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Zoe Trent

Zoe Trent From Littlest Pet Shop. A show that you can find, Only On The Hub.
Zoe Trent is probably my second favorite pet in the Pet Shop, albeit a bit of a diva. I'll admit, that the show first caught my attention because of her design. But I mean come on... give me a break, just look at her!!! But anyway, it was fun drawing Zoe. I've actually been meaning to draw her for some time. And well, here she is!
So far, drawing the Littlest Pet Shop Pets has been proving to be quite fun, so you will probably be seeing much more Littlest Pet Shop Art from me in the near future.

Art by me,:icongreat-ninetailed-one:
Zoe Trent Belongs Littlest Pet Shop
Littlest Pet Shop (C)= :iconhasbroplz: & :icondhxmediaplz:

(Decided to take another brief break to finish this one. I'll get back to work on actual Commissions after this submission.)

One of my favorite scenes with Zoey! xD
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Awesome and Cute!!!
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Wow, I loved how you draw her gorgeous eyes!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚⭐✧ 💖 Cute artwork BTW. :aww:
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Zoe Trent looks so awesome here. ^^
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This was one of mai wallpapers for my phone. ;-;
It's so pretty...
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OH! Wowie! Thank you! :D
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She's so adorable! x3
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How do you get the colors so bright? ouo
Great9Star's avatar
I forget! XD
Overlaying, I think???
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Very cute drawing. =)
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Thankie thankies!
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my friend watches lps
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Your friend has good taste.
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i love the eyes *^*
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:D I'm glad you do! I tried! lol xD
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xD your welcome 
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:iconblushplz: Aww... shucks!
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Whos next on the list? Sunil? Russle? Twombly!? lol
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We'll see... ^^;
:icondignitylaughplz: You'll just have to wait and find out!!! Nyahahahahaha!!!
SuperPeasentNajeeb's avatar

Zoe is best dog! Drew my two favorite characters from LPS now. 

Looks amazing! (Dance like you know you can!)
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