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Greencheek in Flight 23

Well it's been such a long time since I've added anything, so I thought I would add these pictures I took. I appologize ofr the background, but she's much more reliable about flying when I need her to when she is in a familiar place.
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Thank you, wing stock is always valuable! I actually used the whole darling in this work:
  Magic Brennen by devinsxdesigns
Thanks for providing!
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Thanks, I used it here:  Autumn by mpsapfir
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Hiya, i used your stock here… thank you very much!
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Thanks a lot! Used your stock here again:…
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Great! The picture's really clear and the colors are nice. Flash sometimes makes values look weird, though. Would it be possible to light the area more and shoot it without flash? Just a suggestion :)
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She looks MUCH better under natural lighting, but I have not had good luck with natural lighting at all - maybe I just need to invest in a better lens or high intensity lighting.  I've tried flying her outdoors for natural lighting but even with pretty good natural lighting I get a ton of wing blur.  Plus flying her outside makes both of us a bit nervous... I leave the door open so she can fly back in the house when she's had enough and she doesn't like being outside for too long.
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I just added a few pictures of her flying outside to my scraps.  They are blurry but you get a better idea of her actual color.
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Used here: [link]

Thank you for your wonderful stock! :heart: (:
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I used your stock image there :…
Thanks a lot !
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Thanks for providing stock images c:
I know this isn't the best, it was for a contest where I had to do a manip in one hour, sooo yeah... XD But here's a link to what I made using your stock!
Thanks again!
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Used here: [link]

Thank you for your wonder work! :heart: (:
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Thank you very much! Used it in this work: [link]
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[link] Used ur lovely stock here
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Great :D used here [link]
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Used here [link] Thank you.
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I used this beautiful stock here : [link] Thank you for making my work possible.
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Forgive the avian cliche, but what a pretty bird!
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Hello, I used here [link] merci :)
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