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Burning Heart Hawker // Phoenix Born from Ashes

My 39th making !

Enjoy !

EDIT : updated !
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how did you make the double faced cards???
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it's my secret tech ! ^^

To tell the truth, i make two card !
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oooooohhhhhhhh. thanks :)
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I maked sya and night symbols for double-faced cards. You acn find it at this link : [link]
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If you use it's efect to return it for two red mana, is it still transformed or not?
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No because creature go from grave where it lost all statut. That's why, I precised that i return, tapped.
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What an extremely powerful card! I love phoenixs very much. But this seems too scary, you could easily wipe the board and keep it from being populated by anything besides the phoenix. :P
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The card under its phoenix form return in battelfield,transformed and engaged !
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You can still straight sac a creature, whether it is tapped or not.
It would have to say "(T), sacrifice this creature..." and have the rebirth effect still return it to play tapped.
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Of course.

When a creature is sacrified, it lose all statut (tapped, transformed), so I precised that phoenix return in Battlefiled, tapped.
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Not this is a very nice card.

Good for mid-game, nice little burn... Protection from red gives good flavor.
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