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Well, due to the fact that my GMU character for the week is taking much longer than anticipated, me being unusually busy this week otherwise, and Endgame's looming release I think I'll be taking this week off for both projects, see you next week.
Spider-man character?  I think people have been asking about this one for a while, so here's the Rose, finally.


I mentioned a while back that Wilson Fisk had a wife who was in a coma, but I didn't mention that he also had a son named Richard Fisk.  He was the Kingpin's pride and joy, but he kept Richard at arm's length in regards to his criminal dealings.  Part of the way Fisk justified his Kingpin activities was providing his son the life he never had, one free of conflict and need, at least, that's what he told himself.  But Richard was a grown man now who worked as an executive in Fisk's legitimate business, and while he was aware of how his father actually earned most of his money he kept his head out of the seedier aspects.  When Richard's mother fell ill and into her coma, he drifted from his father.  He still operated as an executive but made less and less contact with Fisk.  And when Fisk skipped town due to the Big Man murder, things got really cold between the two.

Our hero Peter Parker didn't encounter Richard Fisk until a little while after the Sin-Eater incident.  If you recall, this wasn't too much longer after Fisk had returned to town due to his Crime-Master stunt, and this was also the last time we had seen the Punisher after he killed Stan Carter.  So what happened?  Well, if you think Kingpin had been dedicating his life to making just Spider-man miserable, you'd be wrong, because the Punisher was for sure on his shit list too.  Whatever bounty Spider-man had the Punisher's was ten times bigger.  And the Punisher in kind was not happy to see Fisk back in town and made a desperate attempt to take him out, ending up taking Richard Fisk hostage in his own office.  He was trying to get Richard to give him the Kingpin's itinerary as he had a hard time tracking him down.

Peter may have been a sworn enemy of the Kingpin but he wasn't a fan of the Punisher either.  He swung in to Richard's rescue and found the Kingpin's son pleading with Frank Castle, saying that he had no idea where his father was going to be at any point in time, that they hadn't spoken face to face in many, many months, and that they were on the same side, there was no love lost between their relationship.  Castle wasn't having any of it, and was finally put down by Spider-man and hauled away to prison.  When Peter asked Richard what was up between him and his father Richard just told him "We're on the same side."

Let's fast forward a bunch of time, to a little while after Goblin Nation.

The Kingpin had been rattled considerably by the the Goblin Nation's attempt at extorting him and almost getting away with it.  Hurting for allies he was confronted by a mysterious masked man calling himself "The Rose."  He communicated through video conferencing only and used a voice modulator, rendering his identity unknowable, but called himself an arms dealer.  Normally Fisk would never deal with someone with so much potential liability but he wasn't in the most perfect states of mind following the goblins' attacks on him, so he made a tentative deal with the Rose, who offered to be Fisk's partner in taking back his dignity as the Kingpin.

For their first act they decided to use Fisk's 'skeleton key' program that the Chameleon had attempted to steal and mass release a ton of super criminals from their new supermax prison in upstate New York (not Osborn though, they wouldn't give the Goblins that satisfaction), and then cart them back into the city and supply them with the Rose's enhanced weaponry, all just to show Spider-man and the other would be heroes who was boss.  With the likes of Electro, Speed Demon, Mysterio, and Rhino (among others) back causing mayhem as the were wont to do the heroes and law enforcement would be properly punished for taking swings at him.

All the while Fisk continued to shore up his criminal empire and push Carolyn Trainer to maintain her research into physical avatars for him.  Over the next few months the Rose became the Kingpin's most trusted ally and confidant, leading them to meet in person and Fisk actually respecting the Rose's decision to keep his identity hidden.

Bad move.

This Rose's true planned finally blossomed (if you'll pardon the pun) one night many months after he had begun working with the Kingpin.  There had been numerous power fluctuations in the power grid recently, and while Peter thought it was Electro behind it, he eventually narrowed it down and found that it was coming from one of Carolyn Trainer's laboratories.  There he saw the same sort of set up he saw the night he and Gwen encountered Stunner.  Trainer and her team of technicians were hard at work crafting a new avatar.  The only other people in attendance were the Kingpin, the Rose, and a newly formed Stunner.

