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If you all don't know i have an upcoming group that is looking for members. 
The group is all about showing your anime manga chibi and Oc creations but whats not allowed is nude or hentai pictures i want this group to be for everyone if you are unsure about a picture just ask me and i'll review it and see if it's appropriate. 

Some rules though
1. Dont be a negative homunculus (post hate messages)
2. Try to be as active as you can be i understand not being able to be on all the time
3. Don't be afraid to post a picture because you think someone is better because everyone is allowed the same respect 
4. Be nice about helpful suggestions towards others artwork 
5. Don't be afraid to ask for help 
6. Have fun 
7. If you post a picture of an oc give them a name and a short description of their personality cause Oc's are characters too 

I hope you will join and remember
~Stay Greedy My Friends~
If you are viewing my page then i'll inform you of contest i am holding for the rest of this month all the way to september first. Submit it to my group GTG-Shares and put the entry into the contest folder.

Now time for rules:
1. It has to be an original character 
2. Must be colored 
3.must have a background 
4. Give the character a name and brief description of them in 3-5 sentences more if you would like.
5. No nudity (but clothing that is "sexy" is ok) 
6. Be creative dont be cookie cutter. 
7. Have fun with it 

I will be looking forward to all the entries if any. The winner gets to be co owner of my group and will be my right hand man/woman
I've uploaded a lot of my Sketches from my sketchbook and decided that as of now i'm going to try and come up with a new name for them so if anyone would like to help come up with names then that would be great. as usual if someone has an idea of something i should draw email me at with the idea and an example image of the style of art work i will only do drawing and digital media until i have access to more resources like more wood for wood burning designs.

~stay Greedy my friends~