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Toss some descriptor words at me! Random objects, foods, moods, whatever.
Just a heads up that I will answer them some time tonight! I sleep in the day, and got a few more slots while I was asleep- but I've got to be off to work now. So if I seem a little slow to respond, that's why. c:
I just feel like being happy that it's fall. Summers can be brutal in Texas (it was actually pretty mild this year, but still). I live for winter. 

I have a couple of commissions that need to be worked on but tonight my happy butt is gonna sit in this chair and scribble some Rp scenes, and then maybe draw teeth. What are you lovely folks up to tonight?
We’re kickin’ around the idea that Jacky is actually a year or two younger than she thinks she is. She was adopted, and it’s not like she ever counts back the years. She also doesn’t drink, so there’s never been a reason for her to get carded for anything she didn’t need to be 18 for. Her actual first name (Juliana) would be enough of a deterrent that she doesn't look too hard at her ID.

It wouldn’t really matter in canon, but it explains a few things in the Rpverse. She’s baby faced and sometimes doesn’t act her age- despite overwhelming maturity in other things.

I’ve been writing her back story for so long. XD I have some online friends who have been a huge help. Kierstin (Lapatka, who’s account I don’t remember the name of off the top of my head) helped me figure out a believable adoption scenario. Her adopted mother (actually a relative!) died of an aneurysm when she was fourteen or fifteen, and right after that the shapeshifting began. Then she lost a couple years to the Cat’s Way. It’s pretty believable that she’s been overlooking her birth year. 
Gale would never notice. They’re all kids until they’re thirty.

She’d still be a fresh 20.
It's my day off and I have tea. Show me some big boy OCs to appreciate. (My preference may be for boys, but other genders are welcome too if you feel they fit the theme!)
Tips on taking commissions.

I’ve been asked for feedback on this for years, but I didn’t really know what to say? I decided to try anyway, after talking/reading about it on discord. Here are some tips for taking commissions. They’re not designed for emergency situations. These are just every day nuggets from somebody who has been doing this for a long time, and KNOWS a lot of people who have been doing this for a long time.

  [*] Write a TOS. If you’re not sure what to put on it, look at what other artists have done.

  [*] If possible, start small. Try doing something simple like ten dollar icons. It’s less risky for the buyer and less risky for you. You’ll appreciate the low pressure when you hit a learning curve.

  [*] Be up front about when and how you intend to do edits. Again, I cannot stress this enough, start simple. Give yourself time to learn to deal with a few curve balls before you delve into big stuff.

  [*] Talk to artists who have been doing it a while. Ask them how they say no when something is bothering them. Dig in their brains. They have juicy advice.

  [*] Don’t undercharge. Everybody feels differently about what their time/skill level is worth, but don’t let someone gun you into a fullbody drawing for less than you’d pay for taco bell. Generally speaking, people who respect you and your time won’t pressure you.

  [*] Set a realistic turn around and be up front about it. Don’t leave your buyer wondering when they should expect progress if they’ve paid you money. Don’t string them along or wait until they poke you to tell them why you’re late. You’ll both feel more secure with a date to work toward. If you need a month to do a sketch, TELL THEM SO! Don’t be embarrassed.

  [*] Those moments when you’re not really sure what you feel like drawing are the best times to work on commissions. If you’re see sawing just pick up an order from your que and poke at it. You don’t have to finish every commission in one sitting.

  [*] When doing character art commissions use a simple information template. Save yourself. People are going to give you their character’s backstory and forget to tell you their hair color, or they’ll bury it in three paragraphs of text. (Take note y’all, artists love bullet lists. Please don’t make them dig through a novel to find out if your dragon character has round or slit pupils.)

That’s all I got.

I only added one thing, which I think common sense covered in the past. But it's a weird, dark internet and there's some things I just don't want to be asked to do.

The changed portion:
  • I will not draw immature characters with mature context. (I won't draw a young character if I feel it is going to be used in any way that I would deem inappropriate or sexualized.)
Naw, nobody asked me to draw child porn. I just decided this was a good rule to have.
Still open to these.

I'm looking for adults please! If you're still a kid don't be sending me your hometown. XD

I'm still taking friend requests if anyone is wondering. I actually dont think I've deleted any because it was later revealed that its... pretty worth it, even from one side. I was wondering why I kept getting them (and guiltily accepting, even though I can't send gifts back) until I saw the exp! Plus the quests. Big 'oh' moment, there.