Before Peter could even tell if anything wrong was going on Trainer had somehow detected his presence and threw off her lab coat, revealing she was wearing her arm harness and she and Stunner attacked him, being careful to leave the the machine creating the avatar alone.  While Trainer and Stunner were difficult to handle on their own, together Peter found them to be a bit... off.  Like Stunner was a little too worried about letting Trainer get caught in the crossfire of her attacks, making her slower than normal, and Peter was able to end the fight by having Trainer accidentally miss him and skewer Stunner's torso with a mechanical arm, discharging a ton of energy into Trainer's harness and knocking them both out for the moment.  Unfortunately Peter was pinned by Stunner's body and Trainer's mechanical arms for the moment--not impossible to get out, but not a good place to be with the Kingpin potentially looming.

To Peter's shock neither the Kingpin nor the Rose had left their positions during the fight--the experiment was still ongoing, and the Kingpin and the Rose were transfixed on the avatar taking form before them.  It took a second for Peter to realize who the avatar was of--it was Fisk's wife.  He was trying to create an avatar for her so she could live again.  Whether it would work or not was beyond him but that explained why he was funding Trainer's research.

While Fisk was still transfixed on his wife's avatar the Rose suddenly broke character and wandered over to Peter, and whispered to him that he was really glad he was there to witness what was about to happen.  The Rose drew a gun.  Peter tried to stop him, but he couldn't shift his weight very well and his webshooter had been shorted out by Stunner's energy.  In a single movement the Rose turned to Fisk, and shot him in the shoulder.  As the Kingpin fell to the ground clutching his wound the Rose then opened fire on the technicians, gunning them down, and then turned to the machine creating the avatar, and shot several holes into it, and put one more bullet between the eyes of the avatar.  A whole blown straight through it, the avatar dissipated as the machine gave way as the Kingpin, still clutching his wound, looked on in horror.

Then the Rose slowly walked over to the Kingpin, saying it had been fun helping him reach the top, but it was all to set up the really big fall.  The Kingpin fell onto his back and the Rose planted his shoe on Fisk's chest, twirling his gun.  As he did he told Fisk that he had a theory as to why his wife had fell into a coma--he thought it was due to the shock of finding out what a horrible, wretched person her husband was.  The Rose stopped twirling his gun, and he took his mask off and revealed his identity as Richard Fisk, and told his father that awful people like Fisk didn't deserve a wife like Richard's mother.  He was sick of his father using his fortune on extending his mother's life when she should have expired a long time ago.  He was sick of the way his father had been twisting his mother's legacy with charade after charade instead of just letting go.

No, bad people like him didn't deserve a wife like he had.  In fact, Richard explained, he didn't deserve a family at all.

Peter finally managed to free himself, but it was too late.  Richard turned the gun to his own chin, and fired.  He fell on top of his father, lifeless, his blood pouring over him.

By the time Peter got Wilson Fisk to a hospital his blood loss combined with his extreme shock of seeing his own son turn on him and kill himself in front of him put him in his own coma.  The Kingpin's reign was over.

For the moment, at least.


So yeah, the Rose is a character I've been thinking about for a while and have had his role planned out for a long time.  So he's dead, but he took the Kingpin's reign down with him.  At least, for now.  But what became of Carolyn Trainer and what's up with Stunner?  Well, that's a story for another time.

For the Rose's design I've done a loooot of characters wearing suits thus far.  I always try to make each and every one of them at least a little different, so I decided to go in a different direction with Rose in place of his normal white and purple suit.  He's still got the traditional purple mask with the glasses and everything, but I opted to give him a kinda rose-tannish colored suit with a black turtle neck underneath, to make him look super sophisticated but not super stand-outtish.

Beyond that, I got nothing.  It's the Rose.
First Appearance: Journey Into Mystery Annual #1 (October 1965)

Tales of an ageless immortal capable of unbelievable feats of strength and a lust of battle were recounted all throughout history, from Earth to the heavens.  Tall tales or no, the Avenger known as the mighty Thor encountered such a man when he left Earth in search of the Well of Fates to discover the secret to repairing the Bifrost after Loki had cut it asunder.  The two titans of strength first met one another as adversaries, but when they both proved their mettle to the other they saw that they were indeed no foes of each other.  The man called himself Hercules, and he too was on a quest.  While completing what he called his "twelve labors," he had become separated from his partner.  His memories of their time together had been warped--his partner's name he could no longer recall, but he knew of where they had last been.  The last time he had seen the forgotten one was on a place named Earth, many ages ago.

