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specimen 007

"Khulsan Beautiful One"
Maryańska, 1977
Length: 6.6m (22ft)
Weight: 900kg (1 ton)
Location: Ömnögovi, Mongolia
Era: Campanian age, upper Cretaceous (80 million years ago)


Saichania's name (beautiful one) comes not from the animal's intrinsic beauty (with its rough appearance and distinctly piggish nose, beauty is hardly the first word that comes to mind) but from the pristine preservation of the type specimen's remains.

UPDATE APR 02 2013:
One of the earliest dinosaurs I drew for the project and the first Ankylosaur, I have made significant strides in my technique and Ankylosaur knowledge since then and I always felt the original Saichania picture was one of (if not the) worst of the original 100. So I felt a complete redrawing was in order. This is probably one of the biggest quality jumps of all of the updates. Go here ([link]) for the original.
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i have never seen this dinosaur anywhere else that wasn't dinosaur king related
THIS picture looks the best out of the 2 reconstructions  have seen :D
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This artist has many pictures I like. Uses good combinations of colours. But this Saichania here is one of the very few I don't like. For me there are better pictures of this dinosaur on this site. Of course it's still much better than I could draw it.
It's not that I would say it has technical flaws, it's just that I prefer other Saichania pictures, I like their look more.
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Despite what you may think, the redraw really is beautiful.
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Good old ankylosaur, but in fact, I just used named in Navajo words as the dinosaur species by my own.
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Saichania schleich?
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i was wondering if someone would notice the color choice.
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yeah, but I really like it :) Good job!
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great!!!!it's really awesome!! and detailed Oo!
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