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Fake??? Lava by GreekCeltic Fake??? Lava by GreekCeltic
For the art roleplay group SpicyCats. 

Character: Alf
Color: Blue
Stage: Arrival

I picked the day Alf, Krepta and Cori met because it was golden. Cori got confused and tried to hop across a lava river she didn't think was real.

Post excerpts:


Krepta whirled in a circle, eyes searching the landscape. The circle came to Alf again and she pointed a taloned finger at him. "We'll talk about this later," she snapped firmly. No way was she going to let him pick on Jacky, but there were more direct problems at the moment. "Crap. Crap! Look-- I don't... I don't think she's well. Did you see where she went? There's lava around here. She thinks she's in an arcade."

Finally, on the distant horizon, she spotted a little Cori. "How the
hell did she get all the way over there?" What... what was she doing anyway? It looked like she was pushing things into the lava stream. She squinted, trying to see the figure better with her good eye. It looked like she was going to--

"*Cori!!" She surged forward, and had she been a cat, she likely would have lost eight of her nine lives. There was no way they were getting there in time!

Alf grunted. That was supposed to be an 'I don't know'. When he saw how far she'd GONE, and where she WAS, he grunted again in a more frantic fashion. That herd mentality was still going strong, and he darted after Krepta in the same way a person rips their hand away from a hot frying pan, without much thought.

Cori hit the rocks a little less solidly than she hoped and promptly slipped a little, scrabbling for a handhold on the otherside. Thankfully the rock chunks were riddled with little rough patches that were perfect for hand and footholds, and she quickly found enough purchase to hoist herself upright again.

It was about then that she noticed that the layer of rock immediately beneath the ones she was standing on were beginning to turn red... and slowly starting to sink. They were melting. Because lava was molten rock. She slapped her forehead softly and cursed under her breath. How could she forget that?

But then, this wasn't real lava, right? So who would have guessed that weird breakdown hallucinations would follow the laws of physics? She pushed her hair out of her face, which stubbornly trying to stick to her cheeks now that they were becoming damp with sweat. It was really HOT down there near the lava.

She shook her head and sized up the gap left between herself and the bank. Not too bad. There were a few more rock chunks between her and it, but they were smaller and melting more rapidly than the ones she was on. She looked back up at the bridge. No going back now, it was way out of her range.

"In for a penny!" She reminded herself brightly, "Not real lava!" She followed up like a mantra, swinging her arms as she flung herself off of her perch and onto the next lava-island. It shifted awkwardly under her weight, forcing her to leap immediately after or risk taking a really hot bath. From there momentum carried her forward, forcing her to hop immediately from the next to the next or risk sliding off entirely....

Krepta was hauling herself across the landscape so fast she was afraid her feet would slip out from under her. She knew there was no way Cori could have survived that-- it was molten lava, but desperation kept her going. She scrabbled up the bridge and towards the edge and--

There was that god damn crazy son of a biscuit playing hop-the-rock with the lava river.

"Cori," she snarled. It was a weird mixture of furious, relieved, and horrified. "Cori, what the hell, Cori?!" What else could she
say? She paced back and forth on the bridge. The rocks were too small for her, and rapidly vanishing. Then, belatedly she got control of her senses long enough to remember she had wings.

With a thump of air, she leapt forward, claws outstretched for the girl, only to quickly drift upwards and out of reach. Shoot-- the hot air from the lava-- the thermals, were too powerful for her oversized wings, and like a hot air balloon, were sending her too high every time she got near!

She landed on the other side, and shot a desperate look at Alf, who was coming up not far behind.

"She's okay, but I can't get to her," she called.

  Alf felt so slow. It was sort of the defining reason he could never catch Jacky or Beel. He was slow and they were like little bullets. He got there when he got there, livid with something like nervous frustration. He'd been so hoping one of Krepta's swoops would work. He didn't know if his pants were as lava proof as his jacket, they weren't made of the same stuff.
  Alf tossed his hat and his shirt and waded carefully into the river like he'd just stepped into an extra warm bath. Yes. He was in the lava. Because he had six sparks on his neck and Cat's Way logic decreed that as a half-dragon, he was impervious to nature's hot stuff.
  He immediately found that he was even slower in lava than he was on land. At least it was only waist deep.

Whew! Okay, almost there! Cori finally stumbled onto a sizeable portion of rock steady enough to balance on. It too was slowly sinking, but at a pace that allowed her to stop for a second and catch her breath. She was drenched with sweat by that point, and mostly out of breath- not just from the exertion, but the stifling, suffocating heat.

Krepta landed with a thump across from her. Cori jerked a little and nearly stumbled backwards into the lava, catching herself just barely in time.

"Krepta! You scared the pee out of me!" She shouted, swiping her hair out of her face- or attempting to- one more time. A few more sparks jumped and flew around her little lava-floe, drifting and dancing in the rushing wind generated by the heat. One of them drifted a little too close, striking the back of her hand as she lowered it from her hair.

It struck, stung, and burned. Not a lot, but enough to make her gasp and clutch at the spot. It burned. It burned! Mounting panic rose in her stomach, chipping away at the nice, safe wall of disbelief she'd formed for herself.

"Holy Shizzlefritz! KREPTA! THIS IS REAL LAVA, KREPTA!!!" She yelled at Krepta as that wall of denial crumbled.

"No shit," Krepta screamed back.

She tossed her head back in disbelief as Alf waded wholesale into the lava. For a moment she waiting for the death howls, and when none came, she went back to rapidly pacing the bank.

Alright-- that was
something at least.

"She doesn't have great footing," she answered, eyes flickering rapidly over the layout of the burning river. "Get down low and get ready to catch!"

She reared up and hoped her sense of aim was up to the task. "Cori, you're gunna have to trust me," she told her. Not that she had a choice at this point. Cori's choice of stepping stone was rapidly vanishing beneath her, and Cori wouldn't be far behind.

On a good day it was hard for Krepta not to knock people off their feet with the force of wind Krepta's wings generated-- now she was trying all her might to do just that and then some, aiming the soon to be airborne Cori Alf's way.
God she hoped this worked.

Alf was doing everything he could to keep his composure. It wasn't the terror getting to him, it was that every time Cori tried to cuss he died a little inside. At Shizzlefritz Alf's pace halfed because he was holding back horse-laughter.
She was killing him.

He straightened up long enough to squeak "I'm ready." and then Cori was flying. Not exactly what he meant, but he'd take it.

Alf can catch.

(The art is more inspired by the RP than literal. Also, Rp doesn't have to make sense all the time. It's cartoon logic, that's what makes it fun.)

SpicyCats is an art and roleplay group for casual RP in a setting of your choice. You can also meet people and draw (optional) art challenges!
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ItalianAssassin77 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lmao, Cori
krepta-draconis Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
-dies- I see so many typos in my posts XD All of their expressions are hilarious though. So many regrets of all kinds.
Hellypse Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Alf can catch."

Pure genius XD
JadeRavenwing Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Oh god. xD This is great. That expression on her face accurately portrays "Oh... This is real isn't it?"
ThisIsEDO Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
The floor is lava. 


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