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Now that the site is working,

Spicy Cats is about about a year old now. Today I pruned the server. What that means is, I clicked a button that removed accounts that hadn't been seen in 30 days AND hadn't been assigned a role. 
If you notice the server suddenly vanished next time you log on, DON'T FRET- you didn't do ANYTHING wrong and you are welcome to rejoin whenever you're ready.

Our server doesn't do activity checks, but we had tons of duplicate and guest accounts that were no longer in use (often because those people have registered and no longer log in as a guest). 

I'll be doing this about once a year just to keep the list tidy.

If you want to join or rejoin the discord server, all the info you need is here,
This is a quick reference guide, and is not meant to be extensive or to cover all forms of roleplay. Term usage also differs from place to place. It's a big internet!

ROLEPLAY: Cooperative writing.

Roleplay is turn-based cooperative writing, typically between two or more 'partners'. It comes in a variety of flavors and types, as each player brings their own twist and style to the table.

Most commonly, each player has a character that they control the thoughts and actions of. (It is considered impolite to control someone else's character without their permission.) Roleplay can be something you do for fun, or a way to develop your writing style and original characters. Or both at once! It can be anything, really. It's a little like writing a book with a friend.

Out of character. (You're talking, not your character).

In character. (Your character is speaking and acting, not you). It is best to always keep IC and OOC separate, as a character's thoughts and feelings do not express those of its player.


Roleplay that takes place in an established mainstream setting, such as DC comics, Harry Potter, etc. 

Takes place across several fandoms. (Mixing Marvel and Stranger things, etc.)

Takes place in a setting you or your partner made up, but one person maintains control of the setting. (Can also be shared- but it's polite to ask permission first).

Takes place in a setting you made up together.


Real Time
In real time, posts have a quick turn around, usually 10 - 30 minutes. (Sometimes more if desired). Real time sessions often begin and end in the same day. 

Long Form
Slow turn around. Sessions can last days, weeks, even years. Players post at a mutually agreed on, casual pace. Differences as large as a few times a day to once a week are not uncommon.

Long posts, at least one paragraph or more. Para Rp tends to be descriptive and read like a book.

Short posts. Less than a paragraph on average, and sometimes just dialogue!

One x One
No more than two players.

Two or more players. (Often intermixed with one on one. It's perfectly normal to have three partners and only see all three together once in a while).


What about smut?
Smut is Rp that has sexual content. You walk by smut every time you visit the book aisle in walmart (those cheesy romance novels? That's smut. Probably. I haven't actually opened one so I'm not sure, but we all know what books I mean. You find them in box-fulls at garage sales and they have shirtless men on the cover).
Smut is like cheese. Some people like it. Some people don't. Some people experience extreme gastrointestinal distress, but it's offered as a side everywhere you go. If you aren't into it, politely say so and most folks will honor that.

The Rp community is scattered. MANY have gathered on forums (jcink, especially). Discord has recently seen an eruption of servers. Some MMOs have communities, too. So does tumblr!

It's impossible to point you in a direction and say 'this place will be your style'. This writer's advice is to take advantage of the HUBs and dip a toe in. Let folks know you're new to the scene, they might help you figure out how to get where you're going.

Rpg-Directory Forum based. Offers formal templates you can fill out and submit. 

RpRepository Website. Has looking for sections on their forum, as well as tools you won't find anywhere else. Hosts character pages. Has an adults only section for those who only wish to play with other adults.

BarberMonger Offers a place to post one on one searches, or advertise your group. 

Spicy Cats Discord server. Adults only, but no explicit content. Offers chats to Rp in and places to search for a partner.

I posted this journal once before but deleted it until I had time to make some edits. Here we are again!

Cowritten with a buddy. Themascura
I need to leave the house and stay entertained, so I'd like to do another round of character questions, and hopefully have answers this time? Ask me a question about a character of mine, or about my headworld, and I'll try to either type or draw a response if I can think of an answer. (Sometimes I don't have an answer yet- because my headworld is still developing, but I'll try!) Every time I do this, I can answer a few more.

You can also ask questions about me or my drawing process. I may struggle with those because my process is messy and mostly guess work.

