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VF-2SS Valkyrie II as VF-20 - Skull Squad



Another digibash of the VF-2SS Valkyrie II from Macross II -- still the best new VF ever designed, in my opinion. The gunpod from the VF-XS (the Valkyrie II's rough design).

This image shows heads for A, D, and S models. A-head (general issue) is from the VF-XS, J-head (junior officer type) is from Macross II's VF-2JA, and the S-head (commander type) is the VF-2SS's head, modified by me to have four guns. The colors here are based on the Skull Squadron from Macross DYRL.

Oh, and I call it the VF-20 because that's where I'd like to see the Valkyrie II fit into mainstream VF development history.

Original design by Kazumi Fujita, cleanup by Kohichi Ohata, and colors by me. Macross is copyright and TM and everything Bandai/Sunrise/Studio Nue/Big West, no infringment intended, etc.
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very nice! I dig it!