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An unorthodox Masiakasaurus

Been a while!  Sorry I haven't uploaded... anything, in like half a year, but I have gotten quite busy as of late.  But, I felt it was worth it to submit *something* just so you know I still exist and do do paleoart from time to time.

Anyway, I wanted to sit down and try a very unorthodox dinosaur depiction.  I chose Masiakasaurus!  Most depictions of this animal have it with its snaggle toothed jaws barred, with gigantic curving teeth coming out at the viewer.  And who can blame them, have you seen it's skull?  Goddamn.  I mean, I was guilty of this in my depiction of it in my project: Dinsoauria (number 30 something if you want to go check it out).

But in reality, animals are rarely that metal.  Crazy looking skulls and skeletons tend to look more subdued in nature, and I feel Masiakasaurus's crazy dentition was no exception.  Plus, Masiakasaurus's teeth are actually a lot smaller than normally depicted.  So, using the probably more likely downturned snout reconstruction and gave it some lizardy lips to conceal its mouth.

And then I covered it in feathers, because, uh, what the hell, it's my picture.  I guess I just want to see some more variety on this animal.  I think sometimes we get caught up in focusing on goofy anatomical quirks and fail to see the full animal as it could have been.  This is my attempt at rectifying that somewhat.  I wanted to ask the question--"What do I *really* think Masiakasaurus looked like?" and free myself from potential preconceived notions and artistic license.
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if you ever think about starting with the idea for the dinoverse graphic novel, I would support you in anyway I could!
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yes, i got your message, please do not spam my comments.
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it kinda resembles Limusaurus in this form, which is really quite cool because Limusaurus is also a ceratosaurian like Masiakosaurus.
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that actually did strike me when i was drawing this, which helped if fall into place.
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Given the possibility that feathers were found on ALL dinosaurs it's not all that far fetched. Especially given the fact crocodilians today have the genes for feathers.
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Well, technically fuzz. Feathers are much more advanced.
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Fair enough. My point stands it's not unreasonable to put fuzz of them. Besides carnotaurus and possibles it's relatives. Not sure if we have impressions of them too.
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Most scale impressions come from Hadrosauroids. Some come from Ceratopsians and then Sauropods. Carnotaurus is, if I remember correctly, the only Abelisaurid that we have skin impressions of.
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Thanks. I wasn't  sure so I didn't want to say all Abelisaurs, though it's probable that they had at least similar skin.
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Really nice work!:)
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So does that mean you're going to start up the Science Museum project again?
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hopefully soon!  I have a lot of unfinished sketches of a lot of them just kind of sitting, unfinished.
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Very nice work! :)  It's true, a lot of animals don't have features that are very crazy, and Masiakasaurus is usually depicted with overly long teeth.
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