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Danger: High Voltage

Here's a fact about Sirra's magic. Grades one through ten result a blinding green flash, eleven through twenty result in a greenish fire, and twenty-one through thirty result in lightening, which has the added bonus of occasionally setting things on fire when it strikes.
Anything above grade thirty will either put the user in a coma or kill them.
Sirra is behind for his age group. Most black magic users can control up to grade thirty spells by the time they're seventeen. But then, their lives are half over by that point...
My poor grass green, it always seems to get the short end of the stick...
Reference for Sirra's pose is here: [link]
Sirra and art are mine.
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Weirda-s-M-art's avatar
you used great reference and the lighting effect in tRADITIONAL media is fantastic!

Sorry to say somehting badm but I think you made muzzle dented which was the first thing I've noticed. You probably also noticed it while working, but I know in traditional artwork something we can do nothing to mistakes.. Great job with this! :clap:
greendragon22's avatar
Thank you!
It's no problem; I don't mind criticism. :D This piece is old, and even right after I drew it I thought the anatomy was a bit...wonky. 
Weirda-s-M-art's avatar
old or not, it's new to me x3
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Kiasanna's avatar
i love this picture , it's a amazing work
Ebonenee's avatar
Wow! I love your use of red tones in the shadows and the intense pose. Really awesome! :clap:
Ala-Rai's avatar
Gorgeous shading on the muzzle. Awesome lightning effect :)
rachaelm5's avatar
That's just awesome as a concept - and very nicely colored, too. The reds that you worked into the shading really help bring Sirra forward in the picture plane.
greendragon22's avatar
Thanks. Complementary colors for the win.
meroaw's avatar
Its so beautiful, the shading, the lightning, the detail!
You're an amazing artist, you truely are~!
Keep it up :hug:
greendragon22's avatar
Aww, thank you so much! :love:
meroaw's avatar
No problem mate :D
BenjiiBen's avatar
wow, looks awesome! :D
fizzing-dragon's avatar
Love the pose, the colouring, the lightning and the green glow from his horn. Plus his horn. And his epicness.
And further such compliments. :D I really like it. :XD:
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