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The Sweetest Things... by greatemily The Sweetest Things... :icongreatemily:greatemily 2 0 College. by greatemily College. :icongreatemily:greatemily 2 0 To the Night by greatemily To the Night :icongreatemily:greatemily 0 0 Circles by greatemily Circles :icongreatemily:greatemily 0 0 Inhale Deep by greatemily Inhale Deep :icongreatemily:greatemily 0 0 Angles and Angels by greatemily Angles and Angels :icongreatemily:greatemily 0 0 Still an Innocent by greatemily Still an Innocent :icongreatemily:greatemily 1 2 to the Next Life by greatemily to the Next Life :icongreatemily:greatemily 0 0 the Window by greatemily the Window :icongreatemily:greatemily 2 0 the Reflections that I see: Black and White by greatemily the Reflections that I see: Black and White :icongreatemily:greatemily 0 0
The smell of rubber lay heavily in the evening air. The sounds of screeching; tires against pavement, stretched as far as the path of ebony marks- twisting and winding, ending at the old crooked oak tree, initials carved and all.
The man laughed, his breath coming out as thick puffs of white frozen air. He was frozen too; hands in pockets, Bomber jacket zipped up to his neck, toes clenched within his broad work boots. But somehow he didn't feel it, not yet anyways. Maybe that's why he laughed, or why he hasn't laughed since that day- just the feeling of warm air clinging to the hairs around his mouth.
An engine abruptly stopped; pistons slowing down- the mechanics he knew so well, and didn't care to ever again. Another engine started up in its place, this one he knew almost as well as the sound of the driver's voice; a vast difference compared to the song she was singing along to. Hysteria, he noticed, tinged her tone as he also noticed the sparkling stream of darkened tears that clung
:icongreatemily:greatemily 2 0
the Monster Catches
Feed the Beast.
A rainy day. Mushy as it seemed; the ground soggy as an Italian sandwich with extra oil. The type of day that soaked through to your socks and left water stains as memories. The trees above shimmered with dew drops like stars in the darkest night sky, threatening to fall. Making a pitter patter pattern against the underbrush as they finally did fall with a steady rhythm. Nature's music, Annie liked to call it.
She laughed; high pitch, ringing out softer than a summer's breeze. He listened; catching the slightest tease. He liked it when they were happy. Naive as an infant stepping out into the world for the first time. He didn't like errors though.
"What's your name?" He would never make the same mistakes again.
"Annie." He let it linger on his tongue like the taste of a lollipop. "Annie, did you know that your hair is the same color as newly grown wheat?"
"No." She answered. A quizzical expression past by her dainty features, "Henry says it looks like the color
:icongreatemily:greatemily 1 0
Sickly Sweet
"The perfect girl."
The black sheep with hair to match.
Never fails.
Passing, but "who are you?"
The middle ground.
Knows just about everything.
Undercover stuck between two pages.
Doesn't speak: "doesn't know."
Not ever to be.
Cares for anything with a heartbeat.
Doesn't give a shit, does she?
Just hang with your own clique.
The grades.
You don't really know, do you?
Sweet as a sucker.
A mind of your own; thoughts, desires, control.
Soft as a pillow.
Just chew and swallow.
Pride catches in the throat.
"She's beautiful isn't she?"
I hate it when it gets to me.
:icongreatemily:greatemily 2 0
Feed the Beast
On demand.
The command.
The coward the doesn't foreshadow.
"Look through this window."
The one that's vindictive,
and hypercritic.
Like this perspective.
This. this. this,
this time.
this place.
this freedom; no escape.
:icongreatemily:greatemily 3 0
Starry Night
Rough on the flat of my back. Sharp-cut angles press into my spine. Like a giant skateboard; the grip tight on the soles of my shoes, clinging to the fabric of my shirt and shorts.
"Aren't you cold?" The open window asks, blowing out warmth as it speaks. No. I want to answer. My mouth doesn't form the words; the silence beckoning me.
Its December, the stars are out. Shinning making it seems as if they're closer than actually are: a tease. As if you could reach out and touch them. I want to touch them. I want to not be cold even though it's hard to image being cold at a moment like this.
It's December, the moon is out. Brighter now as the foggy clouds move silently away through the sky. As if I could move with them, silently across the roof to the edge and across the lawn to the trees. So tempting; freedom: to escape.
It's December and I'm not alone. She sits beside me her face turned to the sky, "The same crazy shit we do." Laugh about it now and later. But tonight she worries about fo
:icongreatemily:greatemily 4 0
In Six Sentences_ Six Seconds
Breaths come faster. Puffs of white cloudy air cling warmth to my face. The cold; the chill. Achy bones; frozen toes. The stride; the strain. My freedom; the escape.
:icongreatemily:greatemily 2 1
the hopelessly romantic...


