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Formerly a teacher in various capacities, now counting trucks for an actual living, which is a good deal harder than it sounds. On very rare occasion will draw a thing and even more rarely post it on the Internet.

Favourite Movies
Lost in Translation, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Favourite TV Shows
Cowboy Bebop
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Tokyo Jihen
Favourite Games
Final Fantasy (VII in particular), Kingdom Hearts
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
iPad w/ Wacom stylus, Pencil and Paper, the Photoshops
Other Interests
Japanese, Cooking, Aspect Ratio

Good Golly 2

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Another year another post, it seems. Amazing how much time has passed and how little I've managed to get done myself. Work and a 2-year-old will do that to you. Here we are scrambling to get Shoka ready for another round at ECCC next week. Four days this year, though starting on a Thursday I'll be curious to see how much traction it gets in this town. ECCC is big, but it's not PAX big. Somehow I think Friday through Monday would get more traffic, but it could be nice to start the weekend out quietly. Up until now we've only been selling her prints at ECCC and a local Japanese cake shop. We'll see about expanding into an online store and get
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Good golly

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It's been entirely too long since I did something here. I tossed a few images up from my iPad awhile back, but it still feels like I haven't really kept up with this place in the last 3 or 4 years. We've been getting Shoka ready for ECCC, and we've gone through all the old sketches we've brought back from Japan, as well as all the things she's done the last few years since we moved to Washington. Go check those out. is finally a thing. Again. Seems if you're not a US citizen Godaddy gets all picky about whether you're a real person or not. Currently we're just redirecting to her DeviantArt site. While going through all
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More Explosions

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So yeah, things and stuffs happened.  Not all at one, of course, just frequently enough to sap my time/energy/focus away from this stuff.  Several hospital visits later I am now finally finishing up the 3-day paperwork spree that has been extending my visa in Japan, far longer than it has ever taken in the past.  Bureaucracy! Should be getting things going here again pretty soon.
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Epic Proportional Facial Expressions!!! xxx
great work i hafta say, will you mind if i sprite a few?
these seriously gotta be characters sometime for LF2 ;P
don't quit these sketches they are AWESOME!
KASHI HELP... Tedrin is right behind me and wants me to know when you'll draw a pic of him on your new spiffy tablet!

^-^ You seem popular, much more than I!
Update so I can plug you, dammit :-P
I'm about 5 years late is that okay?
Absolutely fine! I'm just finishing up 14 weeks of Navy OCS so I've been off the face of the planet for a while too.