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January 10, 2011
Portrait of a Moose Dog by *TKmarioMaster. The Suggester tells us: "Fabulous work! Very adorable and beautiful! I love how *TKmarioMaster captured the eyes in portrait of his dog! You can feel that gentle look in the eyes of that wise dog! Fantastic!"
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Portrait of a Moose Dog



A vector of my dog Moose. He is a mix of 3 small dogs: shi'tzu, malteese, bishon frise. He is twice the size of his brother and a good 1.5 times bigger than his other siblings, which is why we call him Moose.

I've been meaning to make one for awhile, and since summer is coming to a close, I felt some pressure to get it done before I lose my chance.

He's the best!

Tools: Illustrator CS4

EDIT: Wow, a DD?! Thanks so much everyone!
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Hey how much do you charge to do a vector portrait of a couple half body image?