The thunder god pointed him in the correct direction, and when Hercules arrived on Earth he was astounded to find that he had a history on this planet, of a legendary hero in years long past.  Seeing how weak and feeble the mortals of the world were and the tremendous dangers they faced in a hostile universe Hercules realized he may have been brought to Earth for a purpose, to relive his lost years and protect the people of Earth.


The exact nature of who or what Hercules actually is is left a deliberate mystery, but he is a hero through and through, and would someday go on to join the Avengers.  He is fascinated by the people and culture of the places he visits and loves adding the weapons and armaments of the people he meets along his way to his arsenal.

Like with Thor and Loki I wanted there to be this mythic, unknowable quality to Hercules in my interpretation.  Like the Asgardians, Hercules merely is.  I'm yet unsure how the Olympians play into all of this but I have some ideas I won't spoil.  As I mentioned, he tends to accumulate weapons and clothing from cultures he visits, so his whole get up here is kind of a mixture of his own equipment and clothing as well as things and clothing he's gotten from Earth and elsewhere.

Which is what played directly into my design.  It kinda sprung from Hercules of myth being a demigod, half god and half man, so he comes across as a being of two worlds.  His design itself is an amalgamation of his original, classic design, and his modern design, with the swords on his back and everything.  So there's kinda this half skirt thing going on, and he's got his classic adamantine mace.  I also worked in his traditional belted sandal boots things, though they look more like high tech or magical leg braces or something here.  And then his headband is supposed to be a kind of callback to his traditional headdress thing, or whatever you want to call it.  I also went out of my way to make him look more ethnically Greek.  I dunno if I succeeded there.

Also he's shirtless, because... it's Hercules.  Look at all that chest hair.
Extra-21--Goblin Nation


They called themselves the "reflection of the insanity that Spider-man had brought upon New York."

In the week following Phil Urich's attack on Lance Bannon, the city of New York was incredibly on edge.  Since Peter's rise as Spider-man he had dealt with gang wars and body snatcher nonsense like Maximum Carnage and Spider Island.  But these assailants were different.  They didn't seem interested in personal gain nor were the even interested in controlling the city.  They were terrorists, plain and simple, out to cause as much pain and misery as they could on behalf of their "king" in the name of punishing Spider-man for simply existing.

This Goblin Nation wasn't made up of mind controlled victims or petty crooks trying to make names for themselves, they were normal citizens who had enough of Spider-man's "reign of terror."  Outfitted with high tech weapons and small doses of Oz by the goblins in charge they spread wanton violence and destruction with a simple message: until Spider-man gives up, no one was safe.

Least of which was Lance Bannon.  He had been hired by J. Jonah Jameson, and later Wilson Fisk, to find out Spider-man's secret identity and out him.  While Lance had decided against exposing Peter after he got to know him and his family and friends, the Goblin Nation had discovered his assignment and had started targeting him.  Why he was being targeted was beyond Peter, though--if the Goblin Nation was being led by Norman Osborn...  he already knew who he was.  Osborn knew Peter was Spider-man before Peter knew.  Something weird was going on.

Carlie Cooper had Lance taken into police custody to protect him, but for the police this was akin to a full time job.  The Goblin Nation was everywhere and had informants (if not outright operatives) in the NYPD, so he had to be moved from safe house to safe house.

Combating the goblins had also become a near full time job for both Peter and Gwen.  In one particularly bad excursion a goblin took a bus full of tourists hostage on the George Washington Bridge.  This one was hopped up on considerably more Oz than a lot of the other rank and file members of the nation, and had stopped the bus with his own bare hands.  Peter swung in to combat the nutcase, and it seemed like he had it under control.  Police cars arrived, and it looked like the ordeal was just about over, but when the police stepped out of the car, the last officer to step out pulled his firearm on his fellow officers and gunned them down.  Peter jumped away from his scuffle with the hostage taker to take out the rogue officer, but in a break in his concentration he failed to notice the hostage taker pull out a pumpkin bomb of his own and detonate it in his hands.

The hostage taker had died instantly and took the bus driver and one tourist with him to the afterlife and injured several others.  Peter escaped serious harm, and pinned the rogue officer down, who grinned a menacing, Oz fueled grin.  Peter webbed him down for the actual authorities, but he left completely shaken, the onlookers on the bridge yelling obscenities at him.  He wasn't dealing with people, he was dealing with monsters, and the city seemed against him for it.