I can knock the usuals out now:
I don't know what their favorite food or music is. It's just not something I think about.
I use the stubby pencil brush with photoshop CS5, and sketch on a 4500 x 6500px canvas. 
I no longer know where to find the stubby pencil brush, but I know it's still out there.
I paint with the mega brush pack sold by Kyle T Webster, but- actually, I mostly just do everything with stubby pencil.
My FurAffinity account:…
I don’t know if I’m keepin it but if wanted there it is.

I don’t think uploads are gonna be any different there. It’s just gonna be the same garbage I post here.
As some of you know, I was going to buy a new desk. It was the reason I took my recent round of commissions. But one of my monitors decided it isn't interested in turning on anymore today.
It's in the shame corner now. >:I


(It's not the cord, it's just kaputz. The plug in on the back has been testy for years and I guess I tugged it too hard while cleaning.)

The new one's already in the mail. I have this tiny, horrid little TV plugged in next to my LG because I need discord like I need to breathe.
I'm on a hunt for more real time (fast paced) players for the spicy cats server, but our server welcomes slow and fast types! And there's no activity check or obligations. We try to keep pressure as low as possible.

That said, I'm currently looking to boost the numbers of quick posting players to even the playing field.

- Minimum 50 words per post on average. That's not as much as it sounds like! This alone was about twenty words.
- Fair spelling and grammar. Use spell check, capitalize your Is and use periods.
- A good attitude and a willingness to learn good Rp etiquette.
- 18+ only, but non smut allowed.


You can come and go as many times as you like while you decide if the server is right for you.
Crap by GreekCeltic

How do I not notice a comments sub-folder for four years.
If there's any feedback you'd like to offer on the Rp server, leave a comment here! You can send a note if you want, but please don't expect a reply.

I'm always looking for ways to improve the server. So if there's anything you'd like to suggest, or if there was anything about the server that wasn't working for you, I'd like to know!

Did you struggle to find a partner who matched your style?
Was the chat bar just too much and too messy?
Did you struggle getting involved?
So on and so forth.

Please keep feedback constructive! You don't have to offer solutions, that's my job to figure out, but you certainly can if you want!

Please no humhawing around. Guilt-trippy or attention fishing comments will be hidden for the purpose of staying on topic. 
If roleplay isn't your thing, you don't need to say so. <3 This is directed at the folks who have joined the server in the past and found issue that prevented them from finding what they needed.

Spicy Cats is a Discord based rp server.
Would y'all be interested in more of the prompt adoptables?

How they worked:
- I posted a simple design and asked visitors to base a new OC off of it. 
- They could make as many changes as they liked. The end goal was a new character that worked for them, that they got to keep/do whatever they wanted with.
- The was no 'fee'. All I asked was that creators send me a sample of writing about their new OC.
- The 'winner' was chosen based on the most engaging sample, but EVERYONE kept their character, because everyone had made it their own.

The bases are usually pretty average so if players turn up with similar characters it's not a big deal- because that character type already exists in abundance.

Adopt and Rp Me Kids! by GreekCeltic
This one is closed, but it's a good example. It's just a prompt that you adopt. Literally!
If Marvel and DC are your jam (or even just modern fantasy Rp), give my friend's roleplay forum a look!

- Shy folks are welcomed and the chat has a positive atmosphere.
- There is some quality control, but the bar is set fairly.
- Original Characters are welcomed.
- There is a discord channel where you can get to know the other players and ask questions, if you desire. 
- There are both slow poster and real time players.
- Krepta personally chases assholes away with a stick. 
- 18+ players only (for purposes of sanity).

I cannot stress enough that the vibe on this forum is a good one! 

Information on joining can be found here,…
I've been meaning to post a list of links to places I've found during my personal Rp search. I'm currently somewhat on hiatus, but if you're looking for a partner, try these places:

RpR has been around for a long time. It has a large, friendly community. You can make a character page (which is super easy on this site), or browse for a partner. It also has some neat features that I haven't seen anywhere else.
- You can turn a forum topic into a live chat.
- You can browse character pages by keywords or recent edits.
- You can also join on site groups, to help your chances of finding play that suits your needs!
- There are two looking for sections. One for young adults and one for 18+ only.

