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UPDATE [11/24/2017]:
I saw the movie, and it sucked.  :no:You blew it, Sony (again).

First, a bit of background.  As you might have guessed, I'm a semi-fan of Stephen King's The Dark Tower book series.  Truth-be-told, I had yet to discover Stephen King before early 2014... thanks to Twilight fangirl Nutty Madam's video Fuck You, Stephen King, and consequent commentaries on YouTube.  Anyway, I started with The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger, and I could already feel King's imagination taking hold.  "The Man in Black fled across the desert, and the Gunslinger followed" did for me what a novel's opening line should do: hook me on the instant I start reading; a few words in one statement, and already I knew quite a bit of the story.  During the Gunslinger's pursuit of the Man in Black, he is accompanied by a young boy.  But not before a rural town the former stays in immediately turns against him, forcing him to discharge his twin firearms.  Should the Gunslinger manage to make it out alive, his continuing journey leads up to a climactic battle with our main antagonist. [And that's as far as I can go without spoiling.] Bottom line, Dark Tower: the Gunslinger is the reason I still even care about Stephen King's writing.  3 years before the film was announced, the themes and ideas the series presented were already cool.  And so there was no doubt in my mind I'd get psyched the instant I heard a film adaptation was in the works.

Now for the upcoming film.  I recently saw the trailer, and learned that the Gunslinger was going to be African-American.  Honestly, I couldn't help feeling a little jarred by this.  Now, before I get accused of being racist or something, let me clarify: my concern is not inherently with the ethnic background; my concern is with what I know about the Dark Tower series.  On various front cover designs of the novels AND in the Marvel prequel comics—from The Gunslinger Born to Battle of Jericho Hill (BTW if the latter catches your eye, hopefully you've read Books 1-4 beforehand; flashbacks used as plot points in them were unified with the comics' main plots)—the Gunslinger himself is a somewhat slender Caucasian brunette in cowboy attire, not an African American in a black coat going hat-less.  But if this comes off as a major complaint to you, let me assure you it's not.  I know changing a character's racial backgrounds is not the end of the world (hell, it didn't hurt when the Green Lantern underwent that change), but whenever handling adaptations or tie-ins, source material is pretty important to consider.  Just needed to get that out there.

Now seeing as the movie has only been previewed, the actual quality is indeed still in question.  So after seeing the trailer I looked to Wikipedia; it tells me that the film will combine elements of The Gunslinger and The Wastelands (Book 3), with a side of Wind Through the Keyhole (Book 4.5).  Honestly, I find it an okay idea, ON PAPER.  Apparently the movie is unifying elements from 2 novels in order to be its own take on the series, and honestly, there's nothing inherently wrong with that.  All the movie needs now is quality pacing, characterization, and knowing which messages to send to make the idea(s) work.  Get those right, and I can definitely overlook the big recalibrations.

If there was anything I really liked about the first official trailer, it was what the dialogue established.  So, the Tower connects two worlds.  Apparently the Man in Black plans to destroy the tower; if he succeeds, it will not only sever the connection, but cause both worlds to fall apart.  The books might not clarify this until The Wastelands.  But bottom line, it details the threat just enough make me root against the main villain, and kind of get invested in the Gunslinger's plight.  So at least the trailer did something right.

Dark Tower: the Gunslinger is a movie I sure as hell want to like.  And if anyone else out there who has read The Dark Tower before the film was previewed was also jarred by this adaptation's changes, all I ask of you is to stay calm and keep an open mind.  Again, movies don't bomb already when a racial background is tweaked or one unifies plots from two novels.  The fact of the matter stands, you never know how bad or good a movie is until you actually watch it. (Or at least heard from those who actually saw it.)  Thank you.
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Da--Master and anyone else who still cares about Princess Luna, I have an important message for all of you:

For some reason, the original New-Lunar-Republic DA group, the one with the Lunar Republic emblem that was founded by mid-2012, no longer exists on DA.