-- Old Message --
I need three to complete a task. UNFORTUNATELY sending gifts is super location revealing- so I'm mostly just looking to get mutual friend credit for the Celebi field research tasks.

Eventually I will have to clear my list. Just sayin', please don't be upset if I accept your request and then remove it some day. It's nothing personal. 
My friend code is 3504 4879 1030

It would be helpful if you left a comment saying whether or not YOU'RE okay with staying Pokemon Go Friends and swapping gifts. I might make an exception for a handful.

Sigh :c I wish I had any gifts to send that weren't super revealing!
Everybody else is doin’ it, so I figured why not. 

If you like my art and want to buy me a coffee, that’s neat! If you want to appreciate it by favorites and comments, that’s neat too! I’m just happy to be here and sharing.

I cobbled together a Wreck it Ralph fan server. (Pooosssibly temporary, because I don’t know what sort of crowd to expect and my plate is already kind of full, but we’ll see how it goes.)

You can read the full list of rules upon joining, but the important ones are:

- 18+ only. :c Sorry my dudes, it’s just simpler this way. I need to be able to leave the server unsupervised.

- No politics/hate/using the server as a dump for life problems. Come to share fandom and unwind.

You can join and leave as many times as you want. Nothing will announce your arrival. I expect it will only be me for a little while, and I’m cool with that. If you want to peek in and rapidly dash out, IT’S COOL, you do you.

There was a discussion today about what’s holding folks back from roleplaying in the wreck it ralph verse, and I’m curious, is there anyone that’s on the fence? I thought I’d open a discussion. (Really just trying to understand how I can advertise this better so I can do it less frequently with better results.)

For clarity, 

  • We don’t care if you’ve seen the movie. 
  • OCs are welcomed and encouraged. (Even fleshy, non-digital characters!)
  • We’ll help you figure it out at your pace, when you’re ready.
  • You can play an AU or canon if you want. It’s a big world. We’ll make room. 
  • We don’t care what your AU is like or if you’ve been drawing Ralph porn behind the scenes, as long as it ain’t hurtin’ nobody it’s golden.
  • Continuity is important but we also put our Litwak’s Arcade in Gotham City because that’s what we wanted. We do what we want. We’re here to have fun.
  • There’s no commitment. We play when there’s people around to play with.
  • Our group is 18+ only, alas this is no budge.
  • It’s Didney but quality is important. We’re writing stories with characters that think and feel.
- This is not a personal Rp ad, I won't be replying to notes or Rp offers! If you want to play with us, it takes place on the Spicy Cats server.
It's getting closer and closer to the sequel coming out and since I got on the train late last time I don't wanna be caught with my head down. 

I'm just curious who's still out there. I'm especially interested in any Rp or art groups that might exist. (This is not an Rp ad, I won't respond to offers). Feel free to mention you RP, just don't crowd me for it, please. If I'm interested I'll come to you. XD
Leave a link or a comment and I'll browse at my leisure.

Galleries, communities, tumblrs, rp accounts, ask-blogs, etc. Show me them AUs and OCs.
Now that the site is working,

Spicy Cats is about about a year old now. Today I pruned the server. What that means is, I clicked a button that removed accounts that hadn't been seen in 30 days AND hadn't been assigned a role. 
If you notice the server suddenly vanished next time you log on, DON'T FRET- you didn't do ANYTHING wrong and you are welcome to rejoin whenever you're ready.

Our server doesn't do activity checks, but we had tons of duplicate and guest accounts that were no longer in use (often because those people have registered and no longer log in as a guest). 

I'll be doing this about once a year just to keep the list tidy.

If you want to join or rejoin the discord server, all the info you need is here,
This is a quick reference guide, and is not meant to be extensive or to cover all forms of roleplay. Term usage also differs from place to place. It's a big internet!

ROLEPLAY: Cooperative writing.

Roleplay is turn-based cooperative writing, typically between two or more 'partners'. It comes in a variety of flavors and types, as each player brings their own twist and style to the table.

Most commonly, each player has a character that they control the thoughts and actions of. (It is considered impolite to control someone else's character without their permission.) Roleplay can be something you do for fun, or a way to develop your writing style and original characters. Or both at once! It can be anything, really. It's a little like writing a book with a friend.

Out of character. (You're talking, not your character).

In character. (Your character is speaking and acting, not you). It is best to always keep IC and OOC separate, as a character's thoughts and feelings do not express those of its player.


