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Kill la Kill: Kiryuin Satsuki

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Woooo! This dress may seem easy to sew, but we had to re-do so much... and now it's finally finished. We dearly love Kill la Kill because we are big fans of parodies. Satsuki and Ryuko won our hearts instantly <3

We took this photo at the SOHO building in Beijing today. MANY thanks to the dear :iconhybridre: who told us about this awesome location! 

You can see the progress of this dress & Ryuko on our tumblr :) 

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You can also find us here :)

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Sailormoonblackbutle's avatar
Awesome very cool Satsuki looks like a boss
bobthescaryman's avatar
Where or how did you make the sword? amazing cosplay and photo!
TheAnimeLord2013's avatar
you also did the one of Olivier! Olivier Armstrong and Lady Satsuki are two of my favorite characters! nice job!
ladyeyeballz83's avatar
Wow! It looks just like her!!!
Wayfir's avatar
Spot on mate!
sinfullcuteypie's avatar
The-Vash's avatar
For some odd reason I have an urge to photoshop this onto a Wheaties box  LOL
LethalAngelz's avatar
Bravo genial:happybounce: Clap 
Pummelpanda's avatar
Such a cool photo! Just exactly as if it was from the anime!
Green-Makakas's avatar
thank you so much!
fromroom101's avatar
sooooooooo cool
Green-Makakas's avatar
Keijn's avatar
Awesome! You are totally perfect! :o
Green-Makakas's avatar
Thank you so much!
Keijn's avatar
You didn't get... you are SUPERB! You not only had a perfect cosplay of her but also got her spirit, her identity. I can't see exactly because the shot is too small, but your expression seem perfect!

I know you are a professional cosplayer, but this time you astonished be... :jawdrop:
fabulouspantsu's avatar
What fabric did you use for the dress~? It's absolutely perfect *^* 
And about how many yards of it did you use?
Green-Makakas's avatar
It was cotton! :D Oh my, I don't know a lot about yards... but we bought around 3 meters!
Moossey's avatar
love that angle
it's perfect!~
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