I care about it because that was the group I joined when I became a brony and a Princess Luna fan.  It felt more like a Lunar Republic group than others I've seen.  And now it's gone.  Seriously, folks, this is unacceptable.  Something needs to be done about this.  If you come up with a solution before I do, I'm all eyes and ears.  In the meantime, I'm going to take some time to grieve... Please watch, then donate to the foundation. Thank you.
Pacific Pine (COM) by Naughty-Savageivybruh commissioned Naughty-Savage a pic of her OC, Pacific Pine.  Decent name AND a lovely aesthetic; on paper, Ivybruh's OC is fantastic already! If she has a story to tell, I hope it's told via FiM-fic, preferably on Wattpad (where I can comment on either a whole chapter or a paragraph in which I specifically found something questionable, e.g. a grammar fail).  But in any case, a solid OC if I ever saw one.
Jedi Elsa is still a more likable character than Rey.
AT: Serafi by DemonML To me, this is one ideal dragon god design for Fire Emblem.


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But not with Disney.

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And ESPECIALLY not that cunt Kathleen Kennedy.
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Happy belated Star Wars day, friend!

And May the 4th be with Dave Filoni, Drew Karpyshyn, Michael Reeves, and even Georgie himself.
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I feel bad that I had to look up all those names.

Didn't really like The Clone Wars film... at all, really. Never saw the animated series. Was it any good?

I keep hearing that Knights of The Old Republic is a masterpiece, but I've never gotten to play it.

What was Reeves contribution to the franchise?

And Lucas... as far as I know, is at least partly to blame for the current sad state of Star Wars is in. Raz0rfist was playing X-Wing Alliance on his weekly stream last Friday, and I don't know if this is true or not, but he said Kathleen Kennedy was hand-picked by George himself.
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I'll clarify.

Dave Filoni is responsible for The Clone Wars and Rebels, both of which are animated series that are at least decent.  And now he's at work on a new animated series, Resistance.  Given his track record, I'm looking forward to something great in that series.  I once called Kathleen Kennedy the Meghan McCarthy of Star Wars; I'm compelled to call Filoni the Lauren Faust of Star Wars.

Drew Karpyshyn is also a novelist for the Star Wars Expanded Universe—which Disney branded "Legends" after buying SW from Lucas—and who I like to call the lore master of the Old Republic era.  He wrote the 3-book story of Darth Bane—who you may or may not know founded the Sith Rule of Two which Darth Sidious strictly enforced and adhered to [in TCW and The Force Unleashed]—and one of my all-time favorites, The Old Republic - Annihilation.  His books captured the elements of the classic Star Wars that made said classics good, and he seemed to know how to seamlessly integrate them into a novel that gave me the same great vibe the films did.  If he were in charge of the sequel trilogy, chances are we'd still get parallels to the classic; but the movies would still be great for sure.

You may know Michael Reeves for playing a part in the production of the animated series Gargoyles.  But he was also another Star Wars EU novelist I easily grew fond of as a writer.  Works include Darth Maul - Shadow Hunter (Darth Maul was tasked with hunting down a threat; EU novels often cast the films' antagonists as anti-heroes), the Medstar duology Clone Wars books (a series I like to read given I'm too much of a Star Wars fanboy to pass up ones about the Clone Wars), the legends novel titled The Last Jedi (before the name got stolen and used for that dreadful licentious movie, of course) and the novel Death Star.

And from what I heard, George did hand-pick Kennedy, but from what I heard he didn't know exactly what Kennedy's exact plans for Star Wars were; also from word-of-mouth, he reacted rather negatively to TLJ.  But if he were in the director's chair, I know the sequel trilogy wouldn't have been as mind-numbing OR polarizing as it actually was.  If George realized the one thing that made the prequels fail, and therefore had people to challenge him and work with him on what parts of his writing did and didn't work, like he did when he made the Classic Trilogy, the films would have definitely been great.
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