegS-ILS RIP Stan Lee :iconmegs-ils:MegS-ILS 641 39 Stars and Strands by Earthsong9405 Stars and Strands :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 672 19 Jasper Reference  by PitterPaint Jasper Reference :iconpitterpaint:PitterPaint 77 3 [BNHA] During The Break by Margo-sama [BNHA] During The Break :iconmargo-sama:Margo-sama 193 12 Breakfast At Tiffurny's by borba Breakfast At Tiffurny's :iconborba:borba 506 33 NSP: Ninja Brian by AjaSama NSP: Ninja Brian :iconajasama:AjaSama 54 3 Butterfly  by CanisRettMajoris Butterfly :iconcanisrettmajoris:CanisRettMajoris 73 4





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