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hi, Founder here, I've seen there has been some commotion so I'd like to clarify one thing:

this group was created to gather art of any kind that celebrates the characters of Hawkeye and Hulk individually, or their relationship, both platonic and romantic, so said characters have to be the MAIN FOCUS of the works submitted in the group.

* a graphic about the whole team without focus on them is not ok
* an art piece where they are just featured passing by in the background is not ok
* a fanfiction where they appear once in a while and they are not among the main characters is not ok
* a comic where they are featured just in a couple of panels is not ok

this said, I entrusted the co-founder kingbirdkathy with managing this page and I trust her decisions whether to allow or not some works to be submitted on this group.
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The outrage really came right when :iconfennecfox13: was blocked from the group. If the blocking never would have occurred it would have been done and over with by now. There was no need to block this user, or to kick :iconasgardiangoddess: from the group as well.