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Why can't I be as lucky?

Originally meant as a vent art, turned into oc lore instead, whoops!
Also, odd way of first introducing my characters without giving full lore first, damn...
They do star in a mini animated series, which can be found on my portfolio here: 

So for a quick introduction:
Guy in the front is named Connor Wilkins. He's a 25 year old who's pretty clumsy, but never means any harm to anyone.
Girl in the back is named Kelly Wilkins. She's Connor's older sister, being 27 years old. She's a nurse/doctor (I can't make up my mind) who's life is filled with chaos
Guy in the back next to Kelly is named Joey Smith, he's her current boyfriend.

With a bit of dialogue:
"I don't understand how my sister can be so succesful with finding love, even through ups and downs... I have never been able to find one person to be with..." sighed Connor as tears formed in his eyes, debating on even sipping his hot chocolate.
He hadn't even noticed his older sister and her partner walking by.

The Wilkins Siblings © Green-Night-Studios (though Connor is owned by both me and my ex-gf)
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I only just met them and I already love them

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wtf your animations are i n s a n e they're so good

What other talents you been hiding from us sister? xD

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Awww thank you so much, Em! I greatly appreciate it! :heart:
Dunno... I make perler bead creations and sometimes create shitty tunes in famitracker, does that count? xD
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Awww... I feel very bad for Connor... :'(

(Though, I feel very bad for you, that you aren't lucky sometimes.... :()
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Thing is, he does eventually begins to enjoy life living with his sister and her boyfriend (yes they actually share a house, long story)

(As for me, eh.. that's just life I guess)
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I see...

(I suppose...)
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