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VF-2SS Valkyrie II as VF-20



Yet another digibash of the VF-2SS Valkyrie II from Macross II -- still the best new VF ever designed, in my opinion. The gunpod from the VF-XS (the Valkyrie II's rough design). Oh, and I call it the VF-20 because that's where I'd like to see the Valkyrie II fit into mainstream VF development history.

Original design by Kazumi Fujita, cleanup by Kohichi Ohata, and colors by me. Macross is copyright and TM and everything Bandai/Sunrise/Studio Nue/Big West, no infringment intended, etc.
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"still the best new VF ever designed, in my opinion."

Amen, brutha!  :handshake:
All those forward-swept-winged Valkyries and the Messiah can go shove it; the VF-2SS is by-far the superior machine in terms of performance and simply appearance!  This, I believe is the true spiritual successor to the original VF-1 series.
It's such a shame it came from such a crap and poorly-licensed movie, or else we would have had a lot more kits of this...  :tears:

Honestly I think Kawamori moved too far away from the VF-1 when he went into "Macross Plus".  Unfortunately, the majority of "Macross" and Kawamori fans usually disagree with me, so I must remain vigilant against the current with my opinion(s).