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specimen 035

"Mark Knopfler's Vicious Lizard"
Sampson et al., 2001
Length: 2m (6.6ft)
Weight: 68kg (150lb.)
Location: Mahajanga Province, Madagascar
Era: Maastrichtian age, upper Cretaceous (70 million years ago)


The teeth on the tips of the lower jaw on Masiakasaurus distinctly angle forward--the two front teeth of its lower jaw are hooked so far forward they are only ten degrees off from complete horizontal.
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Great coloring!
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I love blue-red combinations since the Amiga era (mid 90s), for example when you are on LeChucks Ship in MI1, I love the dreamy red-blue window LeChuck looks at, it almost glows. Brings me back when I was under 10 years. Same with Masi here on this picture.
King-Edmarka's avatar
beautiful, very nice :) just curious, did you base the color off the Aucasaurus in the world encyclopedia of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures by Dougal Dixon?
Green-Mamba's avatar
now that you mention it, i think so.
Eco727's avatar
hahah Mark Knopfler?
Green-Mamba's avatar
they were apparently listening to dire straights when they were digging it up. for some reason they remembered that rather specific point when naming it.
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thats pretty awesome
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Should consider making the tip of the upper jaws curverd downwards, not upwards like in so many restorations. There's more skull material out there suggesting it so, not to mention the maxillary remains of close relative Noasaurus.
Green-Mamba's avatar
really? huh, did not know that.
EmperorDinobot's avatar
Look at my step by step reconstruction on my page. It's a bit outdated, but it clearly shows all the skull fragments for the 2000 specimens. There's new specimens found, making my reconstruction a bit outdated.
Green-Mamba's avatar
huh. i'll update it when i get the chance.
EmperorDinobot's avatar
Don't follow my reconstruction though. there's a new paper out there that for some reason I haven't been able to get. It's out of this world.
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So cool, I love the colouration :) You got the teeth spot on.
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Sweet look, and sweet honoriffic.
TyrannoNinja's avatar
Like its coloration!
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