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A couple of people asked for snow help after my Mammoths deviation so I threw this together. XD It's not very helpfuuuuul.. sorry. I didn't really know how to explain so I just painted a new scene and kept up with progress shots.

This will be moved to scraps soon.
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thank you for this tutorial ;o;
Evil-is-Relative's avatar
Lovely tutorial. I like how you were all "this bugged me and that bugged me, so I made it awesome."
YurieLottie's avatar
THX you very much ! 
This is my work with you tuto
AlexaMORO's avatar
That will be helpful!
Dying-Hopes's avatar
Great tutorial, thank you so much! :)
sacso's avatar
Awesome! Super snow!
PhantomAcres's avatar
SO pretty…sigh…I don't get to see snow anymore, it hardly every snows in tn.
kassousminou's avatar
really usefull !
here is the result :
thanks !
jacij's avatar
That's actually very helpful, thanks :)
Blaue-Rose's avatar
Thanks a lot for this tutorial :)
It's very cool :la:
neko-systeme's avatar
Thanks this is helpful ^^
runningfreely's avatar
Really useful, thanks! :heart:
ElenaSalvatore's avatar
Woooow amazing! Very helpful!
Nirsah's avatar
good tutorial, but should have left out the parts where you tell us , again and again, how awesome you are.
crazy-aika's avatar
omg! tis is amazing! i will try it!
MysticDragonFire's avatar
This is actually extremely helpful ! (: It saved me because I can't draw backgrounds to save my life ^^; So thank you !
Evilmuffinsz's avatar
Ty for putting this out here was very helpful! :3
digitalstencil's avatar
cheers for tutorial dude, used it for some practice, credit given [link]
Icon-Killer's avatar
i dont live in texas anymoar :(
FablePaint's avatar
its not it's. Stupid lack of edit function!
FablePaint's avatar
This will be very helpful for our group! Considering one of the hallmarks of New Hampshire (and New England in general) is it's beauteous winter landscapes.
SheTheTDE's avatar
Thaaaaaaank you.
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