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Commissions are OPEN!

Last Updated: 28 November 2016

You can find all my commissions under the solo category on my blog. Note that examples link to different websites depending on the recipient: Dragon Press (my website), Dragon Tumbls (my Tumblr blog) or deviantArt. It can always be found on Dragon Press, and usually the other two as well.

Commission types

Normal Prompts: $10

+ $3 for each 500 words over 2000 words (e.g. 2001-2500 = $13, 2501-3000 = $16, etc.)

You give me a prompt and I write a piece from the prompt. Prompt pieces are intended to be what I am inspired to write by your prompt, but you may make hints or suggestions.

These pieces will be a minimum of 600 words, but are generally around the 1000 word mark.


The Bridge - for Dario -  1265 words

A lifetime ahead - for 16Shards - 1385 words

Chat - for 16Shards - 1025 words

What is a Dragon - prompt from Dragon Inspiration - 1012 words

The Choice - Writing Club - 964 words

Short prompt: $1

Short and sweet little prompts. You give me a prompt, and I write a short piece. They are not longer than a few hundred words.


The Fish - Writing Club - 198 words

A day in the class from the teacher’s point of view - Writing Club - 100 words

Collection of Prompts - Writing Club (Note: a couple are very short, due to the 5 minute time limit I had for them)

Two Suns - Writing Club - 96 Words

Topical piece (specific scenes, settings, ideas, topics, descriptions, OC stories etc.): $15-30

+$5 per 500 words over 2500 words (see normal prompts for an example)

You can dictate the contents of the writing. Generally, the more constrained and/or complex the request is, the greater the price. The overall storyline for these pieces can be provided by you, created by both of us, or left up to me to decide.

Fan fiction is acceptable if the characters and content can be explained to me in reasonable length, without me being forced to study a new fandom. If it is a topic I already know of, lucky you. Feel free to ask if I know of a particular game/book/movie/series (or check my Steam games or existing fan fictions).

For stories about your OCs (or OCs used with permission), the more backstory and information I have about the OC - the better. OC stories can be prompts of your OCs or specific storylines you want.

These pieces also have a minimum of 600 words, but the length could vary greatly based on what your commission is. If I feel it is a very long request that needs to be split into multiple chapters, I will inform you before invoicing.


Thief - for ElektronX - 1159 words

Compromised - for ElektronX - 1187 words

Mindscape - Guild Wars 2 art competition - 2196 words

Advance - Guild Wars 2 art competition - 2175 words

Bound - for A-Random-Commenter - 1800 words

The Hunt - 2014 school descriptive essay - 640 words

First Encounter - 2014 school narrative essay - 700 words

Poems: $5-20

I write a prompt poem or a poem with content you choose. Price varies on length and complexity. You may request specific formats. Poems may also be requested as part of a writing piece, to which its price shall be added.

Their length can greatly vary, but will be shorter than normal writing pieces.

I have not done many poems yet, but I will put effort into them.


Snowflake - Writing Club prompt - 64 words

The Destroyer - for myself - 132 words

Chase - multi-verse haiku for 2014 school library poem competition - 90 words

Multiple chapter commissions: priced by individual components

You may take commissions consisting of multiple chapters (separate writing pieces with shared/continuous story). Each chapter will be charged as per the type it falls into above.

You may make combinations of types via chapters. For example, you may request a prompt piece, then a topical piece for me to continue the story how you imagined it to continue from what I wrote.


The Artefact - three-part prompt story for Writing Club - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - (Parts 1 and 2 are less than 600 words in this example)

General guidelines:

  • I have the right to refuse commissions without explanation
  • I will not write content I am uncomfortable with
  • I will not do any NSFW content
  • I will not do excessive violence or gore
  • I have not written much romance, but can attempt light romance
  • I will not do hate or abuse pieces
  • For prompt pieces that contain copyrighted images (e.g. non-public domain images), please find the original image and to contact and ask the owner for permission, or at least notify them that their image is being used if possible. I wish to link back to the artist’s/photographer's original work so that they get credit for their effort.
    • If it is non-copyright protected, please try your best anyway.

  • I may change the prices present here at any time, without prior notification. However, if you have received a quote from me (and have responded within a reasonable time) or are further in the commission process, the price for your commission will stay the same.
  • I may open or close commissions at any time. Please check whether they are open before sending me a request. I may keep a small waiting list, but I may refuse people if there are too many.
  • Any attempts of disrespecting or insulting me will result in partial refund proportional to progress made, and instant farewell regardless of stage your commission is in. In case of completed writing pieces, contact will be ceased without refunds.

Commission Process

  • Send me an email via, or a message on Tumblr or note on deviantArt containing the following information:
    • Commission type
    • PayPal email (so that I can send an invoice to your account)
    • Description of what you want in your commission, or prompt and prompt details
      • Please try use proper English while communicating with me. I will not be responsible for mistakes made due to language, communication or information mistakes on the client’s side.

    • Any additional information regarding your commission

  • I will respond when able, and give you a price quote.
  • If you choose to accept, I will send you an invoice.
  • I will only start the commission once I have received full payment.
  • I can take up to a few days to refine my ideas for the story, and usually do the writing in one sitting. Do not rush me. I wish to deliver quality work.
  • If there is an additional charge (e.g. due to large word count), I will notify you, and deliver the piece after I have received payment.
  • Once I have finished the piece, I will upload it to Google Docs and send it to you.
  • I will only upload the piece publicly with your permission.


Up to two times per commission, you may request to view the progress I have made with the commission. Note that you can only do this if I have received payment and begun the commission. If I contact you and show you my progress (most likely to ask your opinion on something), it will not subtract from the number of times you may request a WIP.


Full refunds are only available if I have not begun work on the piece. Otherwise you will be refunded proportionately to how much work I have done on the piece. If a piece is cancelled by me, due to my fault (e.g. unforeseen real life events), you will be provided a full refund unless otherwise requested.


If you are dissatisfied with the final piece, please prepare a list of the changes you would like me to make. They will be done free of charge if something was done improperly due to my mistake. Otherwise, changes will be charged basing on complexity and time they require.

Thank you, and enjoy!

These four sources were used to aid the creation of this Commission Information: ElektronX, Isvoc, RichWP and KaixChan.

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