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Merry Christmas?

Fen'Harel greatly dissapproves.

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They look so hot!!!

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This is so awesome

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It is so perfect. I've never felt so happy looking at something before now!
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I never knew I needed this on a tee shirt
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Blackwall Gangsta :D
ThE-TarNIshEd's avatar
I would insta-buy this if it was a print. I love it so much.
squidgy-lover's avatar
This is amazeballs, I love it
livia29's avatar
This is probably the best thing ever!
ShadowIsStillAlive's avatar
I needed this in my life...proof that somebody else pictures everyone in a band! IT'S NOT JUST ME, YAY!
mochadawn's avatar
this awesome. A totally different take on things
WobbleLikeAJelly's avatar
Well, this is... pfff, amazing.

Thank you for making it exist!
DaFlaminUnicorn's avatar
Great Job! Love it~
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Omg I love it so much!
santap555's avatar
Best Party Ever!!
HorseOfTheDawn's avatar
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This is amazing! I can't stop looking at it! You've captured them all so perfectly! <3
Yce9Phire's avatar
too great to be true!!

Wiccix's avatar
Cole reminds me of that kid from American Horror Story XD

What, Solas, what are you doing xDD
Tamarandom's avatar
Too cool. I like how Cullen's the only one of the group really looking at "the viewer"
Jollina's avatar
Ahaha, can't decide who's my favourite. Maybe Cole's profile, Bull in action or Solas' vest.
HypermuffinsArt's avatar
Oh my-- 

HAHAHA! This is amazing! XD I like like like. Seriously tempted to put this as my wallpaper background. Oh my god. Yes.
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Blackwall isn't my first choice (or favorite, though I still like him) by far but he looks fantastic in this one. Then again, so does most of them. Blackwall gets a personal note though because he manages to stand out so among them for me. :) Fantastic piece.
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