Peter felt so awful that he didn't even swing back to his apartment, opting to take the subway.  He didn't leave his apartment for two days.

On the second day he got a visitor--or four.  Aunt May, MJ, Gwen, and Carlie all came to talk to him.  Peter was dismissive at first, but eventually listened to what they had to say.  The whole city knew that Spider-man had stopped showing up after the bridge incident, but the goblin attacks had not slowed down.  Gwen, and other heroes like Cloak and Dagger, were doing what they could, but they were pretty sure their stated goal of running Spider-man out of town was not what they were after--they wanted Lance Bannon.  Which, of course, made no sense, if Osborn was actually running the operation.  They had a goal that could be stopped.

But Peter just couldn't see the point.  It would be better for the city if Spider-man did disappear, goblins or no goblins.  That's where they told him he was wrong.  Aunt May then took them all to the homeless shelter she worked for.  Walking around the halls Peter saw tons of drawings by kids and written testimonials by the adults staying there in support of Spider-man, many of them owing their lives to the webhead in the past.  A lot of them wouldn't be alive if it weren't for his actions in the past, be it through stopping maniacs like Cletus Kasady from taking over the city or just stopping a mugging.  Carlie also told Peter that he had received tons of support at her police station with people wanting to get the police to support him against the Goblin Nation.

When the talk ended in Aunt May's office, MJ put her arm around his shoulder, and said that while the goblins had a 'nation,' Peter had a support web of his own (if you'll pardon the pun).  Maybe, to beat them, he needed to use that support web instead of trying to do everything on his own.  Peter sighed, and said they were right.

With a renewed sense of purpose, Peter knew what he had to do.  The goblins were targeting the destitute and hopeless to join their cause the most--he wanted Aunt May to see if she could ask around the shelter to see if anyone knew of any recruiters.  He wanted Carlie to get Lance out of police protection, they were clearly compromised.  He wanted MJ to take him in and hide him out.  After that, Carlie could use her sources to get advanced notice on any new attacks, and he wanted her to give that info to Gwen to take care of.

And then he had a goal of his own--New Horizon.  The pumpkin bomb the bus hostage taker had used was some sort of new type of explosive he hadn't encountered before, it looked like something Smythe would have used in the past.  He figured it had to have something to do with the Gaunt tech the goblins had gotten their hands on with the Chameleon's money stash.  From previous experience he knew that the Gaunt tech outputted unique energy signatures that could be traced, but he needed help.

That's where Max Modell came in.  Peter went to his boss with a "request" from their "mutual friend."  They got to work right away and by the time morning broke, they had created a device to trace this energy signature.  This, combined with the info Aunt May had gleaned, allowed them to discover the two primary bases of the goblins, one where they created the weapons they had been using, another where they had been giving new recruits their Oz dosage.  It wouldn't be easy, but Peter and Gwen decided to hit these bases simultaneously--Peter would head to the equipment base.

There was considerable resistance in each base, but the goblins were caught completely off guard.  Gwen didn't find any big names guarding the Oz base, but plenty of nutcases hopped up on the formula.  Peter found Phil Urich, the Goblin Knight, at the equipment base, communing with the head technician on his weapons.  The fight was difficult, but Peter was able to take out the goblin guards as well as the Knight himself.

When Peter and Gwen were about to reconvene, they suddenly got a call from Carlie.  She didn't know how, but the goblins' leader had apparently found out about their plans and had found Lance.  Both him and MJ had been captured and had been taken to Fisk Tower.

The two of them raced to the tower where they found the two of them being held in a room with three other people: Wilson Fisk, J. Jonah Jameson, and Norman Osborn, along with a couple goblins holding the two hostages down.  Another also had a gun drawn on Jameson's head.  How all three of them came to be in one room was one thing, but what they were discussing was something else.  Lance was apparently Osborn's bargaining chip with Fisk.  He wanted the "skeleton key," an apparent backdoor hack Fisk had paid some contractors off to install in the new maximum security prison constructed upstate the super villains had been transported to.  In exchange, Fisk could have Lance, who had Spider-man's identity.  Jameson, who had apparently come to warn Fisk about threatening his employees, demanded that Lance say nothing.  This farce had gone on long enough, he said.  He had wanted to expose the wall-crawler, but if this insanity is what had come of it, he wanted absolutely no part of it, it all had to end.

