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Anybody Can Write a Novel
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Anybody Can Write a Novel - Outline by DesdemonaDeBlake, literature

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Hi there.

I need help with my story. I know that I'm supposed to be doing this on my own, but I'm having a hard time with it.

Let me know if you're willing to help me.


Hey, if you're looking for literature critique, you might want to check out my group :iconreadthine-readmine:
There we exchange literature critiques on a regular basis.
You find the rules here:
The Rules - English
If you have any questions, just ask me or send a note to the group
If you're not interested, that's also okay

Hi there,

I'm searching for one or two writing buddies. Is there someone who would like to re-start or continue writing his/her novel with me?

Just tell me here in the comments or hit me up with a notice!

Hi, teacher!

Just wondering if I could make and post an exercie twice in the same folder, so I could have you see them and comment them (not an exact copy or an edit, I mean an exercise with different solutions. I´m bad at explaining)

Also, have you planned of making a tutorial based on descriptions (like extension based on genre, when to introduce, balance between features or how to focus, that sort of thing)?
Yes, posting the same exercise would be fine so long as it is a significantly different work. 

My tutorials on description will sort of be cut up into a bunch of upcoming tutorials, but it should be what you're looking for :)
Err, do you take only English stuff? Because I feel writers of different languages (such as myself, I tend to write in German) would greatly profit as well.