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SNEAK PREVIEW!  This 11" x 14" print will be available at MASSive Comic Con 2017!  We've all known 2017 was definitely going to be Diana's year, and I'm joining in the celebration with this little contribution.  Grateful thanks to my dear friend Eleni Drakos for her invaluable help with the Athenian inscription, which, idiomatically translated, reads: "Life and Death are the children of Sacrifice, a Mother who redeems, protects, and frees the soul."  

I like to think Joseph Campbell would have appreciated this one.  See you all at con!
embedded_item1495749288669 by greendalek
THE MONITOR'S GUILD, Book 1:  Coming this July 4th!  Time to get subversive!

On sale this July 4th at…!
Click here to view my complete body of work for 2013:…

'Twas a busy year in spite of everything. Would love to know your thoughts and suggestions for 2014!
I'm about to get involved in a project that requires a self-portrait; which is something I haven't done since, oh, 1986 or so. Obviously I want this to be good --any themes, props or costuming ideas, or other recommendations you think appropriate? Artists have been given a free hand in subject matter (i.e., it's okay to depict yourself brandishing a lightsaber as you ride a T-rex into battle against legions of Orcs piloting mecha, etc.), it just needs to fit in a roughly 8" x 8" square area.

I'll be showcasing "The Monitor's Guild" and a host of other pieces at RHODE ISLAND COMIC CON, November 2-3 at the RHODE ISLAND CONVENTION CENTER​, 1 Sabin St., Providence, RI.  Come on by my table and hang out!

Gonna be at Granite State Comic Con next weekend? Come by my table (#918, right near the time-travelling DeLorean) and request a full-color sketch! $10 per character, approximate drawing time 15 minutes.

More info here:…

See you there!
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I'm confirmed for Baltimore Comic Con, September 7-8, 2013:… 

Look for me under the "Arlington's Artists" banner!  I'll be showcasing with my colleagues Eric Carter (…), and Amy Fletcher (…), known here on DA as sinicallytwisted!

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Check out Celebrate Regenerate, a massive testimonial to the enduring power of Doctor Who fandom. My illustration of Ace brandishing a homebrewed can o' Whoop Ass appears about seven-elevenths of the way into the book. I'm also humbled to be able to announce that my review of the 1976 episode The Hand Of Fear is also included.
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I am now formally confirmed to appear at RHODE ISLAND COMIC CON on November 2-3, 2013. A phenomenal lineup of artists and quite a few big-name genre movie and TV stars are on the guest list. Come on out to the Littlest State and enjoy the Biggest Show!
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Boston Comic Con is roaring back, bigger and badder than ever, on its new date, August 3-4, at the Seaport World Trade Center. Drop by my table and say hello!
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Drat.  Boston Comic Con is now indeed postponed (NOT cancelled).  We were all hopeful, but ultimately this situation is bigger than any of us.  In the meantime alternative event dates and times are being discussed --but for now, thoughts and hopes are with the people of my beloved hometown and we fervently hope this madness resolves soon.  

The comic book culture took a mere glancing blow today, nothing more.  Far more important things to focus on.  

More to come!
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Wanna win free stuff? Become a follower on my Tumblr and ask me anything! Two random "askers" will be picked at the end of April for some quality freebies!
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As of January 1 I'll be sharing some additional art and illustration via tumblr.  Some behind-the-scenes tidbits, some convention reports, and other assorted niftyness.  By all means, come on along!  

Have a wonderful 2013 folks!

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Don't know if I've mentioned it a time or two before, but I also take commissions (particularly pen-and-ink work).  --grin--

Give my profile a look-over:…
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I don't know why it has taken this darned long to sink in, but: tip for illustrators. Get the characters' eyes done first. Seriously. It's the single most important detail of the entire drawing --you get that part right, you're golden. The rest of the face, hair, and the body will just kind of fall into place. Finish the eyes first --that way if you make a mistake, you won't have to crumple up/throw away a nearly-completed illustration.

You'd think this principle would have seeped into my brain sometime before the age of 42. Sheesh...
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In a couple more days marks a bit of a milestone: the seventh anniversary of the website launch.  

(Also coincidentally, the artist himself turns 42 --presumably there will be a great awakening of some Douglas Adams-level wisdom.)

Come celebrate by looking over my work!  Have you an all-time favorite?
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Come on out to Manchester tomorrow and say hello!  As usual I'll be doing sketches and selling prints.  There are a TON of amazing artists and extremely cool vendors setting up shop here --and if nothing else, you're going to see some AMAZING costumes.  See you there!
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Check out my new dystopia-in-development storyline --been working on this since 1986 and it's getting darn close to completion.  Meet THE MONITOR'S GUILD.  Origin story on view at:…
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Confirmed for Granite State ComicCon: Manchester, NH on June 10, 2010.   Drop by my booth and say hello!  I'll draw ya somethin' superheroic.
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Production diary of The Monitor's Guild: Four new pages complete since I shamefacedly gave some of my closest friends carte-blanche to nag the ever-lovin' heck out of me.  What's your favorite near-future dystopia story/series and why?…