Deciding they had listened enough, Peter and Gwen crashed the meeting.  Peter told Osborn off, telling him he had no idea what he was up to but that he already knew who he was, he didn't have to go through all this trouble with Lance.  Osborn instructed the goblins to kill the spiders while he grabbed his subordinates gun and grabbed Jameson and held him hostage, gun pointed at the publisher's temple.  Peter and Gwen made quick work of the goblins, as Peter noted that guns weren't really Osborn's style.  Fisk noted this as well, and explained that he had no time to deal with pawns or pretending to be kings, as he activated a hidden switch, zapping Osborn--apparently he had tagged him with some sort of restraining device when he came into the building.

Osborn yelped in pain and released Jameson, who scuttled to the other side of the room behind the spider people.  Then the charade came to an end, as his face distorted and disappeared into the blank facade of the Chameleon's, before shifting through a thousand different faces.  In a myriad of voices the Chameleon spoke to them, saying it was all a game anyway.  He had been hired for a job, and he hadn't shown his full hand yet.  At that moment Fisk realized the Chameleon had already placed a thumb drive in his personal computer and was downloading the skeleton key.

Before Fisk could reach for it Peter and Gwen's spider sense went off and they used their combined might to pull Fisk to the ground as a pumpkin bomb went off at his window and a hail of bullets flew in--it was Menace.  Now it all made sense to Peter--Osborn had been imprisoned the entire time.  The whole scheme was to use Lance as a bargaining chip to get the skeleton key and free their "goblin king."  As Peter and Gwen moved into combat Lily Hollister, they asked if that was true.  She said it was a plan concocted by Osborn to begin with, a dead man's switch to free him.  One of many.  Even if they stopped this one... who knew how many others he had?

The two of them succeeded in taking down Hollister and webbing her up for the authorities.  When they got back to Fisk's office, they found the Chameleon on the floor... seemingly dead?  He had a hole blown through his featureless head--he couldn't fake that, could he?  Fisk's computer had been destroyed in the chaos, with no sign of the thumb drive.  As Peter and Gwen prepared to get the goblins and Chameleon out to the authorities, they saw MJ standing up to both Jameson and Fisk, telling them both they aught to be ashamed of themselves for what they had let happen.  Jameson actually swallowed his pride and agreed, and told Fisk that if anything happened to Lance in the future he would never get away with it.

As everyone else left, it was just Peter and Fisk in the room alone.  Peter looked him dead in the eyes, and walked away.  Fisk asked him if he had anything to say as well, and Peter told him "the cute little red head already said everything that needed to be said."

(When Peter asked MJ and Lance how they had been captured, they said it was Carlie--or rather, the Chameleon, posing as her.)

In the end, Lance decided to break up with MJ, quit the Bugle, and leave the city.  He had a lot of thinking to do, but before he left, he told Peter something he learned about MJ--she loved Peter.  A lot.  He felt he was breaking up with her more for her own sake, so she would stop lying to herself.  And he really felt it would be for the best if he didn't stand in his and her way; besides, it'd probably be for the best if he stayed out of Peter's circle for now after it had all blown up in everyone's faces.

With Lance quitting and Phil Urich being exposed as a goblin, the Daily Bugle was suddenly missing a staff photographer, so Jameson actually bit the bullet and called Peter to have him replace Lance, as he now felt  bad for how he had put Lance on the spot and the situation that led to him being hired.  But with New Horizon Peter finally felt like he was doing good in the world and moving on so... nah.  Jameson would have to find someone else.


So that's it for this extra.  It really doesn't have much to do with the established Goblin Nation concept from the comics, which was a Superior Spider-man story, I more or less just took the concept of a big goblin gang and thought it would make for a fun story to have this dichotomy of this gang of goblins against Peter and his support network.  And not even one appearance of the Green Goblin!  Though it was all apparently his plan to begin with, but no goblin king for you.  Yet.

Picture wise this was one where I thought "oh, that'd be easy" and then ended up vastly underestimating how long it would take to do.  I kinda based it on the posters for Being John Malkovich, with all these regular ass people standing together in a group with these masks on.  The masks the people are wearing are essentially what the adherents of the goblin nation would be wearing whenever they appear here, but the people wearing them are just whoever, they're not supposed to be anyone in particular.  And then we got Spider-man and Spider-Gwen in the middle, looking all confused, as though the society around them has changed dramatically into something completely opposed to them.  Or something.

