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I help run a few roleplay servers. If that's your thing, have a look at these! Read the rules carefully.

Campfire Banner (IC Only Roleplay Server)
Crossroads General Rp Server (previously SpicyCat)

FA Gallery (Same stuff.)

Tumblr(More sketches.)

Notes and Comments!

♥ Say hi! I like it. But don't take it personally if I don't respond to a message. Sometimes I have a lot going on and choose not to stress over my inbox. I may be more conscious of my boundaries than others.

Art and Story!

♥ Please don't repost any art I didn't make specifically for you.

♥ If you feel up to drawing my characters, that's awesome! I just ask you to keep it G-rated. While I might post adult things, it doesn't mean I'm okay receiving it from others. I know my own comfort levels, please respect that.

♥ While I don't have an open species or webcomic, I do have a perpetually under construction headworld that I love to make up mythology and stories for. It's very personal to me and it warms my heart to see all the support folks have shown for The Cat's Way, but please remember it's a personal story. I worked hard to come up with the lore, so please don't treat it like a fandom you can jump into with both feet and make "fan characters" for. Thank you for understanding!

Commissions, Projects, Requests, etc

♥ I don't mind folks asking for trades, but please don't be sad if I don't reply or say no. Generally I don't do requests. You can ask- but I most likely won't respond.

♥ I generally auto-decline requests to add my art to DA groups. You can try! But please don't spam my inbox with them.

♥ please dear god I don't want to join any contests, kickstarters, collabs, or anthologies. I appreciate your interest but let me reeeeest.

♥ Sorry, but I don't feature artwork/posts by request.

I Rp, but not on my DA.

♥ You might see FUGTONS of Rp ads here but I don't want comments that are like pounces or PMs pawing for Rp. I'm like a minecraft ocelot I need my space.

Just a reminder that I also have a furaffinity!
Roleplay Servers / I'll be hanging out on discord.
I'm on vacation from work, so I'll be hanging out in Crossroads and Campfire more often over the coming week. Both are roleplay servers. Campfire is predominantly fast paced roleplay, While Crossroads has channels for slow, or any pace games. Both are dedicated 18+ for a mature crowd, not mature themes. Also, if you just want to visit and see what the server is like- that's fine. If you're a returning player, that's also fine. There's no harm in coming and going a few times while you decide if the server is a match for you, or even taking a break. Joining shouldn't have to be a commitment. It also bears mention that roleplaying is not mandatory. We don't do activity checks, and we're happy to have first timers as well as vets. Read the rules carefully before joining. I enjoy the company of everyone who comes to visit us, but I feel I must point out that when on the servers, I'm a moderator first and cannot make exceptions for long time followers or the like. It is what it is.
New Folder! 'Comic Filler'
Many of us have plans to do comic pages for our challenges, and that's awesome! However coloring them all would not be awesome. We've got jobs and lives. So as a compromise we've added the 'comic filler' folder. If you wish to do comic pages for each challenge and plan to do a lot of them, you only have to color one page. Submit your colored, finished page to your zone's challenge folder, and submit the uncolored rest to comic filler. Some quality control rules still apply. Pages must be relatively clean and readable. It's okay to sketch them, but clean up those construction lines. Staff will still be reviewing each page you submit. We also require that you put 'next and prev' links in the description to other pages, if there are any, to minimize confusion. You can color all your pages if you want, but now you have options!