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Cathedral in Nysa

Watercolour 50x70 cm plein-air painting from Nysa

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Piękne. Katedra z zupełnie innej strony ;-)
nahojis's avatar
Great work, with the mood and light effects
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I love what you've done for the architectural elements in this piece. The perfect mix of wash and detail work. Love your stuff.
deliri-yum's avatar
wow. beautiful. awesome use of color.
Olga5's avatar
What an amazing painting! Thank you for sharing:)
ayuICHI's avatar
Fantastic detail!
neokamatari's avatar
Wow you are a genius of the proportions and architecture.
BigNtasty's avatar
this is really awesome. great use of watercolor and great sense of light. i just wish the cars werent in it
mariaOcoline's avatar
Its soo beautiful!!!
If only I could go to the places that you have drawn or paint...

I really really really really love your work!!!...
please dont be annoyed with my comments....
lilisys's avatar
Its really cool how you use shadows to emphasize details on the buildings!
hakumo's avatar
like how you simplified the construction site :D
crisurdiales's avatar
Wow! You got the most out of the shadows! Great job!
AStrangeJourney's avatar
Great and impressive!
Kitsunemaru-sama's avatar
jen-r8r's avatar
wow! really amazing work!
1dplover's avatar
This is really well done!
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12paulab's avatar
hi this is amazing i love the angles of these buildings well done from paula
Tamayatz's avatar
Beautiful as always =) I like the way you didi the construcyion work-thingy. =)
hey! That's MY church :). It's actually a basylica now. It's a bit more "important" and stuff. It's really wonderful job. Best painting of this basilica I've ever seen. The tower actually looks like that today with that scaffolding coz they're restoring it. Too bad you didn't paint me walking down this road as I do every other day ;). GREAT JOB.
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