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Texas Hold 'Em [SARMA]
The promotion to Strategic Command had been offered because of his innate ability to pick on the subtleties of the rest of the crew, and to use that information to balance out Prowl's overarching tactics. It was his job to be the quieter, personable commander which the Autobot Second-In-Command could not be.  Thus, he'd become acquainted with the little quirks and idiosyncrasies of each Autobot, both good and bad.  
Smokescreen, however, had not much experience with younglings.
The dark blue mech glanced over the top of his cards at the orange youngling seated close to Sunstreaker.  Hot Rod's frame made him easy to mistake for a weakened, under-armed and under-armored minibot.  However, unlike how Cliffjumper was lazily seated nearby, Hot Rod knelt up on his chair, hunched over slightly with his elbows on the table as he pondered his own cards.  If he had to guess, Smokescreen would say that it was so he was closer to the same optic level as the bigger mechs. &
:iconntldr:NTLDR 13 16
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$5 is hardly anything for a commission, heres why
Edit: Okay, wow--If I knew this journal would get the attention that it's getting I would have tried to make it sound a bit more professional and a bit less ranty im almost a little embarrassed
I'm also really glad that so many of you could share your input and experiences. It's really important that we understand this--especially on a site with so many young, impressionable artists. It's easy for us to think that our time is only worth the end product. When i first joined this site (i was 13), the first type of commission that I took was a full picture for only 5 points. Granted--it didn't look the best. i was only 13 after all, but at the time I didn't even know the value of points. When i was about 14-15 I started looking to get more serious about my art. I wanted to make actual money off of it, so I started considering prices and i never charged anything more than $20. I was still really torn because a few people were still telling me that I was underchar
:iconbeautysnake:BeautySnake 1,253 586
HL - My Hips Won't Lie by TamarinFrog HL - My Hips Won't Lie :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 2,174 107
The Warrior, Part 1 [SARMA]
((AN: Before you read, head over to greenapplefreak's page and familiarize yourself with her comics about Sunstreaker and Hot Rod.  The established universe will be difficult to understand without them.))
"Vroxen.  Patch over one eye.  Scarred. Carrying a weapons packet.  Doesn't appear to be part of a unit.  Mercenary or bodyguard. Keep an eye on him.  Don't care much about him, but he's got to be guarding valuables."
The Cybertronian merchant spoke subtly into a communicator in his palm while he rested his back against one of the supports of his stand, his feet crossed on the counter in front of him. The traders' outpost on Asteroid Drega-3 was barely more than a glorified pit stop, with crews more concerned about repairs, refuels and a chance to get off-board and stretch their legs.  Not that there weren't a lack of options for those with a few credits to spend, or treasures to barter. The merchant's stand was one of at least twenty on the
:iconntldr:NTLDR 12 4
The Warrior, Part 2 [SARMA]
Sunstreaker cocked his head to the side as he inspected the damaged wiring inside of the ship's plating.  “How in the Pits did it only damage these...?”
The star that the planet orbited provided him with plenty of light to work by, but the end of its day was nearing.  The Autobot worked as quickly as he could, not wanting to be stranded on the planet for very long.  Granted, it didn't seem particularly dangerous. Its atmosphere was stable, and they'd happened to land in a place where the flora was rich and thriving, the trees reaching high into the skies, the grasses and bushes ruffling around their knees.  It reminded him of the planet where he'd found Hot Rod.
The youngling must have noticed this too, because as soon as the airlock doors were open, he'd taken off into the woods and vanished, despite Sunstreaker's shouts for him not to go too far.
Hot Rod had been on a mudball planet.  They were currently on a mudball planet.  With his luck, S
:iconntldr:NTLDR 16 12
And There Be Sharkticons by b4uGo2h3v34n And There Be Sharkticons :iconb4ugo2h3v34n:b4uGo2h3v34n 178 46



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That canon you're so fond of?'s more like a 'guideline' to me.

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Hello people!

I’m back and a bit more rested! I hope everyone had enjoyed the Easter holidays or at the very least had a decreased workload!

Also, I hope you guys enjoyed the feanorianweek, I certainly did and now I have more artwork to admire from some great artists. There are some cool techniques that I’d like to try out, especially shading and night colors..ugh night coloring messes with my brain…

There are some late entries still being posted so you can go a check them out! And there’s also an AO3 collection for those who have some tumblr connectivity problems. =)

As for me, my reading list has increased dramatically (so many new fics!) and I’ll probably spend the next four weeks replying to people who commented in my own art. ^^;

In other news I started reading this new series called “Chaos Walking Series” by Patrick Ness and it’s amazing! It has everything, from talking animals to aliens to colonialism in space and preteens in mortal peril!


So I went and look for fanart, but sadly there’s not a lot, and I think that fandom is kinda small, I can’t find a single person who has read those books, so I wanna know if someone here has read them?

Damnit, I’ll get you the books as long as I get to talk with someone about it!!

So, while I stew on my own wild theories, I leave you with some of the fanart I’ve found so far!

( ̄▽ ̄) 💕

Todd Hewitt by chaoswalks Monsters of Men by chrysalisgrey Todd and Manchee by stkidd chaos walking secret santa - todd and viola by shorelle Naptime by chaoswalks Todd n Manchee by chaoswalks First and Last by chaoswalks The Sky digital concept art by SgtMilenko in the forest in the swamps by Di-censored Wilf and Jane by FollowtheRiver Sheep by chaoswalks


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jemgirl Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Writer
Did you see the final session of Voltron? Did you see it!!! 

greenapplefreak Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist
I did! I did see it!! And I think I just developed an ulcer!!! Aaahhhhh!!
jemgirl Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Writer
Hahah. I just finished watching it. So many things happened. And the wedding. The wedding!
greenapplefreak Featured By Owner 16 hours ago  Hobbyist
the wedding?! … i mean, sure, there was a wedding and all but: 
allura's dead!!

David's feels 
FrerinHagsolb Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2018
Thank you very much for your fav, it means a lot to me! :hug: I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

greenapplefreak Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2018  Hobbyist
it's a really cool art! and all your gallery is pretty awesome too! :la:
FrerinHagsolb Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2018
fmzhigh Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2018
Your arts are great
But I have a question from you
You don't want to drawing any more?
I like your arts
Please come back❤❤
greenapplefreak Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2018  Hobbyist
I haven't left! I only get busy with RL sometimes and can't reply!
but I promise there's still more of me for a while!

Link: Purple is Fabulous 
Burningstarlight17 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I only just discovered your SARMA comic today, but let me just say that it is AMAZING!!!!!

The dynamic between Sunny and Hot Rod and the mishaps they get into as they make their way across the galaxy... Ah, it's so wonderful! I love it so very much, and I hope you never give up on it.
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