This one's been around for a long time, too! It has helpful templates to keep ads as streamlined as possible, and a lot of oldies still go there to find what they're looking for. If you're looking for a good forum to join, this is a good place to start.

If you're looking for one on one, this site is SIMPLE and active. My two favorite things. It also makes its thread bumping rules clear and guiltless, which I appreciate.

SpicyCats is my own server and is discord based. It's an attempt to recreate the usercreated chatroom atmosphere of the massive servers that just don't seem to exist anymore. If live chat Rp is your jam, then that's what we're here for. (Slow posters are also welcomed).

Justice League United
The only actual Rp forum on my list. JLU is somewhat quality controlled and has a friendly atmosphere. It's somewhat panfandom (comics) and also focuses on heroes, not villains, and I think that's pretty neat because a lot more people are focusing on character development and story!
:star:This will not impact commissions I have already taken as of the date I posted this.:star:

In all likelihood, it will be the interaction and colored prices that change, not single character sketches. I think my sketches are priced pretty fairly and don't wish to lower or raise them right now. But I've had some hiccups with colored work and the interaction discount I've offered in the past.

So, I offered the interacting characters discount because I wanted people to be able to get a scene or a mood set without having to empty their pockets. To keep folks from taking advantage of it, I have a rule that the characters must be interacting- not just existing in the same space, and that is has to be different characters, not just three instances of the same one.

This creates a weird price hiccup.

A person can buy three characters interacting from me for 20 +10 +10: $40 (uncolored) or 30 + 10 + 10: $50 (colored).
On the other hand, someone who's just looking for three fullbodies of all their OCs forms doesn't qualify for the discount, so the price would be 20 + 20 + 20: $60 (uncolored) or 30 + 30 + 30: $90 (colored). 

Usually the same amount of work for me by the way.

That's a 20 and 40 dollar difference! And I didn't notice it for a long time, because people generally don't request three fullbodies of their character at a time. 

The other reason, is that I'm charging less for colors than sketches, and colors often take longer. I'm not thinking of a tremendous price change, but I'm not gonna be comfortable until I close that gap. Alas, this may mean the interaction discount will be going away. I'm going to give this a good amount of thought and talk to some friends for advice, but I wanted to give my following a heads up.
A rough draft of my adoptable TOS.

How I do adoptables:
- My adoptable designs are no strings attached. Meaning you can do whatever with it, you don't even have to credit me. I wouldn't enjoy the hassle of trying to keep track of anything more.

- However you cannot resell the art. You can do whatever you want with the design (provided its not illegal, but then I would just report it and move on), but you can't resell the art I made. You're not buying the rights to print that specific image, is what I'm saying. This way I can sell the art to you cheaper because if I gave away that right, I'd be underselling myself.

In summary-
Do whatever you want with the design.
But don't sell prints of the art I drew. 
You can draw or commission new art of the character and sell prints of that.

My designs aren't very unique. I do that on purpose.

Most of my adoptable designs are just straight up regular people furries. Just because you buy a tiger in an aviator jacket from me doesn't mean I'll never make another tiger in an aviator jacket character- because that's a super normal thing.

So why buy my adoptable if it's not unique?
Well, when folks buy from me, they're generally buying because they like the animal or style and it's cool to have a piece of art ready to go for their projects. Maybe they trust my design sense more. Maybe they just like having a character on hold to whip out of their back pocket.

I only leave the adoptable art in my gallery by request of the buyer.
So, a couple years ago I had a fugton of my art taken and reposted on facebook. It was a real headache to get it taken down. This is why I generally don't post commissions anymore. So I only have to worry about my own kids.
IF you want the art in my gallery, sometimes I will post it. (Sometimes because even if art is good I may not feel it fits my gallery XD) But if it gets stolen I won't drop what I'm doing and go take care of it. <:I It's too much stress. For you greedy little art sneaks out there, this does not mean I won't come for you. It just means I won't do it until I damn well feel like it.

Questions, suggestions, anybody?
I'm dropping an ad for my friend's roleplay forum. This isn't one of my projects, just one I wanted to support! Please direct questions to the forum or forum discord itself!

user posted image
[Newbie Guide] [Plot] [AU Marvel & DC RP] [Canon List] [Rules]
| No Word Count | No Activity Checks |

Courage, Truth, Justice. A hero in the face of adversity is unmistakable for anything else. But when the world faces drastic and terrible changes, will heroes be enough? Can the champions of the world rise above and triumph in the face of insurmountable odds, or will they crumble under the force of their own differences? As darkness begins its march within and without, only time and Fate can truly tell.

