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Hello, internet! I am a Wizard, and you are my Glass.
Recently, I checked out a series some of you might be familiar with, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power—or as some like to call it, She-Ra On Netflix.  I've been getting word of Netflix She-Ra on YouTube that was, at best, mixed.  Fun fact: I've been a semi-fan of He-Man since I was a little kid, and I kind of know She-Ra enough to know she inhabits that universe.  That made me curious enough to view the series in question.

Truthfully, the mixed reviews I'd heard had a bit more to do with politics, and this "woke" era we now live in; I, too, have witnessed a share of political disasters in media caused by SJW's/NPC's/snowflakes or the like.  However, political crises is another story; I'll discuss it some other time, maybe.  But today, I'm tackling Netflix She-Ra as a narrative/medium.

The show in question
In the Fright Zone, Adora, the main character, aces a combat training simulation in a fairly easy way, and it catches the eye of her apparent superior Shadow Weaver.  Adora's promoted to squad captain, to the jealousy and resentment of Catra (who in this version is Adora's obnoxious, out of control, unlikable friend who's blindly fixated on her, for no apparent reason).  Wanting to cheer Catra up, Adora drives her to a forest.  She discovers the magic sword we all know she'll be wielding once she taps into her She-Ra would-be alter-ego.  But not before crossing paths with Glimmer and Bow (who I didn't care for enough to speak of when they appeared earlier; the former is a whiny stereotypical princess, and Bow is just... Bow) and spending practically the rest of the damn episode fighting with them over it.  Anyway, a giant bug attacks them, and Adora becomes She-Ra.  Then the episode ends.
But apparently, that was only part 1 of 2, so I watched the second half.  She-Ra reverts back to Adora, and the bug chases them.  Basically, they manage to escape.  Adora professes needing to find who she really is, then they decide to visit Bright Moon and its queen for answers.  ...After fooling around in a village.:facepalm: Anyway, the Horde attacks—BTW, Shadow Weaver (also obsessed with Adora because potatoes) tracked the girl.  She-Ra comes back out and the attackers retreat.  The end.  I'm done.

Netflix She-Ra bored me and left me with nothing to look forward to.  First off, the plots were worthless.  What went on in each episode was as little and underwhelming as I described.  Between the action, peril and/or horror, little to nothing happens.  There's little to no room to breathe; I don't remember any fights being built up; the plot had next to no development time.  Word of advice, writers: pacing is a writer's best friend.
And second, I couldn't care less about the characters.  Adora and Bow were just bland; no solid backstory or relatable goals to help me empathize with their plights or ambitions.  Glimmer is a whiner, and though she apparently had issues with an overly controlling mother, that never gets capitalized upon.  And Catra and Shadow Weaver were just madly obsessed with Adora for no established reason.  These characters don't carry anything to which their flaws, mistakes, or villainy can attribute.  They don't even have a solid, well-paced conflict or plot to offset them, like Rogue One - a Star Wars Story did (hence it being the only Disney SW movie I still kind of like).  Without any of that, I can't care about the characters or characters; if I can't care about either, I can't care about the series.

"But you've only seen the pilot!"
And I don't intend to press on.  If the hour-long pilot failed to grab me, why would I want to watch more at the risk of that much more of my time being wasted on similar bullcrap? I'd rather spend my time on something worthwhile, like reading good books still waiting for me on my shelf, or trying to get a story written.  Bottom line, the two-part pilot was the show's chance, and it failed miserably.

Any curiosity this show piqued from me is now gone.  If I'm missing out on anything interesting in later episodes, you may share that via comment.  I don't know what kind of political offenses Netflix She-Ra committed, but I for one can't even take it seriously at this point.  Hopefully, the original She-Ra won't be such a boring chore.
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Faved a deviation:

Negan by Natello I've never watched The Walking Dead much, nor have I read the comics whatsoever.  However, I know who Negan is, and he's one of my favorite villains.
I'm in a bit of a pickle.

I really need to start writing fan fiction.  So far I've come up with character ideas likely to work, and I've encountered SUCCULENT (or at least salvageable) source-material from Sailor Moon, My Little Pony and Sonic among other media.  I may need a bit of help, though.  I've never written a story before, and whenever I sit down to write, I find a dead end I feel I can only pass by doing research on world history or mythology, which would cost a lot of time, and may entail headaches.  No wonder story writers lack confidence.  Some advice from any of you out there would be much appreciated (except for giving up, which is out of the question).
Almost feels like The Dark Tower if it were A. adapted well, and B. made into a family-friendly cartoon for CN. I'll consider this.


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