I dunno, I'm tired.
M011--Storm (*UPDATED APRIL 12, 2019*)
Real Name: Ororo Monroe
First Appearance: Giant-Size X-Men #1 (May 1975)

A mysterious mutant woman with the ability to control the weather, the original X-Men first encounter Ororo on a mission in Egypt, in an attempt to route the telepathic mutant turned crime lord Amahl Farouk.  Ororo was an important piece of Farouk's criminal empire, using her weather manipulation to great effect in their schemes, and the criminals, in part helped by Farouk's telepathic suggestion, made Ororo think she was an actual goddess, not just a mere mutant.  But in their campaign against Farouk the X-Men managed to convince Ororo of her actual mutant genes and her mortality and turn her against Farouk and his men.  With nowhere else to turn, Ororo was taken in by the X-Men and secretly brought to the United States to Charles Xavier.

At the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters Ororo was trained to better harness and control her mutant abilities and she better learned her place in the world of mutants and humans, though her time being worshiped as a goddess had left a mark on her personality, making her somewhat arrogant.  But as she was technically an international criminal she did not join the X-Men proper until Xavier formulated a second team after the first went missing, to which she was established as the leader, under the code name "Storm."


From there of course she's an X-Men mainstay and one of the primary leaders, depending on the make up of the team, alongside Cyclops, each taking up the mantle if the other isn't there or whatever.  She eventually becomes much more humble and serene as the story would go on, as well.

So okay, she was a hard one for me to design.  In fact, while I'm first doing the line artwork for these characters in pencil I actually completely threw out my pencil design and started from scratch on her I was so unsatisfied with my original design.  One thing I couldn't decide on was mohawk or flowing hair, and I think I sort of finalized on both, sort of.  She's sorta got a half braid half not thing going on--I don't know hairstyle names.  I though it looked distinct.  Her flowing coat obviously calls back to her cape, complete with the purple inner lining.  The boots are based on her original design's boots, as is the kinda ring thing in her belt sash thing.  But I also wanted to fit in some white as an homage to her nineties look and had her wear a vest that's sort of supposed to be the same as what I depicted Cyclops wearing just a different color.  I dunno.

I still have a backlog of these Greater Marvel Universe characters I'm sitting on, I'm just spacing them out more now.  I have like... five more totally completed but they'll come on later dates.  But I also have like over a hundred drawn in pencil.  I've been busy, if you must ask.

--UPDATE April 12, 2019--
I think Storm was the last of the characters I felt *really* needed an update, but I'll still do a few more in the future.  So yeah, one more updated character this week.  I struggled with the X-Men early on and it wasn't until later that I really came up with how they were going to look... but this was after I had done my first three of Wolverine, Cyclops, and Storm.  So if Wolverine and Cyclops got a makeover, well, so did Storm.

Like my original Cyclops I didn't really have a single Storm look I was going for, her original design was kind of a mishmash of a bunch of different Storm designs.  Here I decided that I was going to have her based mostly on just one main one with elements of others.  So I decided to base her outfit on her Kris Anka design from around like 2014, with the white torso sorta looking like an "X."  I then went about kinda modifying it to fit my established X-Men uniform look, to look more like tactical gear.  So she's actually wearing a vest opened on the bottom with the familiar pattern and then a long coat around that, cinched in the waist to give the familiar silhouette.

But then I couldn't commit to a mohawk.  I just couldn't.  And I wanted some more classic Storm in there as well, so I gave her a more traditional long haired style, though curly and poofier than she normally has it--it's supposed to kinda look like a cloud.  And then brought back her signature hairband tiara thing.  And then I kept the purple lining of her coat to reference one of her more modern cape designs.  Overall I think I hit the best aspects of her better designs and adapted them into one.

Compare to her original here.


United States


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Hey green, so just curious how do you design these, drawing, painting or a little of both, after do you somehow update them when posting them online using a program ?
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they're originally black and white unshaded pencil drawings on paper.  i scan them in and do basically everything else in photoshop, including drawing over the original in its entirety.  the spider-man project characters are basically inked directly over their original drawings, whereas the GMU characters are typically completely redrawn in photoshop using the original sketch as a guide.  the spider-man project extras on the other hand are done entirely in photoshop from start to finish.
Dcmarvelimage Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2019
That is impressive.
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