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Darkness Riders

A remake of my 21st FC !

Illustration : JP Targete

Enjoy =)
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I love it! The ability fits the color, and the card definitely fits its rarity. Very flavourful too!
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you dont need reminder text for what a permanent is. :P
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I believe that the reminder texte is important here as on the card Nature's Spiral or tarmogoyf in order to precise the rules text.
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thats probably because its one of the first times they use "permanent" on a card. but really though everyone knows what a permanent is so thats why obvious keywords dont need reminder text, like trample, first strike, flying, etc
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This would be more easily written as:

When ~ enters the battlefield, you may discard a card. If you do, destroy target permanent that shares a card type with the discarded card.

(mostly because there is no reason to tell them not to discard instants or sorceries, as that doing nothing will most likely deter it anyways, unless madness is in your set.)
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No, You can't destroy an instant or a sorcery !! That's why, there is a reminder text. See Nature's Spiral
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actually cards are not permanents if they are in your hand. they are only perms as long as theyre on the field.

cards = cards when in library, hand, GY or exile
cards = spells when on the stack
cards = permanents (unless instant or sorc obviously) when on the BF
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I said cards permanent as artefact card, creature card... Not just permanents. See tarmogoyf, despise... etc.
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all were saying is the rules text is not quite accurate. but hey its your card.
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I know you can't destroy instants or sorceries. that's why I was saying you didn't need to specify that the card to be discarded would have to be a permanent card, as discarding an instant or sorcery would simply have no targets as there would be no permanents with instant or sorcery.
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