The sun creeps in through the window and when you look out it at the exact right angle you'd swear to God it was summertime and not the dead of winter. Honey dribbles down my pointer finger and I watch it's slow progression to my knuckles; it glows gold from the inside the same way the kitchen that we're settled in does. My best friends are arguing about sandwiches as they pace in and out of the pantry, but I can't seem to tear my gray-blue eyes away from the amber honey.
          Honey reminds me of three things:
          The farmers market at Deering Oaks Park where Emily sells her Jewelry and people smile and laugh in light conversation as they walk their dogs and buy potted flowers, fresh vegetables loaded up in their arms as if it were protection against evil. A man stands beneath a white tarp selling jars and jars of jelly in every flavor you can imagine. But it was the honey I h
:iconkatt001:katt001 4 2
Wedding Day by katt001 Wedding Day :iconkatt001:katt001 2 0 Best Friends Forever by katt001 Best Friends Forever :iconkatt001:katt001 2 0
You fell down the rabbit hole
You fell down the rabbit hole with only your wits to save you from the Queen of Hearts, whose thrown is made from broken dreams and dismembered love.
                         You remind yourself that this is not a game anymore,
            But still,
                             It is always a game to you.
Friends with brown eyes bring you gifts from above that you can’t open until you’re of age. You don’t remember how old you are though, so you open the gifts without digesting the consequences…
                                 Letters from a girl you don’t remember. She says that she loves you and teardrops coat the wrinkled pages but you still can’t recall who she is even as you memorize the lette
:iconkatt001:katt001 2 0
The Drowning Scorpio
You're a horrible person for not talking to those girls, for ignoring teachers, for drowning yourself.
                 That is my curse. Everyone has one.
I drown myself in isolation.
                   But maybe it's not really a curse though, maybe it's just me being a bitch. Being a arrogant, uppity-uppity princess bitch who wears red lipstick and a curled mouth. Things change when I leave that school.
           With Friends: Laughter. Light. Lips still red as cherries.
Home: Loud. Rotten. Black-hearted and insecure.
                                   The woods. You can't touch me there. I am the wind, the sky and the sound and my heart is tangled in it. My soul is restored and nobody stares at me except God above and somebody laughs and it is not a somebody at all, but
:iconkatt001:katt001 2 0
Best Friends Boy and Girl
                    We smile at each other as if were strangers who have never crossed paths before. Your eyes are so dark with bright, intelligent lightning. The kind that doesn't harm, but merely dances across the sky during hot weather. My eyes are blue and filled with fire. The type that sings atop a candle…the type that burns the worst when dropped.
   Charismatic, kind, perplexing, quirky, aggravatingly stubborn, talks to much, hates the color blue. You have all of these things about you. You're no prince charming. I never dreamed of you when I was young. Your smile is big and welcoming though, something to wake up to.
   Confident, independent, bad listener, perfectionist about things I care about, selfish but dependable, hates cold weather and frozen winter hearts that lye awake at night watching the snow drift down, landing prettily on the moon
:iconkatt001:katt001 10 7
You could hear our laughter down the road at night.
Troubled maidens under the orange glowing streetlight.
                      Best of
                   Friends and
                sisters too...
     You left like all the others do.
:iconkatt001:katt001 1 0
Life Spirit by Elentori Life Spirit :iconelentori:Elentori 3,039 216 back to the sea by burdge back to the sea :iconburdge:burdge 8,077 521 Otis Earl by katt001 Otis Earl :iconkatt001:katt001 2 0 Rapunzel necklaces by AngeniaC Rapunzel necklaces :iconangeniac:AngeniaC 927 41 collection of cameos four elements by AngeniaC collection of cameos four elements :iconangeniac:AngeniaC 6,653 518 fairy pink rose by AngeniaC fairy pink rose :iconangeniac:AngeniaC 2,229 128 Hide Me by TheCass Hide Me :iconthecass:TheCass 2 0 Gates to eternity sketch by Anna-Marine Gates to eternity sketch :iconanna-marine:Anna-Marine 1,545 92
Boys and Bridges
Hey, I missed you today
Didn't know you weren't here
Say, I wrote you today
You wrote back that you didn't get the letter
Smells like spring with clean soap and open windows in the afternoon
I left on my birthday.
"I'm tired." Yawn. "I don't even care."
Owls puke up lies
Wandering, wandering, wandering eyes
Soggy hearts that cry, drink the blood
Tip me back as we dance and my violet chiffon dress pools out, ivory flowers made from spider's webs shower me in stage curtain fashion. I hear you run.
Smells like vanilla, orange and sexy blond hair washed in cherry after days of doing dirty team sports where you're the most popular girl on the field.
"Put your sunglasses on ladies! Woooot!" The car goes faster down the long stretch of road, finally out of New England. Strawberries grow from the bushes off to the side where grass meets hot country tar. "If you had seen his face." "PIG." "Hahahaha!" "Next time, next time will be how we want it to be…" "Sweety, you're beautiful. God
:iconkatt001:katt001 2 0



Emily Blah Blah Blah....
United States
My life is a mystery. Simple but unique.
A walking contradiction. A black sheep.

Favourite genre of music: alternative rock
Favourite photographer: David Cates
Operating System: Imimagination station--> my brain
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Shell of choice: Shell of shyness
Wallpaper of choice: Paint
Favourite cartoon character: Kenny from South Park
Personal Quote: i object your reality and substitute my own
  • Listening to: Red- Taylor Swift
A pack a day that's how I measure.
Can't eat, can't sleep, can't think.

This is too different.
can't act like that; i'll hurt him, but what if he hurts me?

What happens then?



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