I'm super cautious about cartoons and how it handles nowadays. While Steven Universe ended on a sweet note, it somehow remind me how terrible Star vs. ended. How they ignored plot consistency and tossing characters away for the sake of making two main characters a couple. I've never seen an ending that annoyed and disappointed me to no end. Seriously, Star vs. is THE reason I HATE shipping with a passion and ponders why people are so fixated on it rather than anything else. It also reminded me why I hate Tumblr and I wonder why I still have an account. So, I'll be proud to admit that I'm glad that show is done and do not want to see more of it. I'm honest to God praying that the Owl House and Amphibia doesn't end up like Star vs., especially The Owl House. I'm afraid that the writers would have forgotten that Luz lives on Earth and not the Boiling Isles and that the writers and the fandom focused on shipping rather than story. That is a nightmare waiting to happen and I'll be pissed. I'll be much happier if Luz didn't end up with anyone. I needed to get this out of my chest because I want another consistent cartoon in my life.
And before anyone ask "Why do you hate shipping, you ship Dipper and Pacifica?" Dipper and Pacifica is an exception where they're unique and has so much potential. Not many couple are like them and also Pacifica's underrated. That's why I'm invested in them.
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By greatlucario
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Yeah the star vs finale was utter trash and as for Steven I lost complete faith in that show when they redeemed the diamond's
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Steven and Connie ended up as an official couple, but the difference is that they didn't just play it up for romantic drama. There were no shipping wars in the SU fandom for those two.
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I too was disappointed with Star Vs and I also hope Luz goes back to Earth a few times , that she remembers she's supposed to be at Summer Camp, remembers she has a mom. a lot of good story ideas. 

I still do shipping however. 

But overall I do try to avoid fan art until a series is over unless the fan art is set in its own universe. 

yes it can be disappointing when ships or any plot point  turn out differently  but you just have to accept canon

I been threw this same drama with Kadocha, Star Wars, MLP, Ladybug, TMNT 2012  and its hard seeing head canon destroyed. Its harder on other fans then me but still hard. 

I prefer to hate the fans not the series or the fandom. 

but I and countless others have had to watch head canons and ships die  with Apple Jack's parents, who Big Mac Marries, who each of the main six marry, who Maud marries, changling redemption, what sea ponies look like, all of the spike ships, what spike would look like in the human world,  who Rey's parents were, Snoke's origin, Irma on TMNT, what different 80s mutants will look like when 2012 reboots them,  who Ladybug will date,  etc  some times we get that Lyra/Bon Bon ship we always wanted. Some times we don't some characters never get shipped.  Some people are happy with Katara and Aang some people wanted one of those two to hook up with Zuko. 

but yes, Star was a mess of wrong ships, evil for no reason Moon, building threats with no pay off, I completely lost interest in fan art for that series   But I still try new shows giving them hope.   But if I hear a new series is sad or addicting I hesitate.  I have seen Hilda and Glitch Techs and a few others but there is a long list of shows I just don't want to invest in since Im worried I might be getting hooked on a show that won't end well. 
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The outcome of Star vs. proves that Gravity Falls successfully dodged numerous bullets, even if it’s endgame had a few duds in hindsight.

While Wendy and Pacifica could definitely do with more screen time (and development to some extent), I am just glad the show committed to the main arc between Ford and Bill and avoided the insane shipping drama (and mental gymnastics) that plagued Star’s second half. It would suck to primarily define Wendy and Pacifica as shipping bait after establishing some phenomenal moments in Season 2.
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Yeah I agree, I hope Owl House doesn't have shipping drama in it and just focuses on the story and characters
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i barely even watched Star Vs the Forces Of Evil but after seeing this i'm not going to watch it for sure why couldn't Disney ended it the way Gravity Falls Did in Season 2
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