JLUnited is an AU Marvel and DC Universe Roleplay. Worlds, times, and fates have collided, and a brave new world has emerged from the ashes of the old one. Play your favorite canon from any timeline or universe within DC or Marvel, from any point in their history, or plunge into the fray with an original character of your own. We have no word count, and many open canons! We also include roleplay on both our forum and in our more relaxed Discord Server.

Come join us today, and help shape this ever changing new universe-- breathe fantastic new life into it, or strip it's places and people for your own agenda. Whatever the choice, the fate of the JLUniverse is in your hands!

I may still advertise for friends but I think my personal search for roleplay is going on hold for a while (with the exception of my good friends who I've been banging story out with recently). It must be the time of year but suddenly I'm getting a ton of messages and I'm feeling a little overstimulated right now. I think I'm going to retreat from messages in general, because I doubt the over stimulation is completely Rp related. I think I just need a break from a lot of things!

So for my brain health I'm gonna retreat into the background for a bit!
Thanks so much! :D I got lots of links. I think I'm set now.

I've just come up from another four or five our mission to find an RP forum out there in the ether, but I have to say, I always come back severely disheartened and disappointed. There's so much negativity, so many rules written in impossibly small text...

I'm not going to rant. It's tempting, but frankly I'm tired. All I can say is, it's almost like nobody out there wants to network. Based on what I've experienced, here's what I'm looking for in a site.

- forums, dreamwidth, tumblr, places to drop an ad. I don't care where it is, just show me a place I can look for game.
- I am not interested in smut or fetish Rp of any kind, but this doesn't necessarily effect whether or not I'll advertise on a site.
- Modern Fantasy or open setting. This could include superheros, supernatural. Whatever, really. Just something in that ball park would be fine. I don't really even care about setting.
- A place that allows OCs.
- Sites that allow looking for threads.
- Sites that allow off site roleplay. This is big. I'm amazed by how aggressively forums will slap hands away from their players. I haven't found a single forum tonight that I thought I could join and meet a buddy.
- Quality writing. Bizarrely, this isn't that hard to find on forums.

Please, only link forums in the comments. Don't send DA notes. It's easier if it's all in one place.
So this is gonna be my night. Play Subnautica. Watch Markiplier also play Subnautica. 

He's on his third seamoth and it's at 4% health.
If you've tried Spicy Cats in the past and found the server too big for you, I may have a solution. We're trying a new thing, 

Clubhouses are sub-categories that are only visible to certain roles. They're exactly the same as the other roleplay areas on our server, but you may notice the number of members present is significantly smaller. It's sort of like visiting a mini server within a server.

Okay, but what's a clubhouse for?
For you to escape to! If you're ever feeling overwhelmed by the largeness of the main area, or just aren't feeling the crowd there, your clubhouse is like an escape hatch. There are less people, and presumably different faces will be active, so you can meet MORE people. When you come to our server you'll be randomly sorted into one of the four houses, but you can change houses if yours just isn't a fit for you.

Clubhouses can be tricky to find. If you're having trouble finding yours. Let us know! We have a questions and suggestions chat. You can ask in general chat, too!

We can only sort the people we see come in, so be sure to let us know you've arrived!

Everyone must read the server rules in full, but here's a few points at a glance:
- 18+ only (This is no budge!)
- No politics
- No hate.
- No smut/fetish Rp (We're not judging. It's just smut and fetish Rp has such a large presence online already that sometimes it's hard to find Rps that don't include it!).
- Stay positive! Don't use the server as a place to vent about personal problems. Folks come here to chill out after a long day. They just wanna post gifs and Rp.

Without further ado, the links.
Server rules:
Questions and Suggestions:
General chat:

Again, the server is 18+ only!
I have a 90% art tumblr. I don't post politics. Sometimes I post personal things, but mostly I just fill it with art. It updates a lot more frequently than my Deviantart and has some shit posts that you might not find here.