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Exercise 1.1

Exercise 1.1 My drive to write stems of my natural tendency to be curious and explorative, almost to a fault. I enjoy exploring sub-cultures, points of view, political ideologies and cultural practices. But moreover, I enjoy exploring these things through narrative, in a way that carries with it my observation and interpretation of culture and practice. I think, in a way, it is also a way to share of myself in a way that could, perhaps, allow others to at least understand and hear a voice in a different or broader way. Language is also a fascinating craft, the way sentences, words and themes can impact and influence the mind in different way

Chapter 1 Exercises

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Write-A-Novel Exercise 2.6

This exercise is only for those who are writing any sort of story for young readers. Determine and write down what age you want your protagonist to be. Then write out a plan for how you plan to illustrate that character's age realistically. Well you see I have a bit of a conundrum. You see I have two main protagonists James Castaway and Allowish Snow.   Allowish Snow is part of the Wonderex people and as a result has spent her life being abused, oppressed, demonized and prejudiced. Because of this despite only being ten years old she is quite mature, embittered but defiantly mature.   James Castaway on the other hand despite being eighteen a

Chapter 2 Exercises

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Greenbat Workshop Prepwork: Timeline

Okay, so, this story is going to be in an alternate Earth. The technology will be less advanced; there won't be any digital photography so  TV will be a rare sight and the internet will be exclusively government and military technology, yay. The calendar will be made up of 13 month years each 28 days long exactly, so important periods will not be recorded as the month of the year but the year and week. Such as: year 1111 on week #23. The weeks are still 7 days long, 4 weekdays + 3 days weekend, just for funsies. History: ???+2: Local tribal nations exist under smalll warlord rule ???+3: Some buff guy beats other warlords and unites the va

Chapter 3 Exercises

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Workshop: Outlining and Premise

Workshop: Outlining and Premise for my Novel which is Nameless at the moment!Your First Task Plot premises are very important, not just so you can relate the story concept to your reader, but also, so you know what each path each character is going to take in their journey. You'll start off by making a list of your characters (protagonist, antagonist and supporting characters) and then create a plot premise for each character. Once you've done that, it should be easy to create the plot premise for your novel. (I can only hope so right? XD) Plot Premises Protagonists Sheridan: Is a sixteen year old slave who lives in a city called Tarsem. (Be

Chapter 4 Exercises

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Workshop: Characters

Okay, so first off this is freaking long And I know I say it everytime, but I really tried to keep it short! So bear with me please! Second. With my characters, this is the first draft stuff and things are STILL changing so yes, I am aware of the multiple names that begin with the same letteing and have plans to change them all in my growing list of characters and their roles. Task 1: Plot Premises Sheridan–Primary Protagonist– Is an 16-year-old slave who dreams of freedom and adventure. She has a strong connection to Magic and the Seraphim. Antagonist Characters Evangeline–Secondary Antagonist– Is an deranged woma

Chapter 5 Exercises

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Demon Tales - Episode 1 Scene

During night´s dark allure, a character with such a black purpose as the hillside descended to the valley. That was the night, the one that for once and for all the traitor would be hunted down for good. The figure unsheathed his sword, and checked his edge. He knew what his dark action was for, a greater reward. He straightened the sword in front of him and readied his gear, companion of many tasks, for his very last chance to avoid the disaster that otherwise would strike the Confederation down. He remembered his data. Hita was where his target was hiding, and it was expected to flee from there so that it would be out of the executio

Exercise 6.1

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