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Wander the Seven Seas!
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The Watatsumi: Wonder of the Seven Seas Concept Art (2D and 3D prototyping)
Planning to develop concept art for a video game of my own creation. However, I have developed artist's block. Therefore, I'm relying on the DeviantArt Fantasy Art community to come up with ideas for sea monsters, islands, ships and what not via text description. For those who are willing to give commissions, send me a Note in the following format:

Commission Topic: (Character Outfits/Environments/Creatures(Enemies)/Weapons/Items/OC Cameo)
Description: What do you want out of this topic? What are its capabilities in game? Is it Alive?
MS Paint or Traditional Acrylic?: Your Answer.
Deadline: When do you want it to be done by?

For those who do not know about the project: The Watatasumi project is a video game dev project about pirates, seafaring and the like. Some of the environments of which will focus around Japanese and/or Okinawan cultures. Namely for how the titular being in the series is based on the sea deity of the same name. 

Here's the link for those who want to know more about the inspiration for this project.…

For those who are also interested in the project, contact me via Notes

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Cetorynchus Maximus conceptual sketch
AKA the Aquaculture Serpent.

It is a coastal-pelagic, plesiosaur-like creature found worldwide in boreal to warm temperate waters around continental shelves, sometimes entering brackish waters. Preferably swimming in temperatures of 8 to 14.5 degrees Celsius, but has been known to cross warmer waters near the equator. Often seen close to land, such as bays with narrow openings.

Unlike most reptiles, the aquaculture serpent does not hibernate. It stays near the surface for the sake of being an air breather. They move slowly and do not evade approaching boats.

The aquaculture serpent is a ram feeder, filtering zooplankton, attracting fish and invertebrates that also feed off of zooplankton. They do so swimming forward with their mouths open. Like snakes, their jaws are unhingable, allowing them to expand their throats in order to ingest an excessive amount of 60 or so fish or invertebrates.

This benefits fishers and sailors for their capability of being living aquacultures. Some (when young) are kept as pets by crews of such.
The Apprenticeship: the Beauty's Eye [Campaign] 1
060. Many-Sided Dice Set Introducing a new RPG-based Improvising show coming to YouTube next month! 060. Many-Sided Dice Set 
                                                 The Apprenticeship Series.

This will represent the first few episodes until the creature shown is defeated. Details of the campaign are below:

Greetings, novices, and welcome to the Moonstone Apprenticeship. Here you will take on the task of mastering two out of five majors. On your first year in the Apprenticeship, you all discover the history of the Moonstone Palace piece by piece. Meeting other Apprentices willing to help decipher the hidden history along the way. Will you uncover the secret of the Moonstone Palace and the treasure hidden within it?

Creature in art:

Octoclops: A spider-like sightless that walks on two legs; A servant of darkness sampled by Chairmaster Hyperion to teach his apprentices how to fend against the Avaricious Arts.

The Apprenticeship and related logos and terminology ©C. D. Gray (GreenDinosaurSkin or, for YouTubers, The Apprenticeship Gamers
It is my honor and privilege to declare that the first commission session is now open! I am now accepting any commissions for any prehistoric animal restoration art. For details, read below...

Before I begin... I will accept ideas for dragons and other mythological beings, below are some costs for commissions for Fantasy creatures:

Dragons ($12.00) or 600 points (Western, Eastern, etc.)
Humanoid creatures ($6.00) or 250 points (This will be for merpeople, dwarfs, elves, fairies, dryads, etc.)
Beasts ($8.00) or 300 points (Unicorns, Manticores, Chimeras, etc.)
Demons or Angels ($6.00) or 500 points

Slots remaining: 5

The following fees and percentages will be sorted by Geological Era

Paleozoic ($12.00) or 600 or less Points

Mesozoic ($12.00) or 600 or less Points

Cenozoic ($12.00) or 600 or less Points

I will be accepting multiple creatures from said geological time eras. As long as they are in the same time period. This however will increase the commission's cost by an additional $0.50 150 points

Panoramas will cost your total + $6.00 or 300 points (Same rules apply to fantasy creatures)


Tyrannosaurus + Edmontosaurus + Dakotaraptors = $26.50 for non-panoramic.
Panoramas of said species will cost $32.50

Like most professionals on deviantArt I will be accepting pay-pal payment methods. And you must pay for shipping.

When you're ready to set a request, send a note in the following formats:

For Fantasy
What Creatures: (Dwarfs, Dragons, Merpeople, Dryads, etc.)
Panoramic?: (Yes/No)
Overall Theme: (Ocean, Mountains, Forest, etc.)

For Paleoart
Time Period: (Creataceous, Permian, Pleistocene, etc.)
Species: (As long as they live in the exact same timeline)
Panoramic?: (Yes/No)


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