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Corona- Spotlight

Corona - lonely by greendragon-gecko, visual art

Freebie skin complexions

freebie GD G8 skin patches by greendragon-gecko, visual art

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I can not remember when I started creating my frist traditional painting ^^ or hand crafted things. I continue to learn and to find my way.
I did a lot of traditional paintings with water colors, acrylics and pencils; now I mostly do photos, digi art and written text.

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too many
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
total crossover :P rock, indipendent, medieval and other
Favourite Books
HP, LoG, Eragon, more
Favourite Writers
Rowling, Tolkien, Paolini, Martin, ... more
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board games
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my Canon, DAZ Studio, photoshop
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Sci-Fi, fantasy, science

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Beautiful video made by kids usally singing with a philharmonic orchestra in Berlin - well, now with Corona they could not and made a song about it. It describes so well the emotions and touched me. So here is the rough translation of the song and a link to it. Vocal heros & Philharmonic Orchester , Bodo Wartke (piano) Usually we sing every summer in the philharmonic and during concerts it is very harmonic. We sing out part in the partitur (score) and that feels like beeing on [a] party-tour. But this year that is for the first time impossible and that's for all of us insuffrable (unbearable). We sing for you, cause it shouldn't be in front of a full house, together alone. That means we cannot rehearse together, but at least we can still go to school (well, not at the moment January 2021), and I am happy about that. Cause it is not the coolest thing on earth to be taught by your own parents at home. (home-schooling - that's how it is
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why did I say all colors matter and not only black lives matter? Easy: here we have a lot of immigrants from Turkey, Marocco, also different african and arabian countries - several in 2nd, 3rd or more generation. And they still suffer - names cause less invitations to get a job/a home, more police controls etc.. Femals have it extra hard - even as a politician one women was simply not taken serious when just taking a taxi. Especially Hamburg and its University is pushing science about colonial past of germany. And are also adding a lot to the debate e.g. about street names, historial facts and how and what options are there. There is also a debate about police violence and racism. So much had happened that is highly unfair to people of color. I hope that something moves!
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A lot of people, even those you meet at work, in your house or of your family could be on the risk list. Those sicknesses can cause more dangerous forms of corona. Thus those people are the ones you protect, when you wash your hands, wear a mask and keep a safe distance. ..even some of my family members and I are on that "risk" list - due to age, job or a sickness. With some of those pre-sicknesses you could easily live: like high bloodpressure, diabetes. Now it is sadly more tough. The list is longer than those three ones here. I might do more. (the ones listed will not represent my personal stuff) Corona virus related art. The call to be careful: everyone hears them a lot and it is hard to stick to all of them, I know. another topic: loneliness due to corona Take care of each other, try to stay in contact with those that mater to you. Stay healthy! Cheers, gecko Corona Images by other artists:
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Stories and story based images

Have a look at my texts and at my book.

There is more to come - please be patient. Working at several projects at the same time. Cyberpunk - "for a hand full of credits", "a bit of sky" and the translation of "cyborg - emulating life". Also finished a short story (and started wih an extension)..

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Damn! Your art is terrific, especially the background arts!

just keep in mind I post 3d DAZ stuff (labled DAZ) and screenshots from the cyberpunk game - that is ingame grafic that my gpu is able to handle and is labled screenshot. You can go into photomode in cyberpunk: I add nothing but take the scene as it is but chose of course like a fotographer where to take the "foto". Sometimes I get lucky and have greet lighting. I had so many "ah or wow" moments that I started collecting screenshots additionally to my own render. Rendering in 3D is limited for me by my gpu and by the objects I own (or learn to build), but when I have time, I like to render scapes (city, landscap, waterscapes) - and want to have a look at unreal (cause you can learn that now also as a private person).

Even so cyberpunk2077 is a game, I thought it might be a good inspiration for people like you, who really draw environments.

Art is art IMO. Even if it's from a game, you took a screenshot. Still, your gallery is really colourful!

:) Thank you!

A lot of people don't consider screenshots or capturas as art. Some change (e.g. warframe also shows capturas now in their streams). Stay creative too. :)

Thanks for adding The District to your favorites!

Thank You

Thanks! I like the idea and the details. :)

Just trying to upgrade my skills by returning to old models and reworking them! Thanks again!