Roleplay that takes place in an established mainstream setting, such as DC comics, Harry Potter, etc. 

Takes place across several fandoms. (Mixing Marvel and Stranger things, etc.)

Takes place in a setting you or your partner made up, but one person maintains control of the setting. (Can also be shared- but it's polite to ask permission first).

Takes place in a setting you made up together.


Real Time
In real time, posts have a quick turn around, usually 10 - 30 minutes. (Sometimes more if desired). Real time sessions often begin and end in the same day. 

Long Form
Slow turn around. Sessions can last days, weeks, even years. Players post at a mutually agreed on, casual pace. Differences as large as a few times a day to once a week are not uncommon.

Long posts, at least one paragraph or more. Para Rp tends to be descriptive and read like a book.

Short posts. Less than a paragraph on average, and sometimes just dialogue!

One x One
No more than two players.

Two or more players. (Often intermixed with one on one. It's perfectly normal to have three partners and only see all three together once in a while).


What about smut?
Smut is Rp that has sexual content. You walk by smut every time you visit the book aisle in walmart (those cheesy romance novels? That's smut. Probably. I haven't actually opened one so I'm not sure, but we all know what books I mean. You find them in box-fulls at garage sales and they have shirtless men on the cover).
Smut is like cheese. Some people like it. Some people don't. Some people experience extreme gastrointestinal distress, but it's offered as a side everywhere you go. If you aren't into it, politely say so and most folks will honor that.

The Rp community is scattered. MANY have gathered on forums (jcink, especially). Discord has recently seen an eruption of servers. Some MMOs have communities, too. So does tumblr!

It's impossible to point you in a direction and say 'this place will be your style'. This writer's advice is to take advantage of the HUBs and dip a toe in. Let folks know you're new to the scene, they might help you figure out how to get where you're going.

Rpg-Directory Forum based. Offers formal templates you can fill out and submit. 

RpRepository Website. Has looking for sections on their forum, as well as tools you won't find anywhere else. Hosts character pages. Has an adults only section for those who only wish to play with other adults.

BarberMonger Offers a place to post one on one searches, or advertise your group. 

Spicy Cats Discord server. Adults only, but no explicit content. Offers chats to Rp in and places to search for a partner.

I posted this journal once before but deleted it until I had time to make some edits. Here we are again!

Cowritten with a buddy. Themascura
I need to leave the house and stay entertained, so I'd like to do another round of character questions, and hopefully have answers this time? Ask me a question about a character of mine, or about my headworld, and I'll try to either type or draw a response if I can think of an answer. (Sometimes I don't have an answer yet- because my headworld is still developing, but I'll try!) Every time I do this, I can answer a few more.

You can also ask questions about me or my drawing process. I may struggle with those because my process is messy and mostly guess work.

I can knock the usuals out now:
I don't know what their favorite food or music is. It's just not something I think about.
I use the stubby pencil brush with photoshop CS5, and sketch on a 4500 x 6500px canvas. 
I no longer know where to find the stubby pencil brush, but I know it's still out there.
I paint with the mega brush pack sold by Kyle T Webster, but- actually, I mostly just do everything with stubby pencil.
My FurAffinity account:…
I don’t know if I’m keepin it but if wanted there it is.

I don’t think uploads are gonna be any different there. It’s just gonna be the same garbage I post here.
As some of you know, I was going to buy a new desk. It was the reason I took my recent round of commissions. But one of my monitors decided it isn't interested in turning on anymore today.
It's in the shame corner now. >:I


(It's not the cord, it's just kaputz. The plug in on the back has been testy for years and I guess I tugged it too hard while cleaning.)

The new one's already in the mail. I have this tiny, horrid little TV plugged in next to my LG because I need discord like I need to breathe.
I'm on a hunt for more real time (fast paced) players for the spicy cats server, but our server welcomes slow and fast types! And there's no activity check or obligations. We try to keep pressure as low as possible.

That said, I'm currently looking to boost the numbers of quick posting players to even the playing field.

- Minimum 50 words per post on average. That's not as much as it sounds like! This alone was about twenty words.
- Fair spelling and grammar. Use spell check, capitalize your Is and use periods.
- A good attitude and a willingness to learn good Rp etiquette.
- 18+ only, but non smut allowed.


You can come and go as many times as you like while you decide if the server is right for you.
Crap by GreekCeltic

How do I not notice a comments sub-folder for four years.