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Currently on break from Rp requests. Thanks for your interest, but I'll have to pass for now!

FA Gallery (Same stuff.)
Tumblr(More sketches.)

Spicy Cats Roleplay Server by GreekCeltic

(My bud's RP forum, not mine!)

:star:Notes and Comments!:star:
  • I'm grateful for the messages I get! But I've chosen not to stress over replying. There's too many. I apologize in advance if you send me a message and I don't toss one back.

:star:Art and Story!:star:
  • The art, characters and stories I submit here should not be taken from my gallery, reposted or edited. Thems my babies!
  • Gift/fanart is fine! As long as it's reasonably in character and not nude/explicit/fetish/sexual/etc. Yes you can post it! If in doubt, just ask.
  • My stories/OCs are fictional. They come from my imagination. Don't take my bull honky seriously I'm no mythology or history major.
  • I don't currently have any open species or a webcomic.

:star:Commissions, Projects, Requests, etc:star:
  • Looking for my Furcadia patches? Look here, Link
  • I don't usually do requests/art trades, but I don't mind being poked.
  • I'm not interested in any contests, kickstarters, projects, etc, and can't legit-check every signal boost, so I don't do them.

:star:If you're not Greek or Celtic, why the name?:star:
  • Because when I made my username I was reading a lot of history books! Now I just like it.
Now that the site is working,


Just noodlin'    

Also, I have an Rp server. I'm on hiatus myself (my plate is kind of full) but if you're looking for a partner, here it is:
I’m playing with how he’s made. Most days I use cartoon logic and don’t worry about how Alf goes from bipedal to quad because I’m here for fun- but I work on it in waves. It motivates me to learn other things, so why not?
- I lengthened his scapula and scooted it toward the side of his ribcage. It’s neither cat nor human. It also free floats, like most quads.
- His clavicle is roughly the same size and shape, but it isn’t attached.
- His rib cage shape changed, too.
- gross spynx skin flaps
- Y’all get the genderless version because his ding dang doodle is still a mystery.

Hints are welcome! But only the constructive kind- and only if you intend to give this information freely. I’m trying to figure out how my dude works and I don’t feel like jumping through anxiety hoops trying not to do it somebody else’s way.

My feelings on referencing-
Please don’t heavily reference my art or rip off my OCs/creatures, but if something I draw helps you figure out how to draw legs, hands, noses or how your space moose works. GOOD. I hope it helps.  
(I don’t know what I’m doing though)

Alf’s body structures need a splash of cat in them to do what he does, and I’m okay at SUGGESTING that- but I don’t understand how he works as well as I would like. I pick at him once in a while to further my knowledge, but it’s a slow process.

Anyway, I used a mix of the Zootopia shoulder tips and personal research. I learn a little more every time and that’s all I expect.

Messy Sketch Commissions - closed
:star: Closed :star:

Closed! SOrry folks, I'll reopen for more later. c: I only took a couple this time to buy me a pizza through art fight. (

Why the price change, and what changed?
One item changed. The price to have an additional character colored was bumped up by ten dollars. I have several reasons, but to summarize, this makes the work more worth it to me. I sketch faster than I color. I also felt a need to close a gap between discount (interacting character) pricing, and having multiple instances of the same character drawn.

Uncolored fullbody: $20.00, + $10 per additional INTERACTING character. (Up to three additional characters).

Colored fullbody: $30.00, + $20 per additional INTERACTING character. (Up to three additional characters).

:star: NOTE- when choosing to add an extra character to your commission, keep in mind this option is only for creating scenes where I get to create fun compositions, expressions, and interactions. It is not meant for multiple unrelated drawings of the same character on one image like a character sheet, turn-around, or sketch page. On those occasions, each instance of the character will need to be commissioned separately. Thank you for understanding!

:star: These commissions don't include a background, they'll come on a plain color or white. Due to the messy way I color, they won't have perfect transparent lines, but I tend to include the transparent copy anyway. 

:star: I'm exploring my coloring style and while I try to maintain quality, the style may fluctuate somewhat.

How to commission me!
First, read the three starred items above, AND my TOS. (Updated recently)
(I've been doing this for a while, please excuse if a pose I draw for you seems similar to something I've already done. I try to stay original, but sometimes poses are just similar! And I'm not gonna worry about it.)

Second, fill out the following form and send it to me in an email, Remember to confirm you read my TOS.

Wait until I give the okay to send payment!
I'll respond to your email and request payment AFTER I look over the character/descrip.


Colored or Uncolored?:

Character name:


Gender, if any:




Desired pose/expression: 

Other notes:

Link image references if you have them:

I will also need your partial address for my tax records. 

Your name:
State or Country of residence:

Paypal: The paypal email you would like your invoice sent to.

 You do NOT have to give me your street address.


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cutebunnydraws Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2018
Skobeloff Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Love your art! Keep up the good work! :heart:
MimmiMeArt Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Been a silent admirer of your sketches and drawings for a while now. I need to practice my human faces, so I hope it is ok I practiced a little with Jackie
One of my favorite characters of yours
Really miss her and Herman together :aww:

Anyway, here is my little sketch. Hope she is a little recognizable
Image by MimmiMe
GreekCeltic Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2018
Aww man, that looks great! ;; Of course it's okay! I'm glad you like my dopey couple, there will definitely be more of them in the near future. I've been missing the noodle boy.
BelToons Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey! I just wanted to tell you your style is incredible. It inspires me to try new things and focus on form and composition when I draw. You're so awesome, very well done!
Buta-Sakana Featured By Owner May 20, 2018
Not so bad sketches overhere...! La la la la :D (Big Grin) 
AshleyxBrooke Featured By Owner May 19, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
Hey there! :la:

Nice art :wow:  If you're ever looking to share your work with other people, live, you should check out #ThumbHub on dAmn (Did you know we had a chat system!? A lot of people don't :( ) We get a lot of great artists popping in to share their work and it varies from Traditional art, to photography, to poetry :) Also a great place to gain more exposure for your art AND to make some new friends xx

Hope to see you there some time :heart:

AuthorXXX Featured By Owner May 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hhhh,,, quick question: how much are your commissions? If you don't wana list them can you link me to them? I'm on mobile and can't find it-
Thank you! Hope I don't bother you to much UwU
GreekCeltic Featured By Owner May 11, 2018
Here you go! I keep the info on a deviation that I update periodically when I open.
  Messy Sketch Commissions - Closed by GreekCeltic
AuthorXXX Featured By Owner May 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!
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